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I am with STUPID

My baker refused to bake me a cake with Malaysia flag! He said in previous years, they (the bakeries) used to do it for Merdeka. But last year, some moron (my own description, not his) said it is against telur (the law) to eat our Malaysia flag.

(I found the news from last year)

Friday August 10, 2007

PM’s Dept: Cakes with Jalur Gemilang disrespectful

PUTRAJAYA: It is not appropriate to bake cakes with the Jalur Gemilang design on them.

According to the Prime Minister’s Department’s ceremonial division and international conference secretariat, it is not proper to make cakes with the national flag design on them but it has now become a practice by many people.

“Some people think that it is all right to bake cakes with the national flag design on them, but actually, it is inappropriate because later, they will be cut and eaten. The gesture is not appropriate,” a spokesman from the secretariat said today.

So, he said he cannot do it. No problemo. The 5xmom and sons got a way to deal with it.

You see, I thought of contributing a cake for my church youth group’s Merdeka BBQ this Saturday. So, I ordered a 2.5 kg cake.


(The above is the birthday kid with a small hazel nut praline cake)

Since the event is for youths age 13-35 years old, I cannot bring a Doraemon or Teletubbies cake which bakers are used to bake. So, I thought why not make a Malaysia flag cake. Since my dear baker is so afraid, my sons and I thought of a good idea for a cake. No, it is not Pakla cake (‘cos baker cannot bake cake tanpa teloq). Hahaha.


You will have to wait to see what cake we ordered. It is so funny the bunch of us were laughing so hard at the baker.


We are acting the ‘dig our nose’ pose at the restaurant where we had lunch.


You do not need to tell me my eldest son looks like me. I know liao. All come from my womb, sure same face lah.


I am with STUPID.

13 Responses to “I am with STUPID”

  1. Hi Lilian

    Chin aeh… lu ae hau-seh ka lu siang bin… hahaha bin=face; not bin (=son of) lilian hahaha… yean tau bah lo (of course tapor yean tau lo; chabr sui leh)

  2. wrong spelling

    chabr should be chabor

  3. Hmm…I like that lil kid with the middle fingers. *lol*

    alexallieds last blog post..How to carry a Semi-D on your hand?

  4. Nice t-shirt… Wonder where I can get it so that I can stand next to my boss.. KAKAAKAK!!!

    Anyway, b’day celebrations are always fun… That means, my little dog cannot get a merdeka cake for her b’day-la. She’s a merdeka baby, along with her other siblings… 😛

    Angie Tans last blog post..Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony… WT*…..

  5. Why is the young one flipping the bird??? Bwahahaha!!!

  6. Tan Silly – It is a birth disorder. The moment the camera is out, that finger will popped up. You go see my Facebook album under ‘Family’. Every single picture also he did that! Grrr…..

    Angie – Yalor, against the law worrrr. hahaha

    alex – He automatically flipped it. Scold also useless because he just love to did it when we are about to snap.

    PenangTiongHua – People say if sons follow mother’s look, very lucky wor.

  7. True… True… True!!!
    My Punjabi friends also told me that… hahaaha

  8. Aiseh… I’m now very curious la… anyway, I’m not able to be there to see the cake myself… alr back in Ipoh now… Do take lots of pictures and share ya! Hehe…

    Btw, please pass my belated happy birthday message to Mikey… (sorry for being late… :-P).

    Lastly, do enjoy yourselves tomorrow!

    David C.s last blog post..Permatang Pauh By-Election

  9. Wah Lilian,
    You really look so young wan!
    Bird-day coming?

    Birds Talking Too

    Birds Talking Toos last blog post..Censorship?

  10. Lilian.. my daughter ask ” Why is the birthday boy so thin one?” so I say “Maybe the KoKo eat most of the food…”

    and ” Where is the other son… he is missing from group photo” so I say “He’s the photographer mah…”

    and ” I want that t-shirt … ask Aunty where to buy lah, I wan, I wan” so I say “T-shirt made my the Koko one (correct?).I ask Aunty Lilian and see”

    Ps: Wah.. you Virgo also ah? I married one and gave birth to one …. real terrer one lo ! … hahaha…… tell me about it!! My son same face like me oso!

    Pps: You perfectionist too?? …. just curious…

  11. your youngest son SO CUTE with his middle finger…

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  13. yr mikey 16 or 20 ?
    thot he lahir in 1988?