So, don’t expect anything from our mainstream media. Don’t bother to tune in to TV3 because they probably won’t reveal the results till tomorrow morning if PKR wins.

Go to Anil Netto‘s blog for his updates.

And this Hisham Rais‘ blog for almost instant updates. Info from here are not very reliable but they are based on what he heard. So, do not treat everything you read as the truth until you reconfirm elsewhere.

Since this is still the Hungry Ghost month, hantus are every where in buses. I read from Malaysiakini that Gobala, the MP was detained by police because he tried to stop these suspicious looking buses.

Well, keep praying. When the result is announced, some will be very happy and some will be out to create chaos. I still remember the night when DAP won the Penang state. Everyone was reminded to remain low profile with no celebration. I hope the winning party supporters will do the same over there in Permatang Pauh.