I just read on Malaysiakini that those who are not voters are not advised to go to Permatang Pauh to ease traffic congestions. Well, last night when I was there, there are roadblocks every where. It is not just the usual ‘wave and go’ blocks but the police stopped every car and shone the light on us.

Several friends who know I am a blogger have alerted me to a few news. One of them is Ng Yen Yen using OUR money to distribute to folks in Permatang Pauh. Well, I am through with CCBNYY so she is not worth my saliva. I believe the folks will benefitted from the money, they will choose wisely and NYY will get her dues.

But what I want to tell all the others who didn’t go to Permatang Pauh is how Barisan Nasional have overlooked Gerakan and MCA. There wasn’t a single MCA or Gerakan padi that turns lallang flag flying there. You only see Barisan Nasional and UMNO flags and banners. So, you folks in MCA and Gerakan (and MIC too), I wonder how you guys felt being invisible? Don’t that make you pissed? It is like being bastardised. All your party seats were lost because of the keris and yet, you get all the blame and treated as a has-been. An cua, beh tulan, am tneh meh?

The other is the hoo-haa about the public holiday in Penang. Well, it is actually a bit over the board if you are the bosses of big companies because it does cost a lot of money to pay OT. BUT…..(wait, rabid fans of CM, don’t put your claws out yet) I like the way our Chief Minister shows the defiance to our Federal Government that they don’t rule over us. Go, CM, go. Give them the middle finger and tell them, Nah, it’s my administration, I do what I want with it.

I am sure smart companies will toe the line and not make too much complaints. They can always carry on with regular hours if they have to and let those employees who are voters to go to vote before working. It is actually a non-issue.

By the way, I read that our CM received a death threat. Let’s pray for he, his family and staffs safety. May all these madness be over soon. I don’t see it ending but rather get more challenging. Whether we believe in God or not, we believe good always win over evil.

Though I try to stay away from sensitive issues, I just must add this topic. I wish I can tell our Sai Hamik to jaga his tepi kain first before telling us what is religion and what is politics. The way they politicise their own religion is just so disgusting and yet, Sai Hamik has the nerve to warn us (I mean Catholics) not to meddle in politics when we merely asked our followers to pray for a fair election. We didn’t even specify any party. However, I read on Wong Chun Wai’s blog that the interpretation of a real sumpah or fake sumpah depends on which party the imam is attached too. No wonder yesterday Dato’ Zahrain said so loudly, that other certain party with U is not a religion. He reminded people that the party is just a wadah so how can they ascertain if a sumpah is real or fake. (not sure what it means but it is like a proxy?)

I am going to program myself to wake up at 6 am so that I can go to church and hope to shake the heavens to let us have another celebration like the 12th GE. I have a bottle of wine in the fridge just to celebrate. I will also pray that everyone, regardless whether they are UMNO or PKR will be civil to each other and treat this by-election as a challenge to test and strengthen our unity.

Permatang Pauh folks, our future lies in your wisdom to choose the best candidate! Salam reformasi! Countdown to Permatang Pauh by-election result…..

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