If only our arseholes can talk as well….

(photos are not related to the post but are part of my lunch)

Probably I have been following too many politicians tok-koking news.
Or maybe I am lacking chocolate fix.
It could be the time of the month.
And you can say readers sometime pissed me.
Then again, maybe I woke up at the wrong time this morning.

Was supposed to wake at 6 am but at sharp-sharp 7 am, it is like voice called me to wake up and I found I woke up too late. Tiu, I should set my alarm on my phone. You know what kind of ringtone I have for alarm? It is a Hokkien ahpek cussing, ‘nee neh, thniah tian wei, lu mai thniah? kah meh thniah…kanineh…ka meh thniah tian wei…’ I think it is Terence who sent me the ringtone.

Lucky, later on I got some people who phoned me and told me that the CM’s office is looking into the cause of the flood in our area. (ahem…damn bangga, I tell you, I no need to complain wan, I only need to hint in my blog.)


(yummm…peanut butter and Nutella on cream crackers)

But a thought just occurred to me. If we can train our sphincter muscle to hold urine and also our arsehole to hold farts from getting too loud, why can’t we train our arseholes to talk as well?

How nice, right? We merely need to blame our arseholes if we say something wrong. And we no longer need to play the hypocrites like everyone else. Example :

Your mouth speaking : Oh, Mrs. Chin, you look so pretty! I love your lipstick colour!

meanwhile…your arsehole can say : Aww…Mrs. Chin, you got more chins than a Chinese phone book and your lips like a hen’s bottom (when a hen just laid egg, the arsehole is like ‘flower’, I know ‘cos I have inspected them when I was a kid)

and with your mouth, you can apologise to Mrs. Chin because it was your arsehole talking without thinking.


(Lunch is good. How about yours?)

But unfortunately, we cannot train our arseholes to talk. So, we normally reserve the arsehole talk to ourselves and keep it in our mind.


Have you tried Marmite with Japanese mayo on cream crackers? Nice lerr….

Another stupid post with no meaning or with meaning too deep for small brains to understand, whichever way you look at it. Remember that The Most Obnoxious 5xmom is your arsehole talking to yourself. Yes, you, not me.

9 thoughts on “If only our arseholes can talk as well….

  1. Okay lar, next month in Spetember when I am having my baking class in Penang, I chian ho lu lar! (I belanja you my bakes)

    Big Boys Ovens last blog post..

  2. if arseholes could talk, then the mouth have to OR LAN (vomit dick). So lampa pa lan. eh.. so cunt-fusing geh?

    kis last blog post..Weirdos

  3. Arseholes can talk what! Parliamahment are full of them. Bwahaha!!!

    Marmite with Mayo???? …….

    You are suppose to use that ringtone when i DO call you lah. Niamah!!!

  4. To see the title of the post and the photos.. .. (put down yr food now) a very vague pic of ‘sai’ slowly emerging in my mind….!

    JTs last blog post..New dawn

  5. “Another stupid post with no meaning or with meaning too deep for small brains to understand”

    Jialat. My comments can be described the same way. Either meaningless or stupid, or both or people kenot unnerstand my England. Hope I’m not one of the ones that pissed 5xMom.

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