One day before September 2008, we are going to celebrate 51 years of Merdeka.

Three days before that, we are going to get the Budget 2009.

Then, 16 days after September, we are supposed to see some changes. Some major changes. Well, whether it happens or not, I also don’t know lah. I hope it does.

But, one very important event in September is.
my birthday!

It is on 7th September. Now I tell you already, better remember hor?

Today, I damn happy ler. I chatted with one auntie J. She looks 50 plus but is 71 years old. OMG, I don’t know why I am such an aunties magnet. They just adore me. *sigh* I have Auntie S who is going to celebrate her 60th wedding anniversary next month and is 80+ yrs old. She adores me too.

*sigh* Probably, I am like a little puppy to them. Poor little lost puppy.

Anyway, Auntie J asked me how old I am and I told her I am going to be 44 years old in another week. She told me I look young. I bodek her that “When I grow up, I want to look as young as you too, Auntie J! Teach me your secrets.” Muahahar…..there is nothing like sweet talk to get them to shower their wisdoms upon me. These 70s, 80s years old aunties really kick ass type. None of those naggy, grouchy, grumpy white hair, here ache, there ache one. All pretty-pretty, made up ones.

They are so gutsy, vocal, knows what they want, not afraid to go get it and they are so wise. Auntie J’s surname is Sek. So, she made sex jokes with me. Gee…she said, “The men said I am young and I am so happy.” Now, that’s one auntie I want to emulate when I grow up. *roll eyes*

Actually, this post has no meaning. My big bro said my blog posts have been too ganas recently and he phoned to tell me. So, I am going to write un-ganas posts for a few days. Hehehe.

I went to the police station today to make a police report. You know me lah…I damn terror typing and my command of BM bertaraf dunia. So when I walked in, I wanted their computer so that I can type my own police report. Bwahahaha…..But the mak cik polis refused to give me ‘cos she said she will do it.

She asked me, “Agama apa?” My IC put me as ‘Tanpa agama’. I told her Kristian. I feel like asking her, “Eh, apa kena mengena dengan agama saya? Kereta saya kena banjir, bukan saya mati.”

Then, she asked me for my pekerjaan. For once, I fast fast tell her “Suri rumah”. I dare not say “Blogger”. Takut nanti dia terus sumbat saya masuk lokap.

And hor, I don’t know why they use the Penang CM’s photo like he plastic man likedat. Eh, Mr. CM’s assistant ah, ask Mr. CM why his official photo that people hang on walls look so fake wan? His teeth fake, his facial skin like kena botox and even his coat also look fake. Pak Lah’s photo pulak, can see his face lubang-lubang and even his nose hair also can see.

Then, I was wondering….On the wall in the police station, they have the King and Queen, Governor and his consort, Pak Lah and Mr. CM photos. Imagine if Pak Lah and his wife and the CM and his wife photos are there as well, habis, the wall must be like Great Wall of China that long to accommodate all of them. I don’t know about you guys lah, but when I look at Pak Lah’s photo, I sort of feel for Datin Seri Endon. She hardly spent more than a year as the PM’s wife. I wonder if she is still around, would we have loved Pak Lah more? Seriously, I hate all these Pak Lah’s jokes because he is a senior person, after all. I think if Datin Seri is still around, probably, Pak Lah would have been happier and care for the country more. Blek, I am mumbling and bordering on keganasan again. Ignore me. My post lari topic as usual.