Why do people join political parties?

Many years ago, when I was working, I have some Wanita MCA women asking me to join MCA. At that time, I see them as ladies of pleasures, women with nothing better to do. I also know the dealings going on in Gerakan, like how they sold Hotel Metropole and do not care if it is demolished. (you need to come from the era of the pek moh kau who was the former MPPP head before the boh nui KTK gave the post away to other political party. Pek moh kau was a very good leader, strict and firm and hence, Penang was clearner and better then.)

Then, I have an ex-colleague who always boasted about his friend in Prai MIC. That bugger really annoyed the hell out of me eventually (with his 15 years of kavadi curse on me). One day, I asked him, “Why do people join political party? If they are sincere in helping the poor and needy, why can’t they just join Lions Club or something? It is all about money and influence and power, isn’t it?”

He couldn’t answer me. And until today, I still haven’t find the answer. However, lately, political parties do interest me because I have seen the likes of Tian Chua (you know…he is only one year older than me?), Lim Guan Eng (yayaya, this one no need introduction) and Ng Yen Yen, Kee Phaik Cheen (bwahahaha, these last two are jokes, ok? I no tuacibai, so I cannot fit their profiles.)

The thing about political parties is when you are in there, you have to love dirty politics. Of course, those are not daunting to me. Let’s say I sign up a membership with one of the political parties, I am either the nobodies or I will make my presence felt. I am not used to be a nobody. So, you know my purpose.

This morning, I feel like spitting on Chia Kwang Chye of Gerakan. He was formerly the MP or ADun (I don’t even know) of my area and my area covers the Penang Hill. That lame loser, after losing his Bukit Bendera seat in the last election, has the nerve to go up to Penang Hill to create batu api. That place was his constituency for many years. The hill was his baby. The rail was under him. But what has he done for Penang Hill? Nothing except trying to sell off the hill to make money. Spoiling the natural habitat. But now, this bugger no longer in charge, he has the nerve to go up there to wave flags with children and take photo. PHHTTOOOOI!!! How fake can he get?

Former Bukit Bendera MP Datuk Seri Chia Kwang Chye appealed to the state government to quickly solve the problem for the sake of the hilltop residents and hawkers.

(story here)

So, when I saw him waving flags and batu-api-ing the people there, I pun scold lah. “Where the hell were you when you were the MP/ADun there? You did nothing for them, now you want to use them to gain a trump card against DAP (now Bukit Bendera is under the CM as ADun and MP is DAP political strategist Liew Chin Tong). They have been there for less than half a year, the funicular train was like ages ago. Kanasai, you think we Penang people stupid kah? You are the culprit, never bother with maintenance and etc and now, acting angel.”

My husband gave me a ‘you are stupid, woman’ look. He said, “If you see any news about MCA or Gerakan, don’t read lah!”

I am still wondering how this little girl who stays up in Penang Hill and goes to kindy at the foothill manage.

Talking about little kids, let me tell you another story. This morning, while I was hanging around, waiting to stalk the CM (LOL), there was a large crowd around to bodek him. You know lah, everyone wants to shake hand with him like shake hands liao, can strike lucky number.

So, after he got down from the car and went up with all the kaki bodeks (LOL), the place was cleared. And I saw these two kids sitting on the floor. They were there earlier but due to the crowds, no one noticed them.


My heart skipped a beat because those crowd of people could have stepped on them. They were just innocent kids, not aware of the danger. I suppose the parents are traders at the market.

But what pissed me off is when the people said, “Nasib baik CM tak nampak budak ni duduk kat sini. Kalau nampak, Yee Cheu (the ADun for Tanjung Bungah) mesti kena marah dengan CM.” I was like, “WTF, you think CM is god with 12 pairs of eyes and 12 pairs of hands kah? You all expect him to do everything. Why you people never notice these kids sitting there in the middle of the path earlier when you were all standing there, waiting to bodek?”

At the end of it, I still do not know why people join political party? I see them as people who join for the sake of being famous, influential, powerful and etc. Are there sincere political party members? Come on, convince me. Then, I go sign up as PAS first non-Muslim member, PKR and DAP as well.

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  1. At the strike of 12 midnite 30/08/08 on the stage line-ups for Merdeka Celebration, I saw NYY (or wat you called TuaCb???) as the most patriotic Malaysian for she was singing all the songs, and waving the small flag furiously to the whole world with such energies not displayed by her colleagues.

    Also that CKC, I actually like him until the day I saw him at Gurney Plaza preparing for the stage talk before GE12. His face threw out a CM look or air coz the ex-Penangite KTK had made some indications, but alas there was a name change that smashed him to pieces. Anyway, none of the later named candidates got the jobs.

    So the petua orang tua-tua is not to count chickens before they are hatched.

    When a politician really wants to serve the people, he must not put in an air on his face and expects to be addressed as YBee. Behave humbly like the late CY Choy, who had no state decoration till his end. Correct me if I am wrong on this fact.

  2. I thought RPK covered this topic in one of his articles? Money, power & sex. Just mix and match one or more of the above.

    I’m not too sure if he meant people joined politics for these purposes or that some enjoyed these while being in politics. I remember reading one of his articles on this but not too sure if it answers your question. I wouldn’t want to put words into his mouth.

    Kelwins last blog post..PR Vs BN: A case of Lampa-Palan?

  3. You and Shadowfox always think I’m with the MCA. Well, I’m not. I did asked for some help years ago though.

    After Ms. C (don’t want to reveal her real name) lost in the election, her secretary called and asked me to join Wanita MCA and help vote for Ms. C at the recent branch election. I agreed to join as I want to know what’s their plan for us in the future after the lost.

    To cut the story short, I was really disappointed with the progress in MCA. It’s okay they didn’t fulfilled their promises to me for joining them at the election (not monetary offer lar) but I’m really unhappy with election itself which turned out to be very, very disorganised. After 51 years, don’t tell me they can’t even organise a proper branch election.

    Well I don’t think I’ll join any political parties anymore where the leaders are power-hungry and think nothing about the people but their ownself.

    hcfoos last blog post..US Open: Tennis Wallpapers for your Desktop

  4. I have been in DAP for 20 years. I joined the party because they have been consistent about the concept Malaysian Malaysia. If I were to be famous, I would have been. But, seriously, you must answer it within your heart. If you have aspirations to help in any capacity, this is the party to be with. Consistent and yet bold in their directions. Go sign up now!

  5. Just me – Hahaha, I downloaded liao. Now I wait for my spiritual advisor to come back and ask him first.

    hcfoo – What? You join MCA AFTER they lost? Char bee hoon tasty ah?

    kelwin – RPK’s posts darn long and with his hundreds of comments, lately I don’t read that much liao. See those photoshopped photos, I scared liao.

    penang tionghua – LOL, talking about this, the other day I got an SMS that THnan kiok. Turned out to be fake, but not that it matters hor?

  6. I have just put a comment Kelwins last blog post..PR Vs BN: A case of Lampa-Palan?

    Let me repeat it here for Lilian’s blog readers:

    Sun Tzu says “Command is important.”

    Command covers every aspect of civil and governmental lives.
    Therefore, first things first, the government must have military and police powers to do its job efficiently and effectively.

    I have some high respects for a professor until he uttered that the five states under PK still could not manage their situations after a week of victory had passed.

    Now, this good professor missed a point.

    The victors have commanded the civil powers, but do not have military and police powers to control certain odds.

    This was one prowess of the former PM. This was where the world was shrouded in the mystery of the Malaysian unity in diversity.

  7. Neither char bee hoon nor Tony is doing anything people can be proud of now. Oh, perhaps I shud thank PKR coz I don’t need to pay RM6 for water bill now.

  8. You forgot to mention that lame Chia Kwang Chye is also another joker.

    I still remember he and that Dr. Teng were fighting for the CM post like it’s surely theirs like that. Siak suey 9 9. Haha…

    Too bad I didn’t have any chance to bump into anyone of them on the street, otherwise I’ll shout “Hello, CM wannabe, how are you today?”.

    Bryans last blog post..Apple iPhone Coming To Singapore On 22 August!

  9. Some join political party for the fame and money lah..

    I used to respect the polticians in sabah when i was still young..until the day they gone corupt with u know the $$$..after that no more already..

    kaDusMamas last blog post..Help me to pray..

  10. The looks of Chia Kwang Chye also can tell he is not a CM “liao” lah. Chinese say that “Ngoh Heng” (feature of the face) not meant to be in High Position. Not like your beloved LGE, yeh!

    At that time of the tussle, I was worried as who will end up to be the next CM for Penang, as one is too old (tidak bermaya), one is “Yong Sui”, the others also tak cukup standard.

    But God is great! He knows our concerns and takes care of all our worries……who could imagine in our wildest imagination that an unexpected candidate be sent to spearhead Penang.

    Long live Pearl of the Orient!!!

  11. I am a businessman. A client once remarked that businessman and politician are similar. I pondered a bit and replied ‘Yeah, same kind of people maybe only how they should answer you.’ For example, if you asked me ‘Why you become a businessman.’ I would reply ‘For the money and freedom’; the Politician, ‘For my voters, for Malaysia.’ Since you are also a boss, I guess becoming politician should also come naturally to you. Go for it and sock it to them!

  12. I decided to join KeADILan in 1999 during the Reformasi days. Paid my RM2 to the KKB branch treasurer, a former schoolteacher named Suhaimi, but didn’t receive any documentation. A couple of years later I heard that dirty bugger stole all the party membership funds and ran back to Umno – so my membership was never registered. On August 18 I finally downloaded a form from partikeadilan.org and posted it to PKR headquarters with a RM4 postal order. Why have I joined PKR? Very simple: in 1999 I was so angry with Mahathir & the goddam BN I just wanted to add to the numbers in KeADILan. This year I decided to become an official PKR member so that I can have a legitimate voice in the party founded by Wan Azizah. As long as they continue to maintain their ideals I will applaud and support them in my own small way. But if they ever start getting arrogant and forget their principles, I will make a big noise. I’m not interested in joining PAS and DAP has my moral support and admiration, but Anwar Ibrahim’s dramatic story of resilience and perseverance has inspired me to actively engage in local politics.

    Antaress last blog post..The Secret Rulers of the World

  13. During the pre-independence era, my grandfather was so semangat in politics. So he joined MCA.

    After 50 years, now? Join People’s Pact. The present no longer favour the National Front.

    Lilian, you join DAP or PKR, next election you contest lar! We should ask fellow blogger Kenny Sia to do the same too =)

    boon khengs last blog post..This song for Pakatan Rakyat – We Are Ready!

  14. underground party/black society count onot? bye the wei, i notice that u dont go travel overseas or take a break one oh? lv wallet water so full, pi holiday around the world, do travel post ma…

  15. Actually I just come into your blog today to get de-stressed…..
    Just reading some of the funny comments and rants you wrote is enough to make one “geli ketawa”…..stress level auto drop…..

    Reading the serious blogs is so depressing these days, let alone the sad sorry situation out there now….

    Keep up the %&#%&@!!!!!!! Makes my day loh!

  16. Bryan and Domino – I mentioned in the 1st Comment of this blog that CKC put a CM air on his face at and after the Gurney Plaza Stage Talk before GE12. I would have admired him if not for this sight.

    Domino stated that the CM Ngoh-Heng (physionomy) was not found in the jokers’ face. I totally agree!!!

    At the Stage Talk, I found his Ngoh-Heng suited that of a clown as he lost himself (de yi wang xin) wallowing in the prospect of becoming a CM. Yes, his face showed the expression of the “impending” CM false reality. But, the other joker PL-Pah KTK smashed his face by a name change. Really, pride and prestige all gone with a stroke by the voters.

    Look at LGE when he sat “humbly” beside Lilian’s son at Pitt Street on his heritage building tour. No wonder, Lilian loves (=praises) him so much!

    So, be humble even when one has everything because if God gets angry, then that’s it!

  17. talking about LGE, my niece recently saw him taking air asia flight! really humble and down to earth!

  18. why do people join political party?

    I recommend studying the life of Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States. Here was a man who joined political party to reform the society, to reform the government, and to reform the political party. It all begins from the bottom up.

    feel free to email me with further discussion.

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