JeffOoi labelled MCMC IDIOTs with capital letters and I shall echo Jeff

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The Star says all 21 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the country have been ordered by the MCMC to block Malaysia Today.

For that, MCMC should be hanged for stifling Internet. The head honchos, who are not dissimilar to SUHAKAM who take orders from Putrajaya instead of acting as an independent Commission created through a Parliamentary Act — had erred. The had invoked Section 263 of the Communications and Multimedia Act (CMA1998) without reading it together with Section 3.

Most importantly, the MCMC people are not our final judge to decide what is good and what is bad for Malaysians in the access to information. Malaysians who are online are mature enough to discern what’s good and what’s bad. It’s only idiots — yes, I D I O T S at MCMC — and those who are not online who are fearful of Internet.

(5xmom edited out some parts here)

Therefore, I ask all Malaysian bloggers — and editors from the mainstream media — to stand up to this challenge, hang the MCMC in the international arena. Because of the S T U P I D I T Y at MCMC, Malaysia is now a banana republic.

Bloggers, what say you? If you are too afraid to speak up, at least copy some of the news or bloggers’ opinions and post it on your blog.

Note that I edited out part of what Jeff wrote because I personally feel the Government should deal with RPK and Malaysia Today direct. We are the customers of the internet service providers like Streamyx, Celcom, Maxis, Jaring and since we paid for the service, we have the right to access anything, anywhere, isn’t it? How can they dictate where we cannot access?

Anyway, almost everyone knows how to access inaccessible sites. So, the Malaysian Government through MCMC have just made the most moronic attempt which will results in getting bloggers more defiant and bended on voicing their opinions.

So, bloggers, are you going to just keep quiet and pretend this doesn’t concern you? Do you like people to zip your mouth? Do you like people spoon feeding you news you can read and news you cannot read? NO? Then, do something lah! Blog about this.

14 thoughts on “JeffOoi labelled MCMC IDIOTs with capital letters and I shall echo Jeff

  1. While I disagree with the MCMC action (because of any future repercussions from this decision), I am not going to defend Malaysia Today either. You have to admit that MT is a cesspool of anti-religious and racial hatred spewing from not RPK, but from the commenters.

    – MENJ

  2. Can they actually do this???

    Its already bad enough that we are paying for sub standard speed/quality/coverage from these ISPs. Now they want to decide what sites we can visit???

    The current government is so asking for a Titanic.

  3. Haiyoh… wanna block ah? Block lah… u think we moron don’t know how 2 visit again ah? haha! Block as much as u can and let the whole world know u are terribly bad …. MCMC will go down in history soon.

  4. PTUIIIIII! what a moron mentality .. brain smaller than peanut! We can decide ourself what to believe or not lah .. not they decide for us. The more they make this kinda move, the more blogger will repent against them and the synergize energy is unstoppable one. Guess they have yet to learn where they gone wrong. Stupid gomen.

    Liannes last blog post..Rasberry and Apple Cake

  5. Things like this can happen. Then it’s no difference compared to China. You know, China blocked some sites during Beijing Olympics like Amnesty International? Stupid enough!

    They have Fuwa as mascots, the journalist have Nuwa (??) to voice their dissatisfaction!

    boon khengs last blog post..Why Utusan Malaysia is venomous

  6. you know what i reckon.
    in regards to blocking blogger and etc

    They should realize that .
    BN has so many bloggers it self already. Kharil, Saifol, and etc..
    so if they talk crap and against people will. should they be charged under ISA as well..


    whojens last blog post..Career Vs Family

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