Salam Reformasi dari Permatang Pauh!

OMG, I was just inches away from my #2 idol in politics, Tian Chua but I didn’t know it was him until it was too late for me to take photo. Never mind…Salam Reformasi. He looks much more handsome in real person than what I saw on Youtube videos. But then, every time I see him on video, he was either being dragged by the police out of the car or jumping onto demolition truck to rescue poor kampung folks *swoons at his heroic acts*.

tian chua in permatang pauh
(Tian Chua on a lorry with a cameraman wearing a mask of Anwar grinning, backwards)

There is my hero #2 on a lorry in some new, unoccupied housing area, among the lallangs and longkang. But who cares…the folks sat on the moist, laterite ground and listen attentively while the stupid helicopter hovers around, causing the mike to get static noise.

What Tian Chua said in a gist – He said that it is every rakyat’s responsibility to uphold the sacredness of Islam. Eventhough he is not a Muslim, he said it is also his responsibility not to let people smear (mencemarkan) the holiness (kesucian) of the religion. That’s why he is in PKR and fighting for reformation. He said the people in Permatang Pauh is lucky to know Anwar since the 80s but he only join PKR after Anwar was detained in the 90s. He as a rakyat felt compel to fight for a leader who was treated with cruelty (kezaliman). Tian Chua reminded the folks that in PKR, they defend the rakyat without looking at the races. He mentioned Kampung Berembang in Ampang and people started clapping. He said this method is not BN method because in BN, you will need to find MCA or Gerakan to help the Chinese, the Indians need to find MIC to help them and UMNO for the Malays.


A segment of the folks at Kampung Belah Dua sitting in the darkness. Meanwhile, not very far from here, Pekida aka UMNO gang have some brightly lite warong with kenduri while a bit further down, MCA has a few tables with some makan. A huge contrast because they need to lure people with foods while these people just sat on the wet grounds, feeding mosquitoes.


When we were on the way to Permatang Pauh, we wind down the car window to ask a Keadilan car, “Mana ceramah Tok Guru Nik Aziz?” They told us it is at the mosque in Bandar Perda (but we have passed that place). But what is shocking is when the Malay chap told us, “Kat sana ada imam sumpah palsu.” So, I was like, “Eh, betul ke ni? Tok Guru dengan imam yang ada kat sumpah Saiful tu? Betul ke?” Now, when I am home, I read on Malaysiakini – Imam naik pentas PKR, dakwa diarah hadir sumpah Saiful. No shite, he is also a voter from Permatang Pauh! WTF, how did he end up as a voter in Permatang Pauh? You can also catch Anilnetto‘s live blogging from Penanti (another location) with more explanation on the Imam revelation.


Husam Musa from PAS was there with Dato’ Zahrain from PKR was there as well.


Fong Po Kuan was one of the more interesting speaker. Her face is 100% Cina amoi but her Bahasa Malaysia is damn terror-merror. Both Po Kuan and Tian Chua really captured the majority Malays crowd with their open minds.


My little darling enjoyed himself in the carnival like grounds in Permatang Pauh. He laughed with the crowds eventhough he doesn’t know what was being said. Mention Pak Lah only, he laughed.


My little boy asked, “Mommy, why you didn’t bring your (note)book and write down?” Doh…that shows how serious mommy is in politicking. Hahaha.

Well…we Penangites are going to enjoy a holiday on Tuesday. Yippee!

I went out at 5 pm and visited Seberang Prai City till about almost 10 pm and then, went to Permatang Pauh till past midnight. Hardcore, I tell you.

8 thoughts on “Salam Reformasi dari Permatang Pauh!

  1. Hey Lilian, I’m proud of you lah, really.

    In the future, when your #5 grow up liao, you can lanxi him and tell him that you did play a role too!!!

  2. Thanks Lilian for the update.

    must bring down these dikhead like the sai hamit feler


  3. “He laughed with the crowds even though he doesn’t know what was being said. Mention Pak Lah only, he laughed.”

    LOLZ! Truly an intellectually discerning kid, able to fathom the underlying zeitgeist with ease! He will be a very perceptive man when he grows up!

  4. I really envy you coz you can be there! Actually how is the “feel” when you are there? Is it really like what was reported, PR camp full house, BN camp empty house?

    Wah, your kid very good lah, willing to tag along, most kids(even mine can’t even get them to go shopping together). Good lah!

  5. enjoy your holiday.

    and malaysia future is in your hand, penangite!

    feel the pressure? hehehe.

  6. from now on i’m also following your blog for the latest permatang pauh news! kudos lilian for your humorous views pertaining to this matter !

  7. Wah, so fast train ur #5 on politic ah…btw, sooo clever hor… PAK LAH name = D.E.V.I.L LOL

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