More floods

Flood! Flood waters go up as high as knee deep in Jalan Air Itam outside the Penang State Mosque. The direction from town to Air Itam is flooded.


But we got to Han Chiang anyhow but…..the car park is flooded and we can see water rising fast. We were late due to the jams and trying to find a way to get from Tesco (where I was earlier) to Han Chiang.


The above is the car park outside Han Chiang college. Initially, we went to the wrong part and ended up in some Wanita MCA event. LOL. In the end, after much pondering, we decided it is safer for us to find our way home instead of attending the forum. We already have one car in the workshop due to flood waters, so we cannot afford our only car to rosak. Lucky the Jalan Batu Gantung/Chung Ling/Jalan Air Itam was not submerged in flood water. The river next to the Little Sisters of the Poor is full already.


Water has gone into our lift shaft and the lift is not useable anymore. This is madness!


Photo taken about 30 minutes ago, around 10 pm. The water barely enter the ground floor apartment unit because they have made their ground level higher.

My sister’s house in Pantai Jerjak is flooded as well but they too had made their ground higher and water only enter their toilet, from the toilet bowl and drain pipe. Ewwss…


So, it was not just a simple flood but affects a lot of places (read AnilNetto’s blog on the places affected in this Penang flood). It is still raining and I better get to sleep soon. Busy day tomorrow ‘cos I have to do a last minute replacement for a lector at 7 am, choir practice at 10.45 am and after that, then only I have time for anything else (like my birthday). I hope the water goes down tonight or else…

9 thoughts on “More floods

  1. Woah… Penang government sux… šŸ˜›

    Bad drainage system I say… Just hope someone won’t come out and say… it’s because of GOD… @@

  2. flood is not a cool way to celebrate your birthday eve.

    but i hope ur wish comes true to have a flood free sun shiny day tomorrow.

    happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday to you !

    Wah your birthday so wet one ….. means you have lots of ‘suei’ meaning money lah! And showers and showers of blessings !

    The sun’s gonna shine tomorrow for you !!

  4. Ask Samy – ACTs of GOD

    Ask Bodohwi – I don’t know, no one told me anything.

    Ask Ismail – Cina squatter area, who cares.

    Ask me – It’s probably PAT BODOWI’s handy work.


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