Woi, Penang folks….Want to go to this forum tonight?


It is in Han Chiang College.

Time : 8 pm

Date : TODAY, SATURDAY 6th September 2008

Speakers : Jeff Ooi, Toh Kin Woon, Josh Hong and Dr. Mujahid Yusuf Rawa.

Entry from JeffOoi’s blog on the purpose of this forum :

While the business community expresses despair at the protracted political uncertainty, and aspiring politicians take aim at claiming a pound of flesh off BN, the grassroots might be bewildered with the diverse potentialities a 916 could bring.

I feel we need to prepare the ground, and to explain to the masses of the options and potential scenarios — good and bad — in the days to come. Especially so, as Umno will not give up without putting up a ferocious fight while its component partners choose to jump the leopard-can’t-change-its-spot racist ship.

For my part, I will speak among friends at two fora in Ipoh (Chinese medium) and Penang (English medium) on Friday and Saturday, respectively. Hope to see you there.

I think I want to go because who knows…maybe got drama to see leh? Nay, like that Bar Council one? Then I can take pikchures and got lotsa stories to tell.

So, see you there! Watch out for the red t-shirt with ‘The Obnoxious 5XMOM’ in reflective materials and the Nikon yellow strap, ok? If you see me, come and wish me an early Happy Birthday wor. Heh, perasan saja.