Permatang Pauh, here I come!

Whee! After so many tries, I am finally going to Permatang Pauh to feel the excitement. I just read on malaysiakini Penang is going to get a special public holiday on 26th August, 08 which is polling day in Permatang Pauh.

Ta ta! Hope I get to see Tian Chua and Tok Guru Nik Aziz over there. But our first stop is to go to Jusco, Bandar Perda. *roll eyes* Boh pien, must bribe the family with shopping then only I get to find bloggable materials.

4 thoughts on “Permatang Pauh, here I come!

  1. Finally u r going. Thought u wont go! hahaha,,, how can… you fav MP will be there wor,,, keep us updates with more pic! Especially see how the BN kong kah liao…. haha!

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