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Well, apparently Tun M has expressed some very sensitive remarks on his blog Though I don’t agree with his remarks, they don’t bother me because I have grown up in a 90% Malays school and hence, I am very much Malaysian-Chinese. I learnt that obstacles and challenges only strengthen our characters. Spoon-feeding only made us weak.

When I was 12 years old, I already had my first revelation that being Chinese is not equal to Malays. My standard five result (that time our progress to secondary school depends on our exam in standard five) was better than my Malay friends. But they get to go to the more prestigious St. George’s Girls school in town while I had to be lumped into the nearest kampung school. I fought for it. Even as a 12 years old school girl, I went alone to see the headmaster and demanded why I didn’t qualified. I suppose I was a tough girl back then, daring to walk into the office of the headmaster to ask. He didn’t of course, tell me it is because I am Chinese and preferences are given to Malays. But I guess I learnt to accept that. Never mind, if I had gone to St. George’s, I probably wouldn’t have ended up being the leader in my kampung school. I am not a very smart student (intellect wise) and probably being in one of the best school would have made me one of the tiny fishes.

However, the 606 comments (and counting) do make me concerned because it looks like people are easily influenced.

They say, Why Chinese keep harping on the racist remarks made by Ahmad Ismail? Well, most of the Chinese do not belong to political parties. We are all individuals, with our own opinions. We Chinese do not need a political party to be our pillar. We Chinese know that political parties like the Gerakan and MCA boh lan hood (no balls) are useless to defend us. Only person who stands tall and keep hounding is Lim Kit Siang. He is not representing Chinese but rather, he is talking about justice. Do I need to remind them that DAP is not a Chinese protection society but Democratic Action Party? I am sure if Malays were being victimised, Lim Kit Siang would do the same for them too. Lim Kit Siang also voiced out for the Indians.

Meanwhile, the commentors there said that Malays have allowed the other races to call them racists while they never defend themselves. Well, Malays are generally very patient, very sopan-santun folks who will try to ignore confrontations. And the biggest mistake is Malays have handed themselves to political parties like UMNO. Whenever UMNO did something wrong, they affect Malays in whole.

See the difference? If MCA smear shits on themselves, Chinese in general don’t get it. Because we don’t identify ourselves by the political parties.

Read Chedet father of all racists remarks here. But don’t take it to heart. Remember that the Malays on the street we meet, the Malays we work with and Malays everywhere are kind and friendly folks. Don’t let all these racists remarks affect our friendship and our bangsa Malaysia.

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  1. Remember when CM Guan Eng spoke up for a Malay girl, going to jail and losing his parliamentary seat and the right to contest in 2 elections?

  2. I absolutely agree with you here auntie.

    I think those politicians are just trying to make an issue out of it, though I’m annoyed by Ahmad Ismail’s attitude, but I don’t see why I should treat the fellow Malays the same way, because they’re simply not involved in the mess.

    I hope Ahmad Ismail would be punished anyway, since he admitted his wrongdoings but he muka tembok doesn’t want to buang air muka sendiri.

  3. Bolehland won’t be in such sorry state if not because of this indian-boy-turned-malay racist barger.

  4. Hi Lilian,

    I am Malay Malaysian (so called), born in end 60’s and now in early 40’s. I could not stop myself from posting my opinion after reading article/comment from you – a fellow Malaysian who has such a positive minds and attittude.

    Frankly i missed my good old days when i grew up during the 70’s. We, Malay, Indian, Chineses mixed up well toghether without big problem just like in P Ramlee’s movies. I think those days we were more Malaysian as compared to current generation. Nowadays, Malay mixes with Malay, Chinese with Chinese only etc. Till now I have no problem drinking beers with my chinese friends after our round of golf for example.

    I think our education system has failed. The Malays should think why other races shy away from going to Sekolah Kebangsaan. The Malays thinks that those Sekolah are theirs just like Malaysia as their own country. So they conduct the schools on their own way – stressing students to recite doa most of the time, enforcing the boys to wear long pants to ‘tutup aurat’, enforce girls to cover their head and body, and the list goes on.

    All those factors will not only scare the non-muslims but also to some of the moderate muslims. Why can’t they put more emphasis on teachings the right things to everyone regardless of race. Why can’t the teachers teach simple things like saying thank you, and respect the elderly etc. No wonder nowadays there are lot more social problem and sad to say majority comes comes from my own race – Malay. So when you scare the non-muslims, who are the non-Malays, from going to Sekolah Kebangsaan you end up having majority Malays in the school doing their own things within their so called comunity without any competition from other races like Chinese, and their quality would continue dropping.

    Just what u’ve said – challenges and obstacles only strengthen our characters, the Malays should come out from their shell. And I’m proud to have fellow Malaysian like you for which you encourage others to join u not to let the racist remarks to destroy our beloved country.

    Let us all be hopefull and in our own way educate others to be tolerable with each other.

  5. Thought he has heart problems? NO? Wonder if he has ever thought that all these “palpitations” might kill him one day?

  6. spot on… this is not the time to be emotional about things. we can still go on with our lives. not that we must stomach all of it but this is just not the time.

  7. Well say. People like Chetdet reluctant to adapt. Worst, when Malaysia are going to face stiffer external competition, share various global problem, there is still people at home talking nonsense race issues.

    Yes, the world has evolve beyond for like Chedet : i.e. forming of EU, Korea overtake Japan on cultural export, oil price increase, world lost trillions on subprime loan, global warming, etc.

    It is like the big brother argues his right with his sibling over the rights of the house that on fire. Worst, he even stop his sibling from rescue the house because his sibling refuse his conclusion.

    moo_ts last blog post..Reason for Bolehland to shutdown National Service : BTN + Ahmad Ismail

  8. Sad story. Very sad that “leaders” have come to this situation of non-leadership from the website of the ex-politician. He should retire straight and he often mentioned THAT before leaving the management.

    We remember the slogan, ” Leadership by Example” created by his management. Now the fox is revealing its tail… “Leadership by Bad Example”.

    On TV news at noon just now, I saw some political party members waiving banners with words like “Ah… Sila minta Maaf”. Haha…

    Politicians called themselves our leaders. True??? My friends used to say. F*** spiders! No wonder, they (yes they… not us) are not their equal. They are begging (=appealing, etc) for an apology.

    If they want to do it, do it right the 1st time and say, “….. MESTI …”

    Perhaps, the old man wants people to follow the example???

    Sad story… there is a song…

  9. Kamarudin

    I am most happy thay you are a True Malaysian. We don’t encourage undesirable things for the younger generations. This is our education.

    On the issues of education – good, bad, recognition of education systems, bogus qualifications etc are very confusing to the people. All are political and societal systems as well as arrangments for some agenda.

    From my exposure of more than half a century in education, I found that “real” education are also many time “unreal”. Otherwise, graduates need not be so dependent on employments. They should be able to make a break-through for self-employment! So what are the needs for recognition or accreditation. Many are parrots! Many depend on others to think for themselves. Many are not independent! Why???

    The normal reactions would be the schools or universities train students to think, to have a rounded education, to be intellectuals, to be creative!

    Immediately, are these important issues for the new graduates?
    Immediately, are these important issues for the nation?

    Without jobs, the graduates would provide many despairs for the nation.
    Yet, entry into the MLM or Direct Sales are abhorred by many because of the pyramid and scams.

    They mix-up Good Pyramids with Bad Pyramids and all-in-all in one summary these self-sufficient methods of survival are lumped into the scam-bags.

    Every firm is a pyramid! Dont’ they think so? Look here, the GM or MD is at the top of a Pyramid, right?

    Therefore, these “graduands” graduate from the University of Misfits and Useless Knowledge!

  10. How can this man who has seen so much and done do much make such shallow statements?

    He is indeed a master of manipulation- I personally don’t believe he really cares a flying fish for anyone- Malay or otherwise. He is just upset that his reign is over and his legacy of fear and tyranny is challenged- Anwar, Lim KS, Lim GE etc. And of course he is annoyed that Badawi is too weak to keep everyone in line. It’s all about protecting his face and power… at his age, he still feels a need to stir up racial tensions to control Malaysians. Shame on this old man.

    So, just to spite him- I’ve decided I’ll be even super nicer to all my Malay friends and colleagues. I refuse to bow to his hasutan cause he just wants us to start hating each other.

  11. Perhaps, he is planning a comeback via his son!

    He could have regretted not assuming the position similar to Singapore LKY where magic could be worked from inside and outside.

    Now, he could not buttress his son’s position inside since he is no longer the Chef Mom-Laugh-Dad (MLD).

    He has to do it from outside and inside. The reverse of LKY. Remember, some 15 years ago he advocated “Reverse Engineering” and he is walking the talk now.

    Therefore, the best route could be via the same ways he gained popularity before assuming the Chief MLD more than 2 and half decades ago; banging his issues and themes on one nonsense – like all his predecessors.

    Hope God send a Saviour – a Messiah.

    Let’s wait…

  12. haih… mahathir is not always right!!…whyy are some peopla workshipping him like god oni??…everything he said is correct and stuff..
    gosh i cant read those comments….geramnyer!!!
    i read marina mahathir’s blog…she said she had to shift her daugther from gov school to pvt school and bla bla bla…
    she should try to change her father first…semakin tua semakin nyayuk..he is not gettin any wiser 😉

  13. dis overdue old man’s blog is nothing but poison.

    best keep away.

    one day, our children will learn in history books the evil likes of him, stalin, atila the hun, hitler and Mao Ze Dong.

    1. though history never records that Atila has a soft spot for his mother, but he has.

    2. Hitler did inist on his bed time prayers.

    3. Stalin as a boy, would like to dress in his elder sister clothes, this has nothing to do with this subject, but it’s interesting reading anyway.


  14. It is only the elite and in power hungry group of Malays in the UMNO and their Putras that is giving Malays all over and walk of life a bad name. When we are in school, we play, eat and joke with our Malay freinds, no problem. We sometimes hang out in each other house(over night) also no problem.
    During the early nineties, I mean we meet many Muslim happy hour friends as well, some casual some are long time friends, also no problem.
    So, the way I see it, it is this group of people like Ahmad that is stirring up shit(gau see kwan = shit stick).
    Also, why keep bringing up past historical issues(as claim by Ahmad), why keep harping on history that will bring us backward, we should strive to move forward and learn the mistake from the pass, not keep bringing up pass matters. Gong Gong one!
    As far as Dr.M is concern, he has his pros and cons lah, for where and what we are today, it was his doing but on the bright side, the progress we are in(before Lah Lah’s era), we have to give Dr.M his credit too.

  15. Language as a political tool – linguistic arguments as a cover for basically non-linguistic aspirations & implementing a standard language and its ramifications, selecting one variety over another can cause some degree of conflict. National Language? Well, clinging to the concept of a national language which is accorded a privileged status, though it may be helpful in achieving national unity but can be harmful to minorities and their languages. Thus, the imposition of a national language can lead to the demise of other languages normally spoken in the country.
    What’s our problem, and by reverting the teaching of Maths & Science to Bahasa M’sia, how sure are we that the Malay students will achieve excellence especially in Bahasa M’sia in their public exam or do our politicians & the rich send their children to the normal daily schools our children are sent to, or do we have a choice? As a retired teacher, I’ve seen & witnessed Malay students rarely achieved good distinction results in BM compared to the non-Malays and neither they achieved excellence in English. All these are connected with our attitude, negative attitude toward CHANGE, that is the use of English. M’sians (majority of us) prefer using Manglish (Bahasa Rojak)and we feel proud when conversing with friends in Manglish. So, is that our standard in using English language? Shameful!! By giving excuses such as “rural students are deprived of their education as there are no proper facilities / teachers (guru cemerlang) are not sent to these areas), then why are they not sent there? Why do we pay them so much but not making use of their capabilities & excellence to ensure rural & remote areas students enjoy the same teaching and learning environment? We love pin-pointing & hunting for excuses as to any hiccups. Just 6 years of implementation, so what do we expect? Look at your own children, what can they do at the age of 6? Can they produce output adults produce? If they can, is the output of the same level & quality? We give up so easily on anything, just anything.Learn to be more optimistic, see the bright side of it, as winners believe that good attitude turns a chore into a cheer & they don’t make tomorrow’s meal with yesterday garbage!!!!!!!!!! I believe that many of us don’t really fail but we just quit trying & our past experiences should be our guidepost, not a hitching post. Everyone of us should believe that the best angle from which to approach any problem is the try-angle.

  16. I am Malaysian and a Muslim but I am not Bumi I love being Malaysian I left my country when I was 16 yrs old follow parents where my dad working in foreign affair so I travelled quite a bit, I studied in south Asia country in medical line and graduate in early 80’s, so I live here longer than my original country,tho’my husband is a Malay, married abroad and follow husband that is how I became citizen of this beautiful country,here my perception is so different from most of the people who has written up there.
    Working with the goverment for many years I involved directly with public then have solo practice still involved with people though in different categories, I will say that this Malaysian goverment and the leader still one of the best in the world compare to other countries, I have been staying in few countries before settling down here and I fall in love for the country the goverment and the leader,dont you all ever think that I [mengampu] or yes man or the crude/rude is lick ass as I told you I am not bumis so of course I dont have the facilities as what bumis have,but not so much for the people!!, I dont say all of them but a lot of them,it is true what Tun Mahathir said when someone asked him what the most regretful as being leader for 21 years, he said to change the Malays thinking, but nevertheles a lot of malay has become somebody wellknown to the world, thanks to DEB or NEP if not because of the leader who can see potential in them, the Malays still be under either the west and now the east unfortunately a lot of malay people cannot see these the opportunity given to them I dont understand why the door open wide for them sometime how I wish I get the same opportunity and I know what to do,luckily many of them have realize these, i as a citizen dont have the right but I dont envy them.I accept the fact this counrty is belong to them and the leader have the right to look after their own people first,as what old saying said the charity start at home,so what is wrong to give them the priority I see other countries they doing the same just see our neighbour country they do the same thing,but is okay for that country is it okay? the is no big hoo haa for latino in America for eastern European in west europe and thank God they are greatfull for that,actually I salute to this country leader or to this country we can see the wealth distribute almost evently they are rich and poor be it Malays ,Chinese, or Indian or even illegal immigant as long as you willing to work and work hard you will get what you want,corruption maybe there but not too obvious, I live here for more than 3 decades not even once I compell to give bribe to a policeman, few times made mistakes I said sorry and explained the situation they will always let me go,I have seen 3 times of recession here yet people still able to eat out,still difficult to get place in food court, I remember in 1998 in the peak of recession where m brother in law from Europe came to visit he said are you sure this country undergoing recession, and I said do you like my country and he said this is not a country this paradise,so for the people who is not satisfied what your leader have done try to live in other country first how you feel! of course we have a lot still need to mend especially for the people mind who have given priority by our goverment,you should thankful how lucky you are,you are now cannot become majority if dividing into 3 groups dont you love your country like I do,the problem is always there because we are not in heaven yet,beutiful saying by dr Nordin the CEO of worldwellness network remember 5 S’s Solat[praying]Sabar[be patient]Syukur[be greatful] Sedekah[giving back] Senyum [smile]

  17. Hi Madeline I 100% agree with your opinion regarding English in Science and Math as you know our previous leader emphasizing that very much,I know how important this language can be,no matter what! we need to admit that English is the most spoken language in the world,the language of knowledge,no matter how much we love the country and our bahasa,even though some people would say that English “bahasa penjajah” yet most of the knowledge written or translated to English,if we cannot speak any other language at least we speak English and bahasa Malaysia as mother tongue language for the malays,this bahasa will never be forgotten,actually for other races in this country have extra advantage because they have 1st National Language,that is Bahasa then international language that is English,and their mother tongue language either Tamil,or Mandarin/chinese, Urdu, and where ever the original country they come from,but Malays only bahasa Malaysia others they are not even language those are dialects,if they dont want to accept English again we are in the lossing side[ I potray myself as malays tho’ I am not bumis because of the common religion and culture similarities]I came from non English speaking country i only learn English in university, how much obstacles I went trough Gods knows! just to earn more respect and be somebody more useful in society. When arrived here, I use to think how lucky they are to have such wonderful goverment and such beautiful country,I have the perception that everybody will speak English well especially for the Malays because their mother tongue is Malay Language so they only need to learn one more language that is English and I can see here even pre school [my son enter the Tadika Abim the books composed of English Arab, and Malay,how wonderful but alas he is the only student who is speaking,why,.. is it because I am emphasizing of speaking? along with bahasa or what! I do those thing because of my shortcoming my English just enough for me to express my self,i know how difficult it was,went trough my university life with no self confident,inferiority complex feel not fitting in any level of society,I dont want it to happen to my children, well i guess it is bless in disguised both my children ecxell in both languages.
    Our goverment mean well for the people,and especially for priority people but this country is democratic country so we have to listen to the majority,and so unfortunate that even politic have enter basic education,I dont blame the leader they have tried to their level best especially our beloved Tun Mahathir,but as you know he is just a human being can not make everybody happy, his leadership is undisputable,he is honest stern and strict,for the good of the people especially for the malays,his own people too who put him down and label him as dictator, I do not know if the real dictator came then “menyesal tak sudah”
    For 1 Malaysia concept of our new leader Datuk Najib I dont think he disagree but not in his era I guess at that time it is not practical and probably not acceptable because his aim at that time I guess if I see it from different angle and i put myself as outsider is to equalize wealth and education of malays with other races in Malaysia and only after those things achieved then 1Malaysia concept can be delivered,go back to English in Math and Science it is just too bad,as a spoilt child will ask any unreasonable things even though it is bad for them as long as it suit their need at that particular time and our duty as the parents to be strict and stern but with good intention and I know Datuk Najib will continue the legacy of our Tun Mahathir May Allah bless them both .

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