Fulamak! My area is flooded after just a few hours of heavy rain. The cars in my apartment have moved out to the next door school which is on higher grounds. Meanwhile those landed properties kena teruk because flood water has entered their homes.

Several cars are stalled already. But some greenhorns who do not care drove through and their cars eventually stalled. These are mothers who came to fetch their children after tuition.


The main longkang is the culprit because the flood water is supposed to flow to a river. But somewhere must be blocked by either rubbish thrown by irresponsible folks or building materials left by irresponsible developer.


The women here were standing helplessly because their cars are right in the middle of the flood. Water has entered their cars already.


And you know what? The water stinks! I came back and my little boy said, “Mommy, you so smelly. You pee in your pants ah?” LOL. Ewwss….

I have uploaded a video and when Youtube processed it, I will post it. Meantime….*teet teet teet…SMS to SOS that Kawasan Air Putih, Taman Lumba Kuda is flooded*

1 hour later….

water is rising and here’s a shot of my apartment ground floor


And when you have nothing else to do….you sing Umbrella and dance in the rain!