Can you spell condescending?

Condescending means : showing or implying a usually patronizing descent from dignity or superiority.

I know I am sometimes condescending. But I farking did it on my own space so you cannot say I am being condescending. There is a better word for that, i.e. obnoxious.

But whoever come to my blog and start to talk to me like this :

Dominic | (spider come, faster)

Here you go again Lilian,

It is not about feel good factor. How did the Church of England started? Because of feel good factor; since I am King, I need not obey the laws of God.(edited a bit)

Thus her reasoning for being baptized is wrong. The whole perception that religion is suppose to make you feel good is wrong.

Kanasai, who you think you are to come to MY blog and talk to me in this manner like….. “here you go again, Lilian”

First thing, I do not know you so you have no right to call me Lilian. Secondly, how many times have you observed what I wrote from your high horse to give you that right to say, “here you go again..” Who you think you are, ah? Even my church elders don’t patronise me like that.

Dominic |

Didn’t Jesus said that there is only one true God? And like I said – it constitutes pagan practice. We cannot eat things which have been offered to other ‘Gods’

So, he said we cannot eat things that have been used as offerings. I never asked people to eat, I only say I eat. I did it as an act of respect for my elders and also who cares la, where the foods come lah. You don’t eat, you shut up lah, I never force you, ok? Because my reason is :

Dominic – When a person’s faith is strong enough, there are no other gods. So, it is food. Eat it.

So, after I taruh-ed him, he replied :

Dominic |

Faith alone does not guarantee you heaven.

And I want to tell him to fuck off. I don’t do things to get to heaven. That is hypocrisy. That is doing things with rewards in mind.

But of course, I don’t use the F word in my faith blog. So, that’s why I bring it here. And don’t patronise me that I cannot say it. It is none of your business what I say.

So, the sore loser got nothing to say and try to impress me with his Latin.

Dominic |

dominus vo biscum to you too.

I don’t want to eat biscuit with cum, ok? Saya rakyat Malaysia, saya cakap Bahasa Malaysia.

And to all the Dominic-like people, all I want to say is, we change with times. If our church wish to say mass in Bahasa Malaysia, we follow. That is not enough reason for you to come to my faith blog and put me down like that. So yeah, I said people are a pain when they argue over the type of languages used in mass. For God’s sake, give thanks that we have church to attend.

Christians change with times. Otherwise, Jesus is still a Jew and we are all Jewish. *smacks forehead!* LOL.

All the comments can be found on my posts here on my faith blog and here.

21 thoughts on “Can you spell condescending?

  1. Well said! I think this type of people, is the type that made us Christian criticized or not accepted by others. My mom rejects Christ, all because she has met with those extremists who don’t even (1) accept angpow during CNY – says that is evil money; (2) rejects all Chinese cultures incl all bowls with dragon drawings – this fella threw away all the bowls in her mom’s house with dragon painting!; (3) criticized my mom for refering to Chinese horoscope years; etc.
    After becoming a Christian myself, I have to hide the truth for many years before I revealed to her!!!

  2. suzette – LOL, actually, I wrote that in anger and has no intention of publishing it but I ter-hit the button and ter-publish it. I didn’t know until I saw your comment. OMG, let it be.

  3. haha…. padan mukanya …. act as if he is d messiah pula ni…. pigi la …. HIDUP BANGSA MALAYSIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. When I saw you kutuk that “Dominic” till thy kingdom come, I thought that sayfor, someone used my name to perli you but then again I realised that it must be another “Dominic” as his comments were not in line with my belief system….TNS he nearly gave me a heart attack and blacklist me here.
    I’ve always thought that I’m the only Dominic, the one and only but not anymore… I’ll concede that.

    I’m now return to be your silent fan and spread your obnoxiousness around.

    Dominic KOK!!!

  5. David – It’s ok, my fonts are too small and the colour almost too identical. I cannot seem to find where to change in the CSS file.

    Sen – Oh really? *whistles*

    Dominic K – Hahaha, no lah, not you. You no speak Latin mah?

    Bryan – Aiyer, don’t remind me of him. LOL. Petani Road ‘people’ still tidor, no news from them.

    Trex – Yalor, like God appointed reaper.

  6. wah..i salute u..u really know how to defend yourself obnoxiously..hehe
    i some times get people from different churches who claim that their Lord is the only correct ah? how do you respond to people with such adamant views..?

  7. “Sen
    September 2nd, 2008 at 11:12 am

    are you not supposed to publish people’s email address?”

    WTF!!! Here we do as we please. Hence the tagline OBNOXIOUS. Born yesterday ar?? Bwahahaha!!!

  8. Hi Lilian,

    I agree with your response to Dominic because your motivations to do what you did (holding joss sticks etc) were led by love and compassion for others who also happened to be non-believers. And that’s basically what Romans 14 and 15 say that a believer’s response should be in situations like these. Those two chapters helped me a lot to clarify my personal spiritual beliefs when I faced a situation similiar to yours. It also gave me some scriptures to back up my stand (i.e. taichi back some people’s well-intentioned but hurtful and misleading statements)

    Ok lah, not going to turn this reply into a sermon. But too late already, I suppose 😉 I’ve already reread this reply 20 times before posting incase I write anything wrong because I’m quite afraid of Lilian’s tongue lashings. Anyway, keep on writing and doing what you are doing. God bless!

  9. Tun Tan Sri Dato’ Terence

    I am asking bcos i noticed that the mail column says
    “Mail (Will not be published)”

    So with this, does it mean that although it says it will not be published, it will be published anyway?? That’s not very responsible isn’t it?

    And i was merely asking a question. you don’t have to be so F***king sarcastic.

  10. Sen – You no comprehendo? What the form says is your email will not be shown along with your name and URL, if any. But here, I am not publishing any email. I am copying and posting a comment which happens to have the email address. See? Next time, ask more relevant questions lah.

  11. Ian – Get lost. I don’t need ex-Malaysians who denounced their citizenship to come tell me what to do. Go back to your hiding.

  12. A Catholic pooosy swearing is hilarious and ummm even obnoxious. Some more hor, got bonus Hokkien swearing. I likeee.

    May I suggest, IF you don’t TanSri professori Tun YB Tear-rance, you goody two-shoes, then go some other site where pussy means pussy cat. Meow.

    How dare you “advise” some one what to write in THEIR own blog? Which part of “THEIR own” do you not understand? KNN.

    diamond´s last blog post..Lily Allen: The Fear

  13. Eh Diamond – What are you tokking kok about lah? This post is like years ago and not relevant at all anymore.

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