Why BN lost in Permatang Pauh by-election

Apparently, our delusional leaders are putting the blame on things like ‘It is Anwar’s hometown’ as their excuse of losing the by-election.

To do them a favour and since I think I am gifted with skills of a political strategist, let me do a post-mortem for them. So, of course, this post is written with good intentions for Barisan Nasional to improve. You know….like you go to a bad restaurant, you leave bad comments with the hope of giving them good feedbacks.

So, here are the reasons why Barisan Nasional lost :

1) Chinese are not impressed with Chinese speaking candidate. One single Chinese speaking Malay cannot erase the multitude Malays who called us babi or balik Cina jika tak suka. Barisan Nasional can get Khairy and Hishamuddin to speak Mandarin, Teochew, Hakka, Sing ning, Hainanese (there are more dialects) and still we won’t give a rat ass. The Chinese merely see it as a wayang Cina, nothing more.

2) Putting our DPM there to actively campaign is a wrong move. We want a leader with impeccable records. If they put Pak Lah, I think the damage won’t be so great. Serious…..

3) Sending goons from as far as Sabah to come is pure propaganda. What more when that Sabahan member has to make up so many excuses for her visit. And don’t forget the hypocrite two Ms who abused the privacy of the poor folks and handicapped children for his own glory. Ptui.

4) Khairy just dun geddit, right? He caused the BN loss in the 12th General Election and he came to do the opposition the same favour. The opposition should thank Khairy for coming to Permatang Pauh.

5) The fact that Barisan Nasional left out MCA and Gerakan in the campaign is enough to send signals that Barisan Nasional is UMNO.

6) The rakyats are pissed, super-duper pissed with the current Government. Their withdrawal of federal funds for development in Penang showed how petty they are.

7) We just enjoy change.

8) BN memang tak relevan dah.

And now, I am so happy to see the UMNO members crawling out of their corners to bite Pak Lah again. We are going for another round of ‘Blame Pak Lah, Pak Lah resign’ and etc.

But woohoo, I think in this Bajet 2009, Pak Lah is going to reward us with some goodies just so that we will be happy until we forget that we want to change the PM. We win! Tomorrow, we shall see DSAI sworn in (news on Malaysiakini). Then, hopefully the 17 MPs from Sabah will jump over followed by a few more.

So, my dear Barisan Nasional leaders, you didn’t lose because it is Anwar’s hometown. If you use this theory, take a kampong boy from every constituency and put him there as see if he can be the MP.

19 thoughts on “Why BN lost in Permatang Pauh by-election

  1. I believe Tomorrow’s budget will see the “non bumis” severely punish, such as higher taxation for liquor and beers in comparison to cigarettes.

    little relief will be experience on personal income tax, rather the corporates will see better return in terms of taxation relief rather than the average joe.

    What little subsidiaries we “get” will be outweight by much we’d have to pay indirectly.

    Since when has the budget really reflects on the people’s wishes?


    Occam’s Razor – The simplest solution has to be the right one.


    Simplest solution to our misery? – KICK OUT BN AND THEIR CROONIES AND THEIR SLAVES.

  2. Lilian,

    I agree with you. The fact that Khairy and that Keris appeared in Permatang Pauh ended everything for BN. I doubt people can forgive Khairy’s racist remarks that easily. As for that Keris, instead of saying something useful for the recent victim of racial abuse in school, he went to Permatang Pauh to support racism at the highest level instead.

    And with Najib around, how to win?

    Najib had lost all his credibility.

    phings last blog post..Anwar emerge victorious !

  3. Hi I’m Singaporean and I have been following the elections closely. Another big irritant is that Sharizat (correct spelling?) woman…using the word” jihad” b4 the PP elections. She must feel like a complete idiot too.:).

    People of PP you have done so well. Congratulations!

  4. My postmortem is;

    1. Khairy
    2. Khairy
    3. Khairy
    4. Khairy
    5. Khairy
    6. Khairy
    7. Khairy

    Oh, if he doesn’t resign when DSAI becomes PM, please ask Bodohwi to take him along.

    You mean BN didn’t learn anything shit from their 03/08 GE postmortem?? I guess not.

  5. the goons from sabah are stupid and acting like fools.im from sabah and i saw them PROUDLY konon going to Permatang Pauh =.=.Bn talk chinese doesnt impress us la.Even PATI here can also talk chinese.

    to make it simple. Im glad Anwar WON.HAHA!.

  6. Lillian, all your points are spot on.
    Others like Arif Shah’s fake PHD, his demonstration at Komtar and his request to withdraw federal funds for Penang projects helped kill him. It shows he’s one hell of a petty guy from one hell of a petty govt. Serve them right.
    One more thing, by now they should realise Najib and KJ is much despised and no longer welcome anywhere.

  7. I’m glad we now have a strong Opposition voice in Parliament. Whether or not DSAI becomes the PM is one thing, what’s important is that BN now have good reasons to sweat, man!

    Queen Tulaans last blog post..Can die one

  8. TDM should be pissing in his pants. The day DSAI becomes PM is the day he packs up his bags and head for Argentina.

  9. Hi Lilian

    If they must field ppl from Chinese parties, make sure they are acceptable to the locals. If they are acceptable to the locals, they must have already been elected local reps at GE12… right?…

    Why spool all those who failed local failures in GE2 over to pull votes in PP… similarly those outstation elected Chinese reps GET-OUT… no effects because the local are so fedup KeBeTulan with your performance.

    If they want a more acceptable one… they could snatch Dr TKW who might render some hopes of winning (but, alas, he has resigned bec the most important thing in life is we must be honest to ourselves first).

    Look at the ex-Penangite K who was waving with an absurd foolish looking no-confidence face next to his 2nd boss… No oomph!!!… wrong judgement asking him to come along to pull at no vote. If his big boss were standing next to him, I felt his leg would go limp… as seen in many episodes from the past decade. This is where the local Chinese are much against… elected reps and parties must not be seen as Por-L-Pah. Penang Chinese would put him six feet down in politics.

  10. BN will never learn anything from previous election. WHy? They go no brain, they got no smart people. They think and talk with their butt when things pop up.

  11. Rather detailed post-mortem.

    Well, BN is just irretrievable with figures who are sleepy, racist, offensive and terrorist (C4), cheating and patronizing people…list goes on. Worst of all, they are fcuking CORRUPTED. Hilarious enough to exploit Shit fool (Sai-ful) to taint Dato seri, bagi free promotion!

    Anyway, pls conveniently drop by my blog to check out more about what people say about BN. You can possibly burst your stomach laughing!

  12. I think the liwat and sumpah stunt backfired and made people wanna puke at BN. Even the NTV7 reporter said when announcing the results that she hoped that will be the last she hears of liwat and sumpah…..

  13. today in star online Koh asked Federal Government(BN-UMNO) to full fill their promises as it will reflect the next election. But I dont see it happen because DSAI going to take over the Government soon. The Sabah MP came to PP are real bunch of idiot. I’m you guys saw the Malaysian Mongolia Rep. his name Datuk Syed I think came to PP to back Najib link with Altantuya. That also killed the BN chance to win.

    Hail the Pakatan!!!

  14. 1. Ketuanan melayu has to go. Chinese & Indians are NOT penumpang, we pay more taxes so if anything the penumpang is not the Nons.

    2. MCA and MIC should wake up now, forget about stupid Ahmad Ismail, we don’t want him to retract his idiotic statement, it doesn’t do me any good. And in response to DPM on keeping my chinese name, he can DREAM ON being the PM. If he does, Ill migrate.

    3. MCA & MIC should have 2 things to do. A) Demand UMNO to abolish the “social contract” or B) just quit BN and support Pakatan Rakyat on Ketuanan Rakyat. If they don’t do this due to their own benefits, they are RESPONSIBLE on the sufferings the NONs will face in the future. As I said, MCA & MIC it is time to act!

    4. Why isn’t people in BN who has said all these racial comments not put in ISA?? I’d like to see Ahmad Ismail to be in there first.

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