Fuyoh, have you seen how many leaders defending the Barisan MPs trips to destination unknown on a date unknown with passengers unknown? Just check Malaysiakini and you can find the following news :

Paid overseas holidays won’t stop crossovers

Najib: It’s just a field trip

Trip not aimed to derail Sept 16 defections

So, here’s a song I dedicated to them. Who said they want to hear Boney M? Now you get it.

Choo, choo train chuggin’ down the track
Gotta travel on, never comin’ back
Oh, oh got a one way ticket FOR the blues (BN)

Bye, bye love our MPs leavin’ us
Now happy teardrops are all that we can see
Oh, oh got a one way ticket for the blues

(more hilarious posts from MustafaKAnuar on Leaving on a jet plane and Anil Netto ‘Every MP can fly‘ and you got to see Bung’s funny pikchures on Haris Ibrahim‘s blog.)

And tadaaa…..part of the ‘gossip’ I received from the SMS are slowly unfolding now.

Gerakan ready to cut links with defiant Umno leader

and I just read on Malaysiakini that not only Ahmad is not apologising, the whole UMNO in Penang is not giving face to their two leaders. Wuah….I salute them for standing firm. Though some may see it as arrogant, I see it as principle. And our dear politician instead said :

Ahmad juga menjelaskan bahawa beliau menggunakan istilah ‘menumpang’ dalam kontak kedudukan kaum Cina dan India sebelum merdeka.

Bagaimanapun, beliau mendakwa perkara itu telah dimanipulasi oleh seorang wartawan akhbar Cina ketika melaporkan mengenainya.

Oleh itu, kata Ahmad, sepatutnya wartawan berkenaan yang perlu memohon maaf.