Waaa…..my car damaged by freak flood again! KNN


Our Naza Ria is normally parked somewhere by the roadside. There is monsoon drain next to it. There was a freak storm last night and it rained heavily around 4 am. When hubby woke up this morning, he saw the school field turned into a swimming pool.


The school field in St. Xavier Primary, Air Itam was covered with water.


My poor Naza Ria has been sent to the workshop and only God knows how long they are going to take. Thank God we insured the car against flood because the last time it flooded, our Perdana was damaged. It took two months for the Perdana to return from the workshop.

So, who wants to lend me your BMW or Merc for temporary use ah? My loukong is suggesting getting a small second hand car because now there are three of us driving. A little car will be a nice change from the tank. How about a pink Kancil? Anyone wants to sell me your car?

Now, where is my Air Putih constituency ADun aka the CM lah? I want to complain already….two hours of heavy rain, we kena flood liao.


14 thoughts on “Waaa…..my car damaged by freak flood again! KNN

  1. ok ok.. i say something… how the *toot* ur car can be damaged by flood? u didnt even say the most exciting part that we readers were waiting for… and you left it out

  2. Woah… so kanasai ah? Poor thing… you try try information below and see if it works ah… if no work then blog another entry KNN the ADUN CM… 😛

    Lim Guan Eng (Air Puteh)
    492-A-1-2, Taman Sri Indah, Jalan Air Itam, 11400 Penang
    +604 829 0614

  3. Tell you what, sue the council and the state government. Sure femes after that.

    You can have my car. Come collect.

  4. Tun Tan Silly Natok Telens – Can I have it with your chauffeur? Send the handsome Nepalese, please.

    Bryan – RM5K? Wahh..dunwan lor, dunno got haunted or not, later the ex-owner follow skali, how? Hehehehe.

    Hoyohoyo – LOL, I live nearby only. I throw stone also kena them.

    Juanito – Wah…your blain so small meh? Flood = water go into car, get the floorboard, seat wet = water go into engine, cannot pakai ledi. I thot no need to show pictures my readers can imagine liao?

  5. ayoooooooo…that bad kah?? lucky kena insured, if not, you have to blog more for money in order to cover all the expenses..
    But..if you car that big also kena masuk air, how about the ‘kancil’? Got kancil swimming or not this morning??

    kaDusMamas last blog post..Fan sounds like pants meh??

  6. the flood does not surprise me at all. penang is so dirty, rubbish is thrown everywhere. wherever i go i see rubbish. if there is rubbish, the drains are bound to be clogged.

    penang is an island. for an island to be flooded, it takes an awful lot of rubbish to clog the drains.

    instead of blaming it on the CM, rain or whatever, start instead to educate the penang people on proper rubbish disposal habit.

  7. pandankia – Eh, CM appoint you to be his public relation officer issit? I want to go pinjam a car from him only wor. Cannot ah? I where got blame the CM lah, doink. You sound like my grandpa lah.

    kadusmama – Yalor, masuk the floorboard but lucky not up to the seats yet. Got lah, the kancil practically floats! A huge fish tank measuring 3×5 ft lodged in the middle of the road.

    Weather forecast thunderstorm here in Penang and Permatang Pauh. Woohoo! Tsunami politik melanda Pulau Pinang, banjir juga melimpah.

  8. Hmmm… what car CM drives to Permatang Pauh ah? He said private car wor… then CM pinjam you PG 1 lah…

  9. Hoyohoyo – Dunwan PG 1, it is old liao. Is it handed down from KTK? Hahaha. Somemore, I want to buy empat ekor also kenot cos got one digit only.

  10. wah water go into the car? so jialat meh??? like that buy lorry la.. sure kenot go in…. if u know ur place floods esp when it rains heavily, and since paya terubong, air itam, preak road and p.ramlee vicinity area are of such, then why dont u park at higher ground?? i wonder whose brain is small…

    Juanitos last blog post..Rain rain go away..

  11. Juanito – You know what is freak flood or not? Don’t know what I am saying, don’t comment lah, waste my time lah. Your suggestion is like asking the Jalan P. Ramlee people to leave their kampung behind. Don’t make people laff lah. Anyway, thank you for your concern. The CM office has despatched their people to take a look. If they need any expert, I will recommend them to see you.

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