When I am not blogging…

I am a bit lazy to reply comments today so you chewren go play with yourself, don’t disturb me.

So, when I am not blogging, I go taking pictures. I went out for a while today and took 2GB photos. I am not sure what I find interesting in green leaves and grasses. I only use my Nikon D40 and the kit lens.

Picture 4.png

So, this photo is taken by my son with his Nikon P4 which is a good point and shoot camera. He was actually trying to take photo to show me how big my butt is. Sometimes, I don’t know to cry with joy or sadness because I don’t have daughters. I think I should be happy because if I treat my daughters like I treat my sons, they will end up tomboy like me too.


I have four sons and the #2 is the only one who looks so undernourished. He was so thin, his doctor even got him to monitor his food intake. Since #2 is very, very thin with ribs like Darfur starving children, he thinks every one is fat. To him big bro #1 is fat, third bro #3 is fatter and #5 is fat too.

And to him, the fattest is his mom. He will tell me, “Ma….your son is fat like his mader already..OMiGAWDDDD, just look at how he eats! Ammah….take him exercise NOW NOW NOW.”


I was squatting in the grass to take a photo of this blue butterfly whom I shall name BN butterfly. You know why? Because the butterfly has two heads. Look closely? BN people all talk with their arses mah….No same meh? The butt has a bigger head than the real head.

Anyway, while we were in the car, going to Equatorial, we heard some phone call-in show on radio. A silai housewife won a car and said she is going to give to her husband for their 10th year wedding anniversary.

So, spontaneously, I mimic the call…”Me ah? I think I will sell the car, hire a toyboy and go for a cruise for my 20th wedding anniversary (which is in Nov 08).”

That gave my #2 son the ‘WTF face’ while he didn’t know to laugh at my joke or die in horrors because the father is sitting next to him (he was in the passenger seat while I was behind and I could see the expression in the vanity mirror).


#2 son’s friends who read my blog asked why they hardly see me blogging about him. Actually, I have respect for his privacy so I don’t put his handsome face online. He told me if I do it, girls will be queuing in Facebook, on my blog, Friendster and etc, from Penang to KL and down to Johor to get his phone number. See? He got his mader’s vain genes.

Anyway, back to our jokes, we can talk about anything. If I wear something to go to church (which is deem to be the conservative domain), he will be standing behind me and ‘tsk, tsk, tsk….Ma…can see through wei, ma….your bra strap is showing wei….ma, your butt looks huge in the jeans…ma…” So much so, that I will scream, “Shaddap already, my butt big is because of your fault. If it is not big, you think you can managed to crawl through it? Somemore, if you do not know, it is not big but curvy. Don’t believe? Next time you walk behind me and see how many old uncles ogle? Even the bi…….. also will ogle lah. Tiu.”

Anyway…his birthday is coming up soon, so I am giving him some airtime on my blog.


I love this picture of the fern. The Nikon D40 kit lens take pretty good photo.

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