I don’t want to sound ungrateful to our much beloved Prime Minister and also Finance Minister for the generousity he showered on us in the Budget 2009. He announced that blender, rice cooker, microwave oven and electric kettle will see a reduction in prices.

And should I be overjoyed with this announcement?

Barangan pengguna

Duti import atas beberapa barangan pengguna – pengisar makanan, periuk nasi, ketuhar gelombang mikro dan cerek elektrik – dikurangkan dari antara 10 hingga 60 peratus kepada 5 hingga 30 peratus.


Well, my husband just perli me. So, I will blame it on Pak Lah. I have wanted to change my microwave cum convection oven for a long time already but the 15 years old oven is still going strong. Now, my dear husband has told me, “Haiyor…you still scold Pak Lah, he knows you want to buy a new microwave oven and he fast fast reduce the price just for you. Somemore don’t appreciate Pak Lah.” Tiu.

I seriously think Pak Lah is a bit out of touch. He thinks that we Malaysians all can afford blender, microwave oven and electric kettle to prepare our daily meals. My dear Pak Lah, this is not what the poor folks use. They are struggling with expensive rice, flour and other basic things. They only have money for cheap aluminium pots and if they are lucky, gas cooker. Don’t mock us with cheaper kitchen gadgets like these, please.

And Pak Lah thinks we are all mat sallehs who drink fruit juices and eat sweet corns. Doh….

Government to fully exempt import duty on several food item, i.e. vermicelli, biscuits, fruit juices, canned sweet corn.


I totally agree with Sdr Liew Chin Tong (who is the MP for my area). He said :

This is an election budget at the wrong time.

And Malaysiakini quoted him, saying :

Another interesting thing to note is the development allocation for the Prime Minister’s Department has increased tremendously from RM3.6 billion last year to RM10.22 billion this year. This is a fund to buy over the MPs and to do politically linked works.

Hmmm…I can never stick to my ‘this housewife is so happy with Pak Lah generous budget 2009’, huh?