My fans are cuter than yours

This is what my son call ‘total vainess’. But then, how many of you can boast of having fans like mine, hor?


My readers range from 13 years old to 103 years old. You know lah, in total I have three. The other two are 51.5 years old, so that make 103 years old lor.

So, I have this perasan sial, sindiri self-claim entau son who has friends who read my blog. One of them is Melessa. She sms-ed him last night and told him to tell me she reads my blog.

There you go, Melessa! *waves* One post just for you and all the CHS youths.


I heard someone asked Mikey to tell me to brainwash all your parents so that you have less tuition to attend, less study to do, more time to glue to MSN and watch TV. Just like Mikey and David. Well, I don’t think your parents will like that idea but guess what? I will try. Shhh……let’s keep this a secret. I am utterly scared of your parents. Hahaha. I lost in the kiasu-ness.


Melessa is one of the dancer. I think it will be a good idea to have less boring church-y stuffs to do like the head and shoulder, kneel and toes mass. Instead, have more fun dancing, jamming and doing crazy stuffs teens are supposed to do. Well, the church can be that way if you guys continue to show your parents you love them, you love Jesus and you love fun. Organise more things to do and get more youths to participate. I guess your parents cannot say ‘no’ when you tell them you need to devote time to the church and Jesus. If they still insist cannot, tell them Father Fab and Father H ordered it!

*runs and hide from all the parents and Father Fab*

7 thoughts on “My fans are cuter than yours

  1. OMG… CM is going to (insert your imagination here) you for having more and cuter fans…

  2. Fuyoh! A whole full post! And on all blogs is one of the famous blogs in this cyberworld, THE OBNOXIOUS 5XMOM! Famous liaw la! Haha! Waa!! Aunty Lilian!! I oso read, I oso READ! HAHA!! U know i read ur blog wan ka? Or i’ve been a silent reader all along? WAKAKAKAKA!

  3. NinjaBoyz – I also read your blog and I also linked you! Go see my links under ‘Friends’ and scroll to the CHS bloggers at the bottom? But you hardly update, kena curfew liao, issit? LOL

    Hoyohoyo – i win! šŸ˜›

  4. Wat to do la, Mom maki-ing me at home! haha! kenot do much.. Like sit down for 10mins, den go to the dining liaw. haha! ganas wan la. Dang.. DO sumthing can?! Whee!


    What the ……………

  6. TanSillyNatokTelens – Younger = cuter, same same mah? Niamah. Next post should be ‘MY FANS ARE AHBENG-ER THAN YOURS’. Then, I put your tattoo-ed butt baru tau.

    ninjaboyz – LOL, I am not Jesus, so cannot perform miracles…YET.

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