16 thoughts on “Go fly kite, Ian.

  1. Ian:

    You fcking shiteating goatfck. Don’t fcking impose your fcking arbitrary morality on another free-willing adult with such a condenscending tone, buttwipe. What about all the shameful masturbating you indulged in, you fcktard crapface?

    Did anyone fcking call you in on that and other shitfaced shameful crap that you’ve done? Should I write you a letter telling you how you should or should not dress, because you’ll look slightly better, you gorrilla ball sucking twerpdick?

    Have you been on the Internets, monkey haired fck-ass? This is where there’s no censorship, dipshit. If you don’t like colorful language, then don’t fucking visit the website, you fckin thrown-out-of-the-pigsty pariah.

    Fckity fck fckity fck you.

  2. Dan – LOL, it must be hard typing without all the vowels? Anyway, our dear Mr. Ian Teh has denounced being a Malaysian and has fled to OZ to hide. Yet, he cannot leave our country alone and still want to mess around. We can safely say, “Kalau tak suka, balik tongsan.”

  3. lol literally asking Ian to jerk himself off … good good … such ppl need to be told off – just as vainly as they did.

  4. Agnes: *blogosphere

    Lilian, must be careful. In case Ian knows some Menteri and ask his friend to order MCMC to censor block your blog. LOL.

  5. Kelwin – Yahor, sked…Hahaha.

    daphne – Yalor, I don’t know him before, skali come and tembak me pulak. Cilaka betul.

    Klaw – Not C.I.D. but he is G.O.D. appointed police

    agnes – You go read his blog and see lor, always so righteous. This type of people go play far far lah.

    robb – OMG, does that mean our bakla is also one?

  6. lol.. i lost track after the 10th words…or was it the eleventh …… So Mr Ian, if u read this, care to summarise your paragraphs into 1 sentence.

  7. As much as you like to utilize this so-called liberty to swear online, Ian Teh is merely giving a feedback by commenting. Unless you have got prior personal problem with him to my unawareness, or unless the feedback function in this platform is only limited to positive comments. Just my two cents and no offense. Cheers.

  8. JT – Hahaha, you mean his damn long blog post issit?

    Mr. B – I sked of religious folks like him. I read few posts, I sked. *runs and hide*

  9. Wah sommore got company email, I wonder if complain to AIG, will they take action against this Ian (btw, Lilian since you using Arial font ‘Ian’ looks like LAN to me) 🙂

    Hafizs last blog post..First puasa ever!

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