I have said before, politics are just like parenting. If your anak buah buat salah, suruh dia minta maaf sajalah. But Pak Lah dragged his feet for so long. Then, the DPM said sorry on behalf of our very rich assemblyman politician. ( I read that he has a bungalow with swimming pool which has been torn down for a new building while he is staying in a penthouse. Hmmm…..how nice to be an assemblyman politician in UMNO……

But the feeble attempt didn’t go down well with the Chinese community and Pak Lah tried to pacify again with this :


PM: Ahmad tidak boleh sembunyi…
Sep 4, 08 4:54pm
Perdana Menteri berkata, permohonan maaf Timbalannya, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak adalah tindakan yang wajar namun masyarakat masih memerlukan permohonan maaf daripada Datuk Ahmad Ismail sendiri untuk menjernihkan semula keadaan.

“Jadi saya cuba hubungi dia tetapi tak dapat lagi dan pemberita pun cuba, saya tahu,” kata Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

So, our dear assemblyman who lives in a bungalow and also a penthouse came back to Malaysia. But he said,


Ahmad Ismail: I’ll not apologise
Athi Veeranggan | Sep 4, 08 6:14pm
The elusive Ahmad Ismail, the man at the centre of a ‘racial slur’ controversy, said today he would not apologise even after the deputy prime minister has already done so on his behalf.

The Bukit Bendera Umno division chief added that he did not feel sorry and would not recant his alleged racist remarks against Chinese Malaysians during the recent by-election campaign in Permatang Pauh.

“I am not apologetic because I didn’t do anything wrong,” the Umno division leader from Penang told Malaysiakini via telephone today.

Now, let me dedicate a song to Ahmad Ismail. I am using the Blue and Elton John version.

Well, does Ahmad Ismail know that it is not his sorry we Chinese is waiting for? It is how committed UMNO as a whole in working together with all the races. We want sincerity and so far, none of the leaders have shown any. Ahmad Ismail’s remark is just one of the many. We Chinese have become resilient to such remarks. But you see, it is the timing. We are putting the pressure because we know these are all the last straws.

I just got an sms that is ‘from reliable sources but unverified news’. The final tsunami that will wipe everything off begins 5th September. Reading it makes me excited because the step-by-step waves of destruction are listed out. From 5th September till 16th, day by day, step by step and then, end with 17th September.

So, have fun, Ahmad Ismail. We don’t count on your sorry. We know it makes no difference. Just too bad that you are the kambing korban.

After all, PKR too has the same problematic MP. But Malaysiakini said he is going to face disciplinary action.

Hmmm…I am actually very excited with September 16 already. Not so much on who is coming in but who are going out.