My little darling. He is getting chubby and though he does have his exercise, he can eats. A lot. Especially white rice. Must. Exercise.


This is my dinner. Actually, we went to Tao Cuisine yesterday evening amidst the flood. The place was packed and they wanted to put us on the five foot way, with the rain pouring down. So, I beh shiok and cabut. Somemore they are so strictly with the charges, wanting to charge my 11 yrs old adult charge and my barely eat Japanese foods 5 yrs old boy children fare. I don’t want to pay RM300 to sit in the rain


Since it is my birthday, I buy lottery lor. Who knows, maybe lucky leh? RM16 million jackpot prize wor. In case you do not know, Christians like me can buy lotteries but I mustn’t sacrifice food money for gambling. If one does that, it is a sin.


Lots of camwhoring session. Every one has a camera phone or camera so we shoot each other.


This yet to be 12 years old lala boy is going to sit for his UPSR on Tuesday. He is going to be the first batch of students who studied Science and Mathematics in English to sit for UPSR. Our very smart Education Minister is now worrying if their policy on studying in English has caused some sectors to be short-changed.

To my son, it is sap-sap sui for those subjects. But his BM suxs. When he told me he got a B in BM for his trial UPSR, I went, “woohoo! hallelujah!” I thought he cannot even pass. Oh well, I always believe parents shouldn’t sweat too much over 11-12 years old kids. Mine never attend tuition nor study. That’s why I am still alive and he is still having his head in one piece. Grrrr…..Boys are late bloomers and though they may be a little bit dumb in primary school, they will do ok secondary school.

And I must openly say that I personally find it rather distasteful for parents to place special intention prayers for their 11-12 years to pass UPSR exam. I know it is good to teach kids faith and God-ly stuffs but it is a little bit of ‘passing the buck to Jesus if you didn’t do well in your exam’ kinda deal. Normally our church will hold a special mass for these kids. But there are parents who went out of their ways to place a sum of money, put their children’s name in the list to be prayed for during weekend masses. Usually, people pray for their deceased souls or someone going through illness. Serious, we mustn’t treat 11-12 years old like their future depends on God alone.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter how well 11-12 years old kids do in UPSR because the freaking secondary schools are there for them. What’s the purpose of being so competitive and so kiasu lah?