SOS! Banjir in Taman Lumba Kuda!

Fulamak! My area is flooded after just a few hours of heavy rain. The cars in my apartment have moved out to the next door school which is on higher grounds. Meanwhile those landed properties kena teruk because flood water has entered their homes.

Several cars are stalled already. But some greenhorns who do not care drove through and their cars eventually stalled. These are mothers who came to fetch their children after tuition.


The main longkang is the culprit because the flood water is supposed to flow to a river. But somewhere must be blocked by either rubbish thrown by irresponsible folks or building materials left by irresponsible developer.


The women here were standing helplessly because their cars are right in the middle of the flood. Water has entered their cars already.


And you know what? The water stinks! I came back and my little boy said, “Mommy, you so smelly. You pee in your pants ah?” LOL. Ewwss….

I have uploaded a video and when Youtube processed it, I will post it. Meantime….*teet teet teet…SMS to SOS that Kawasan Air Putih, Taman Lumba Kuda is flooded*

1 hour later….

water is rising and here’s a shot of my apartment ground floor


And when you have nothing else to do….you sing Umbrella and dance in the rain!

16 thoughts on “SOS! Banjir in Taman Lumba Kuda!

  1. Call Ah Eng!!! Call Ah Eng!!!

    Probably the monsoon drain clog with rubbish leh. But here hor, got billion ringgit tunnel also still got flash floods. Haih………

  2. I heard CM is aware and his trusted special assistants are working out a solution. man…the rain feels bad here too .

  3. Logging, especially on hillslopes, is the #1 cause of environmental degradation. I would like to see logging completely outlawed throughout the world. We can switch to synthetic alloys, use planks made from compressed hemp fiber and PVC compounds. Genuine hardwood products need to be priced as high-end luxuries. If you insist on a teak cabinet, be prepared to pay 50 times the amount for it. This will put an end to clear-felling – the most destructive type of logging. I’ve been saying this for nearly 20 years!

    Antaress last blog post..People of Sarawak, Free Yourself from the Clutches of The Beast!

  4. Just Me – Thanks for the fast response wor. The last time our place was flooded was due to some construction debris left at Rifle Range area. This time don’t know whose fault it is.

    Tan Silly – Chey….Called already lah. But kesian some neighbours lah, they not at home, the cars masuk water already.

    choonie – Wuah, don’t say like that lah. Like I so despo like dat. Hahaha.

  5. antares – Over here, the previous BN run state government has raped several islands and beaches. One of them is Gurney Drive which is a pile of stinky mud now. Then, several hill slopes were cut and left the laterite surfaces.

  6. For every challenges faced, a new opportunity rises. Hence, speak louder and you will be heard.

  7. I know this is a very wrong place to place a comment for you. Very salah because I want to wish you..


    Am I the first one?? Am I? Am I? *jumps around*

    Have an awesome birthday despite the flood. Flood seems cool BTW. Never had an experience on that. Sounds horrible for me to say that but I am NEVER allowed under the rain. šŸ™

    sue mes last blog post..Just Another Bitchy Day

  8. i am very familiar with that place. in the past it used to b free from floods but after development meaning post Race Course Garden era and pre-apartment blocks build up etc, the developers tried to control the river. these are the disastrous results. the water cannot flow away fast enough.

  9. Oh my god… your two little boys are so cute and I love your giggling sound. You are one sporting mother. I know my own mother or my MIL will definitely be shouting, “crazy ha… don’t play under the rain! Later you will get cold”.

    Choonies last blog post..Quote of the day

  10. When rains comes pouring down like that , Taman Lumba Kuda always gets flooded. Sis who used to live there had her car engine damaged by floods every time the area was flooded. After so many years the situation is still the same.

    The boys are good in their acts. and wishing you here a HAPPY BIRTHDAY….

    sweet jasmines last blog post..Baked Seabass In Lemony Sauce….

  11. sweet jasmine, it wasn’t always like that šŸ™‚ it has been like that only the past two decades or so more or less. as a child it was my playground. we would cycle round the streets n catch frogs n snall fish in the small ponds in the farms existing at that time.

  12. must be the fail project from PGCC

    Patrick Bodohwi guy deserves a gold medal for this mess.


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