Our Naza Ria is normally parked somewhere by the roadside. There is monsoon drain next to it. There was a freak storm last night and it rained heavily around 4 am. When hubby woke up this morning, he saw the school field turned into a swimming pool.


The school field in St. Xavier Primary, Air Itam was covered with water.


My poor Naza Ria has been sent to the workshop and only God knows how long they are going to take. Thank God we insured the car against flood because the last time it flooded, our Perdana was damaged. It took two months for the Perdana to return from the workshop.

So, who wants to lend me your BMW or Merc for temporary use ah? My loukong is suggesting getting a small second hand car because now there are three of us driving. A little car will be a nice change from the tank. How about a pink Kancil? Anyone wants to sell me your car?

Now, where is my Air Putih constituency ADun aka the CM lah? I want to complain already….two hours of heavy rain, we kena flood liao.