916 – Merdeka Gua Punya forum today

Woi, Penang folks….Want to go to this forum tonight?


It is in Han Chiang College.

Time : 8 pm

Date : TODAY, SATURDAY 6th September 2008

Speakers : Jeff Ooi, Toh Kin Woon, Josh Hong and Dr. Mujahid Yusuf Rawa.

Entry from JeffOoi’s blog on the purpose of this forum :

While the business community expresses despair at the protracted political uncertainty, and aspiring politicians take aim at claiming a pound of flesh off BN, the grassroots might be bewildered with the diverse potentialities a 916 could bring.

I feel we need to prepare the ground, and to explain to the masses of the options and potential scenarios — good and bad — in the days to come. Especially so, as Umno will not give up without putting up a ferocious fight while its component partners choose to jump the leopard-can’t-change-its-spot racist ship.

For my part, I will speak among friends at two fora in Ipoh (Chinese medium) and Penang (English medium) on Friday and Saturday, respectively. Hope to see you there.

I think I want to go because who knows…maybe got drama to see leh? Nay, like that Bar Council one? Then I can take pikchures and got lotsa stories to tell.

So, see you there! Watch out for the red t-shirt with ‘The Obnoxious 5XMOM’ in reflective materials and the Nikon yellow strap, ok? If you see me, come and wish me an early Happy Birthday wor. Heh, perasan saja.

17 thoughts on “916 – Merdeka Gua Punya forum today

  1. Lilian, take care, keep warm and bring an umbrella!Bodyguards going with you ah?

    Then quick, quick go home, drink nice hot coffee then give us the report and photos, ok??

    I can hardly wait …….

  2. Tan Silly – Cheh, I tell early early kenot meh? Cilaka, where’s my gift?

    Alp – Lhak Khor? Whose khor?

    Bryan – Come lah!

    kadusmama – Tenkiu veli much.

    choonie – Dunwan ler cos my cilaka browser on Opera Mini dunno why don’t allow me to post.

    Momo – You Penangite mah? Go lah, be political a bit. Very fun wan.

  3. lol. Hope to see more pics ah! Dun always word nia… I wanna see Jeff Ooi pic..make sure u take more up close shot. TC!

  4. I try and go too …wear MU red jersey … Wish u happy birthday there tonight if I go .. try and bring cake oso …

  5. You should go and give us in KL a rundown of what’s going on that night. You know like what you did for DSAI and CM Lim debate, so we know also lah!

    Thank you first ah! Kum Siah!! (If can get pictures better lah)

  6. Cibai lu!!! I msn you, you no reply. I thought you didn’t want any present. Not my fault. Too late now. Wait for next year.

    Want to buy you a gift courtesy of DaMaCai you also no response. Tui!!!

  7. i will definately be there if i am in pg, msia. but am not.
    so, i’m so glad to hear tat ur going for this forum; as it will means that we can get update on this forum from ur site! tenQ

  8. Unable to attend but look forward to reading your report on
    the happenings.

    By the way really love your hilarous dialect deleted expletives.

  9. so did you go? wanted to go but raining whole day and heard lots of places flooded so didn’t go in the end. Got any report?

  10. Paul – I reached Han Chiang at about 9pm ‘cos the roads were all flooded and I couldn’t get home nor get there. (was in Tesco earlier) But the car park was flooded and we can see water rising fast. So, I cabut too and finally took a long long circle to get home. The whole of Jalan Air Itam from the mosque up to MBS were badly flooded. The traffic police told us knee deep wor.

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