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It’s Merdeka tomorrow, you know?

So, what are you doing for Merdeka? Are you going out to wave flags? Are you going to sing Negaraku? Normally, in our mass in church, we will sing Negaraku and I think that’s the only time I sing Negaraku in a year.

Penang folks, you may want to note this :

Perayaan Hari Merdeka Pulau Pinang

Ia akan diadakan ulung-ulung kali di KADUN Pantai Jerejak. Tuan Yang Terutama Negeri Tun Dato’ Seri Utama (Dr.) Haji Abdul Rahman bin Haji Abbas, Ketua Menteri YB Tuan Lim Guan Eng dan semua pimpinan Negeri akan turut hadir.

Tarikh: Ahad, 31/8/08
Masa: 8 am
Tempat: Depan Queensbay Mall

(Taken from Sdr Sim, ADun Pantai Jerjak)

So, am I going? I have duty in church at 7 am and actually, the thought of going to a Merdeka procession/celebration is rather interesting because I have never been to a single one in all my 44 years of life. But nay…I am not going to join the jam. After church, I balik tidorrrrrr…….

Meantime, here’s the agar-agar I made. I wanted to make some blue ones and yellow ones but too lazy to get my fingers dirty.


Big big trays.


Close up


From the other direction. The four trays better harden soon or else….

13 Responses to “It’s Merdeka tomorrow, you know?”

  1. If you didn’t tell, I really didn’t really it’s Merdeka tomorrow. The spirit isn’t there anymore.

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  2. agar agar not mentioned in the budget?? aiyo..Pak lah, u miss yr chance lah….

    i wonder how many will fly the flag half mast..kekekek

    JTs last blog post..Where the $Β£@% is SUMMER 2?

  3. Agree with Alex!

    Planned to go Hatyai tomorrow wan, but got demonstration there so have to cancel loh. This year no Merdeka mood at all.

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  4. Come come we go Permatang Pauh go enjoy and thank them all for sending DSAI to Parliment la… all together now… πŸ™‚

  5. make blue and yellow one….

    then can celebrate merdeka day lor… πŸ˜‰

  6. We gained independence 51 years ago. But we have been BN’s prisoners since.


  7. Great, you want to make a Malaysia flag strip with those agar-agar? πŸ™‚

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  8. Happy merdeka!

  9. How to celebrate lah.. high post people already calling us squatters…

  10. those longan look like jellyfish !! yum~

  11. looks good! i’m hungry..

    k-yins last blog post..Anticipated!

  12. I no merdeka mood. So I went to hentam my car number ‘IBox’ at DaMaCai for 50/50.

    Now I got merdeka mood liao. Bwahahaha!!!

  13. TERENCE!!!!!! – OMG, you kena!?!?!?!?! Don’t care, 50% of the profit is mine one. Tomorrow bank into my Swiss bank, ok? The number is. …. …. . …. We share same birthday mah.