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I just catch this news on Malaysiakini.

Cina ‘menumpang’: Najib mohon maaf
Sep 2, 08 5:41pm
Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak hari ini memohon maaf atas kenyataan yang dibuat oleh ketua Umno Bukit Bendera, Datuk Ahmad Ismail yang telah menimbulkan kemarahan di kalangan kaum Cina.

Yesterday, I dedicated a song to Pak Lah “I feel the earth move” by Carole King. Now, I have another song by Carole King for our dear DPM Najib.

The song is call It’s too late. This is the original lyrics, partial :

And it’s too late, baby, now it’s too late
Though we really did try to make it
Something inside has died and I can’t hide
And I just can’t fake it

It used to be so easy living here with you
You were light and breezy and I knew just what to do
Now you look so unhappy, and I feel like a fool

And here’s our keluhan hati rakyat yang dilabel pendatang. The 5xmom cetak rompak lyrics. Our heartfelt feelings for you who govern us.

Stayed in this country for so long now
There’s something wrong here, there can be no denying
Everyone of us is improving, and yet you n’vr stopped taunting

And it’s too late, baby, now it’s too late
Though we really did try to accept you
Something inside has died and we can’t hide
And we just can’t fake it

It used to be so easy living here
The country was happy and ok and we knew just what to do
Now you all look so lansi, and we feel like fools

And it’s too late, baby, now it’s too late
Though we really did try to believe you’re sorry
Something inside has died and we can’t hide
And we just can’t fake it

There’ll be good times again for all, we hope
But we just can’t accept your sorry ‘cos it’s fake
Still we’re glad for calling us ‘pendatang’, we see your true colours

But it’s too late, baby, it’s too late
Though we really did try to believe it
Something inside has died and we can’t hide

On a serious note, this Ahmad-bashing (read Malaysiakini) is also too late. How many others have made even more seditious remarks and they got away? This Ahmad is just mimicking his ketuas. And there are hundreds and thousands who will repeat the same thing in future. What more, the lame excuse given by our PM to cover the issue is just so frustrating for us. Many Gerakan and MCA members have condoned them for so long, they took it for granted already. I am tired of seeing this ‘two sets of laws for two different races’ style adopted by the Barisan Nasional. I hate double standards. SusanLoone too said, “Sorry no cure, Najib”.

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  1. mob1900 – Yalor, want to apologise, early early apologise lah. Don’t give lame excuses and drag their feets mah. I kasi chanz dunwan to tiu them for many days already. But now, someone else go say sorry like we are so hard up for it.

  2. he thinks say sorry already can kautim everything just like how he can just sumpah in mosque to kautim the altantuya allegations.

    what about last time that bunch of umno monkeys including arif shah who protested at komtar over NEP? seditious remarks were oso made but where’s his apology and ISA?? but come PP44 time he widely advertise arif shah can speak hokkien la mandarin la cantonese la and expect chinese to vote for him. mak engkau!

  3. And don’t forget the keris wielding act. I saw and hear them utter ‘kami akan mandi keris ini dengan darah…’ on Astro. What did MCA and Gerakan did? The Youth wing did protested and what did they get? “Get out of the party if they cannot agree.” And if other parties dare to say, kena ISA liao.

  4. I am wondering how old this guy is to declare all Chinese Malaysians as immigrants.

    If he insists that all Chinese Malaysians born in this land are immigrants then what is he?

    Personal capacity entails personal responsibility. No one can adequately undertake another person’s responsibility with utmost good faith and true feelings.

    Just an apology is not a good deterrent. There have been many such guys and many more habitual pepetrators to come, declaring only their own sensitiveness which is not offensive to others.


    Somemore i read they say do not push Bodohwi’s moderation wor!!! Niamah!! That SOB no telur lah!!!

    If Bodohwi is THE PM for the rakyat, show some power and punish that fler lah!!! Memang takda telur!!! Ptui!!!

    My MYKAD also states I am WARGANEGARA MALAYSIA lah!!! Immigrant my telur lah!!!!

  6. D hell with their farking sorries..can take them back. We don’t need them as its not their 1st time being insensitive. If their sorries are sincere, our dear No.1 shud start by punishing/suspending them. If not, then ask them to just shut up. 1 dear sorry can clear their conscience. Yah yah yah, i’m a 1 yr old kid, can start bluffing me!!!

  7. Mindy – Ya lor, nothing gets me angrier than fake sorries. If they have just drop the case, I wouldn’t bring it up. But now, suka-suka, this person say sorry for another person’s remarks. Then again, this person suka-suka can sumpah also. Like god likedat liao.

    Tan silly – These are all very unhealthy trend lor. If one starts, and get away, the rest will follow. In the end, everyone rugi wan. So, why so hostile hor?

    Penang Tionghua – Yalor, they all same party and yet, have different opinions.

  8. Terence – more than that so-called test of PM’s endurance by that guy who broke history as the first person to become a Minister without winning an election under the previous regime.

    Follow the link I mentioned earlier, and you could see no remorse of the semingly new pepetrator propounding the illogic to become his own logic when he likened the component party’s call by CKC to leave the titanic to that of the offensive guy who called us immigrants.

    At least CKC has found his L-Pah to shout out, whereas the tan-si Bo-L-Pah guy is still wearing the chastity belt to declare the virgin state.

    I believe our local born grandparents had stayed in Malaysia longer than that offensive guy who called us immigrants likening us to the illegal immigrants now many on this shore.

  9. My instinct tells me that this fiasco will slowly, gradually but surely disappear fr the public eyes.
    charge his with ’sedition’… HAHAHA….. not gonna happen! you might as well send UMNO to the jail.

    I do not expect such OTT reaction, I say stay out of the jail but strips him off the datukship, slabs him with M$100,000 (to be donated to charities) and bans him fr taking part in all political affairs for 5 yrs would suffice.

    Is this too much to ask?

    wasn’t the DPM at the same ceramah? why didnt he stand up and correct ahmed’s statement?

    JTs last blog post..Where the $£@% is SUMMER 2?

  10. It seems that the Ahmad was very STUBBORN and said that he would not take back his words. Now UMNO leadship even can’t get its people to say a simple sorry. Just like your son has done something wrong to others but refused to apologise and you as a father got to say sorry on his behalf just to cool down the angry party and not because you think that he is wrong. And the big abang is saying to the angry party that don’t test my datuk’s patience, my adik say only mah, so what? your brother also say that what!

    Didn’t they say freedom of speech or public expression of opinions should avoid sensitive issues at the hoohaa of the Law Forum. Now, their issues are consider sensitive but ours are not ! Means ah, they can say anything and later say only personal opinion but when their issues are brought up, then is sedition. Samor samor ooor… the Ahmad was talking at the PP by-election campaign platform. In the other words, he was wearing his official hat representing UMNO. On 2nd thought, perhaps next time they should put up a sign board that goes someting llike ” whatever said by the speaker does not represent/refelct the stand of this party”. But then, all campaign efforts will be nullified as whatever said by the speaker has nothing to do with the party.

    JT – yalor, RPK also personal opinion mah, samor his opinion is only targeted at several individuals only. Why then he kena big one ?

    Sometimes we have to admit that there is always a racist deep down inside everyone. Just look at the respond to the Ahmad’s Pendatang statement, how many non-Chinese individuals or bodies actually make noise ?

    I think it will be the day when a non-Chinese makes such remarks to the Chinese and the Malays and Indians would jump up immediately and slam the guy even before the Chinese themselves open their mouths. That, I say is a true Malaysian spirit!

  11. It’s too late dy. Ahmad’s speech angered a lot of Chinese, he should come out and apologise and bear whatever action that will be taken against him.

    Najib’s apology on Ahmad’s behalf is still not honest enough. The matter shouldn’t be shrugged off as a petty issue. Act against those who can’t keep their tongue from slipping.

    boon khengs last blog post..This song for Pakatan Rakyat – We Are Ready!

  12. Yah Lilian, make it a Boney-M one…

    Our lovely chic-kadee Ismail MIA oredi..i wonder if he’ll b handcuffed by our ever “efficient” police if they finds him. He din turn up 2x for d scheduled interview. I really think this scheduled statement taking is just for show to us d “dumb-dumb citizens” onli by our “dearest no.1”. D sight of these UMNO & BN idiots really makes me sick! I wish i can put all of them into a deserted island for them to slowly rot to death. Haha..imagination.

    Lilian, whats C4? Bomb izit?

  13. Domino,

    I think ar, v shud suggest to these Bee-eNd ppl not to wear their party caps but instead shud wear mickey mouse & goofy cartoon caps…it’ll surely enhance their already STUPID look on them all. Giggle giggle.

  14. Mindy – Wuah….C4 you dunno ah? It is a very powerful bomb that only the very top people in the army can get their hands on it. Shhh…dunwan to say further, I sked….

    The rest of the comments – Yalor, I fully agree with many of you. Now, the person terus hilang pulak. All making a mockery of our law, isn’t it?

  15. all i can say is that it is too late even when they have apologized. the damage is already done. The PM should have nipped the issue in the bud. But it isnt the first time. In the past it was the same, jus the words were different. The difference this time is the people realize they have a voice and they r being heard.

  16. The recent seditious and maligned statement of UMNO Bukit Bendera Chairman Ahmad Ismail has caused the Youth Wing in the dilemma of clarifying to the Chinese community concerning the derogatory statement which questioned the status quo of Chinese in Malaysia. The irresponsible statement from UMNO grassroot leader has triggered the retrospection of the similar event that UMNO Youth Chief had had demonstrated such antic of brandishing the kris in the UMNO assembly who in his speech, uttered sensitive statement tantamount to the equivalent degree of sedition. General public vox-pop then had also commented such untoward antic to be uncalled for and seemed as defective to split national unity and racial harmony!

    Come round 308 general election where people still enmeshed in the emotions of resentment and feelings of being badly hurt, PR defacto leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the Oppositions exploited to the mamimum the adverse repercussion from these issues of racial discrimination, stoke up the fire and the voters pro-PR had finally expressed their angers and dissastifactions to vote for the Oppositions! This is one amongst many other factors which had caused BN and the component Parties one of the most expensive lesson in the Waterloo fiasco of 308! We encountered toal lost of 5 states admistrations and lost our privilege of 2/3 majority to the Oppositions concerned.

    The Youth Wing express in concurrent to the Party’s Advisor Tun Dr. Lim Kheng Yaik his recent statement and stance that UMNO should refrain from repeating their racist policy which has always put the BN component Party like Gerakan in a very akward and difficult position. Moreover UMNO must also adapt to change and reform to keep up with the pro-Rakyat policy so as to maintain an edge in the competitive political arena in the Country. We must all prove our alliance in good terms, implement good governances for the well beings of the rakyat and the Nation as a whole.

    The Youth Wing urge the National leadership, Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon to adopt a similar stance to show support to the Party Advisor Tun Dr. Lim and also exert to achieve a unaninous stand and principle in conjunction to the stand of the Youth that, UMNO Bukit Bendera Division Chairman Datuk Ahmad Ismail must appear to apologise in public to the Malaysian Society. Apologise to our Honourable DPM Datuk Seri Najib of speaking irrelevant to the National unity and hormony amongst the multi-racial components, by and large, we are all the Malaysian pillars in the course of Nation building!

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