Things I do in half a day (stalking CM again!?!?!)


Early morning, I went to the Tanjung Bungah market. Do you know that you can get some pretty photos there? Just go upstairs and you can shoot some interesting shots of the colourful stalls below.


There is some launching of some event by DAP. Heh, read the banner yourself lah.


CM Lim Guan Eng was there and he was mobbed by housewives. Hundreds of them! OMG, with pink roses somemore.


Anyway, I only took a couple of shots but didn’t stay long because the event is in Mandarin and I don’t know what’s going on. I asked the CM’s political secretary, Ng Wei Aik (because I thought he can understand what they are announcing mah) what’s the significance of the pink roses. And he lansi, wei. “Don’t know. Ask the organiser.” No need so lansi voice and expression mah, I am not a reporter, wei. I only #1 fansee, jek. Smile little bit cannot meh?

After that, I blur blur went to Mount Miriam ‘cos I guess holiday or not, I still ‘work’ mah. When I got there, the whole hospital is deserted! No cars at all, except 2-3. So, I went up to the chapel first because I guess there won’t be many patients to chat with. And in the quietness of the chapel, with a view of the Tanjung Bungah shoreline, the green hills and the breezy morning sunlight, I somehow get a glimpse of the loneliness of Jesus. It is kind of sad that whether it is a joyous holiday or not today, pain, sufferings, deaths, worries, fears, loneliness and a whole lot of sad feelings still plague those who are sick and their caregivers too experience tremendous worries and heartaches. Many of them probably lost hope of what happiness is. They are fighting their illness and shouldering the pains alone eventhough they have their loved ones, the doctors and nurses and friends.

How is this related to Jesus? Well, I imagine Him praying alone, just before He was to be tortured and die. His bunch of disciples all fell asleep. Then, they were more interested to know who will take over Jesus’s leadership if Jesus died. No doubt they were faithful followers, willing to die for Jesus, but sometimes, one cannot fathom the suffering of another or carry it entirely. Even husbands find it hard to bear the agonies of their wives and some do not know how to deal with that. Wives sometimes were too distressed and sad to really provide the pillar of support.

I left after about an hour there because I do not hang around those who have visitors. I only spend time with two elderly ladies. One of them could say my name! (she has brain tumor and not able to talk) So, I am glad I wasn’t too lazy to go to ‘work’ eventhough it is a holiday because the moment spent in the chapel gave me more reasons to just hang in there.


Then, I got home, prepared some ‘party’ lunch. My little boy call it party when I prepare cute sandwiches, finger foods and drinks.

Plus I have plenty of photos to make several blog posts to make money.

7 thoughts on “Things I do in half a day (stalking CM again!?!?!)

  1. Eh, that Ng Wei Aik memang donno anything wan lar…see? He also admit he don’t know anything…but then hor, many of the dap fellas nowadays veli lansi wan…

  2. Foong – Dunno things nvm wor, but lansi hor, natural trait different ler. Who else lansi ah? Tell lah cos I dunno any DAP fellas wan.

    Tan Silly – Now I mah tell lor….

    daphne – Yalor, skali sart sai.

  3. Did you further piss that guy off by going back to him and say “Eh … the organizer said …” and then add “Organizer asked how come you dunno?” Would like to see his face!

  4. ya lo… i also think that ng wei aik very lansi one… like smile a bit can die one.. look at him in dewan undangan negeri also like so super serious… releks ler…..

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