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Well, apparently Tun M has expressed some very sensitive remarks on his blog Though I don’t agree with his remarks, they don’t bother me because I have grown up in a 90% Malays school and hence, I am very much Malaysian-Chinese. I learnt that obstacles and challenges only strengthen our characters. Spoon-feeding only made us weak.

When I was 12 years old, I already had my first revelation that being Chinese is not equal to Malays. My standard five result (that time our progress to secondary school depends on our exam in standard five) was better than my Malay friends. But they get to go to the more prestigious St. George’s Girls school in town while I had to be lumped into the nearest kampung school. I fought for it. Even as a 12 years old school girl, I went alone to see the headmaster and demanded why I didn’t qualified. I suppose I was a tough girl back then, daring to walk into the office of the headmaster to ask. He didn’t of course, tell me it is because I am Chinese and preferences are given to Malays. But I guess I learnt to accept that. Never mind, if I had gone to St. George’s, I probably wouldn’t have ended up being the leader in my kampung school. I am not a very smart student (intellect wise) and probably being in one of the best school would have made me one of the tiny fishes.

However, the 606 comments (and counting) do make me concerned because it looks like people are easily influenced.

They say, Why Chinese keep harping on the racist remarks made by Ahmad Ismail? Well, most of the Chinese do not belong to political parties. We are all individuals, with our own opinions. We Chinese do not need a political party to be our pillar. We Chinese know that political parties like the Gerakan and MCA boh lan hood (no balls) are useless to defend us. Only person who stands tall and keep hounding is Lim Kit Siang. He is not representing Chinese but rather, he is talking about justice. Do I need to remind them that DAP is not a Chinese protection society but Democratic Action Party? I am sure if Malays were being victimised, Lim Kit Siang would do the same for them too. Lim Kit Siang also voiced out for the Indians.

Meanwhile, the commentors there said that Malays have allowed the other races to call them racists while they never defend themselves. Well, Malays are generally very patient, very sopan-santun folks who will try to ignore confrontations. And the biggest mistake is Malays have handed themselves to political parties like UMNO. Whenever UMNO did something wrong, they affect Malays in whole.

See the difference? If MCA smear shits on themselves, Chinese in general don’t get it. Because we don’t identify ourselves by the political parties.

Read Chedet father of all racists remarks here. But don’t take it to heart. Remember that the Malays on the street we meet, the Malays we work with and Malays everywhere are kind and friendly folks. Don’t let all these racists remarks affect our friendship and our bangsa Malaysia.