this is a cake, duh!

This is a cake. Duh! It was meant to be a Merdeka cake but we cannot have a flag and eat it. I told someone the reason why and he said, “Yeah, I know, I read your blog!” OMG! I am so thrilled.


The innovative youths who certainly know how to start a fire. With electric fans!


The girls gotong-royong to carry bricks but whenever there is a camera around, they will drop everything, shriek, “I WANT!!!” and pose for photos. So cute. Those are heavy red bricks and not styrofoam, ok? Our church is expanding the Blessed Sacrament Chapel to accomodate more people for the daily mass. One red brick costs 25 sen. (Father Henry said wan….He is the bald one in red shirt in the fire photo.)


My lucky son get a birthday blessing from Father Fab.


I am glad all of the youths know how to sing all the semangat songs. They had a Merdeka countdown complete with Negaraku.

I have uploaded the photos to my Facebook account but I think the photos are only viewable by ‘Friends’ status.

Here on, just some personal notes for my own wicked indulgence. I was so, so, so happy about something. The padan-muka-ness feeling was awesome. Since I wasn’t the guilty one who cause it, it is double pleasure because I get to ‘make farting noise with armpit’ while standing on the side looking smug. No shit!?!?! He really gave it to them, obnoxiously. I never expect my rant last week would result into something like that. The best thing is I got the halo one sitting on my shoulder and I never say a thing about it eventhough I was really tempted to spill all. (read the bulletin for this week and you will know what I mean) Bwahahaha, I think I will borrow my son’s t-shirt with the word ‘Ghetto Child’ and wear one of these days. *sigh* I feel wickedly shiok and yet, kinda sad that I am home, about to take a nap in my aircond room instead of being out there, building community like it was meant to be. Hope everyone, including me, will make more efforts to remember and carry out what the wise one had given to us. It is a big ouch to a lot of people, with ego bruised and such. I came out of this a lot less naive. Thank God for brave guys like him.