Sorry I took you for granted

I never care about your existence.

I never feel for you.

I never notice how important you are to me.

You are just one of the many.

You are not important.

You are there just because you are.

Now, I realised I have done wrong.

That I never love you as much as I should.

Because without you, I am directionless.

Without you, I cannot dig my nose.

I cannot scratch my ear when I feel itch.

I cannot insert tampon.

I cannot wash butt.

I cannot point left or right.

I cannot put on my contact lens.

Sorry, index finger.


Wuah…..kiss my poor index finger please. I burnt it yesterday. If the skin is cooked, I wonder if I can chew it and eat like bak kua?

13 thoughts on “Sorry I took you for granted

  1. Ouch! I suppose you didn’t have ice cubes around when you burnt your finger? Otherwise, placing ice cubes immediately over the burnt part helps to reduce the pain and “burn”.

  2. pablo – I put under running water only. I touched the handle of the pot which was exposed to fire. I couldn’t drop it because it was a pot of hot soup. So, it was ouch, ouch, ouch until I placed it on the kitchen top. *sniff* Long time never kena burnt so very painful lor.

  3. you are really out of this world, woman..really really siao..beh koh kah siao liao..i do envy your kids having a crazy mom like you..

  4. at first, i thought you were talking about your hubby..and i was thinking, how so loving of you..until i got to the digging nose bit, and i was thinking, kinky one ah this couple..insert tampon lah, wash butt…until finally i got the the last line..phew. u really had me going there..hehehehe

  5. Normally I won’t comment but I really enjoy reading your blog but this poem or whatever u called it is just so ridiculously funny that I felt I have to say something! I also thought u dedicated it to your hubby till it gets more n more to the version which is almost to the R rated!LOL! Good one 5xmom!!Tip for burnt next time, it helped me before, immediately rub with toothpaste if u can’t find anything else after u got burnt,do not wet the finger,keep it dry till the toothpaste cools down the burnt!

  6. 5x,

    wahliao u dig nose with index finger? nostril ma big lo…hehe..
    dont be cannibal and eat yr skin ok? remember put some sauce first

    lexs last blog post..

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