CM Lim Guan Eng turun padang at Penang flood (pictures)

The Chief Minister at flood area in Penang
The Chief Minister at flood area in Penang

I pick up these photos on some Chinese forum and wonder why only the Chinese papers feature the flood in Penang? Like they say, a picture says a thousand words.

The above is my phone’s SMS. It was from one of the CM’s staff. This afternoon, he told me the CM is still at the various locations which were affected by the Penang flood.

Salute you, Mr. CM!

Meanwhile, yesterday or was it day before yesterday, my atm told me the CM went up to Penang Hill. (atm went hiking every morning and even bumped into LKS hiking alone) I read in the papers that the Federal Government was the one holding back the funds to repair the funicular train. I was like WTF!?!? Do you remember I ranted about Gerakan Chia Kwang Chye urging the Penang State Government to repair the train fast? Sad that the folks staying up in Penang Hill are put through these hardships while the Fed Gov. is holding the money, squeezing the PR led State Government, while BN is fanning fire.

I am glad that Gerakan has slowly come to some senses. Gerakan may quit Barisan. They should heed Tony Pua’s call to Gerakan and MCA to leave the Dark Side and join the Jedi Knights.

I am utterly disgusted with the sandiwara put up by Pak Lah and his UMNO gang. Be gentlemen lah. One means one, two means two. Don’t be like tarak tulang, one minute say Ahmad must apologise, next minute say cannot find him and then defended him and now, they are shaking hand and Pak Lah said, :

“What happened is supposed to be a practice of freedom of speech and to voice opinions according to what is felt by the person who made the statement. But what was not supposed to happen has…


Pak Lah, what freedom of speech? If got such thing as freedom of speech in Malaysia, why Syed Hamid is threatening to put RPK into ISA? Real man doesn’t twist and turn and flip flop like you do.

I just scolded one woman, “Boh nau eh” because she strewn pau skin to feed pigeons in the midst of people eating this morning! I am going to repeat to Pak Lah and his gang. “Chia chia boh nau eh. Ancua cho cheng hoo?” Nay, go interpret lah. Freedom of speech mah, I am only voicing my opinions nia.

Folks, if you take the photo of the CM, please credit the source. I think it is Kwong Wah but their website seems to be down.

(yayaya, I know it is my birthday and I am NOT suppose to blog but who cares lah, CM is my #1 hero mah but I terlajak to PM pulak)

24 thoughts on “CM Lim Guan Eng turun padang at Penang flood (pictures)

  1. Yessss Guan Eng you are the people CM .
    Wahhh sampai flood , sorrry arr Ah Lian I couldnt make it last nite bcos of the heavy rain here and phew ” Hoe kat chye boe kee horr ”
    Anyway Happppppppi Birthday and stay happy always !

  2. BEH – I also no go. Reached there liao but the water flowing so fast, I dare not park and go up. Later, one more car rosak, stand swimming. The CM really went to different places wor. Can see from the pictures.

  3. “What happened is supposed to be a practice of freedom of speech and to voice opinions according to what is felt by the person who made the statement. But what was not supposed to happen has…”

    what a load of cow dungs !! 2-faced spineless worthless SOB! I dam api tell u.

    JTs last blog post..Where the $£@% is SUMMER 2?

  4. JT – CM should wear Bermuda lah! Hahaha.

    JT #2 – Me too. It is not the remarks, it is how they gang up and show off their might. Somemore wanna sue the reporter wor. And I don’t want to share the Malaysiakini article. That one lagi api ‘cos it is a terang terang taunting us. Like we so stupid to fall into their trap meh. Just sit back and wait for Sept 16. And also wait for MCA and Gerakan to finally wake up and pack bags.

  5. Eh, that fool contradicts himself lar. He also said this:

    “I want to point out to the blogs, SMSes and media that create nonsensical stories and to newspapers which publish reports which can cause anger among races that this (action) does not bring any good to anyone.”

    What freedom of speech wor?

    Ceh. Idiyats.

    Foongs last blog post..Really, please listen to our PM and shut up

  6. Foong – I also don’t know what the hell he is saying or thinking lah. One day say this, next day say that. Like got no principle like that. Oh I forget, we are talking about Pak Lah.

  7. Another trademark of classical engineering from Barisan Nasional.

    Nothing ever works, if it works, it must be an act of God.


  8. yes and i saw LGE there yesterday too! and because of the train people who can’t climb up that hill and wants to visit the penang hill will have to pay rm90(that’s what 3 ipoh tourists told me) so that the jeep would fetch them up there. and thats 30x of what people had to pay previously. sooo expensive!

  9. I was told by reliable sources (senior Bumi in Penang), it was the senior Penang UMNO men who had forced the PM and FM-2 not to dispatch funds to Penang to squeeze the Penang PR government (and of course the Penang folks). However, they are at the same time asking for Federal government projects (mainly agro projects) to be allocated to them for them to make more money while they can.

    Take note of all these evil deeds and remember how we should vote the next time round. Like my friend said after March 8 GE, let me try out the PR government for one term, and if they do well, let them have another term. If they try to do well but is hindered by the Federal government, then we should let the PR run the Federal government the next time round, on 4-5 year probation. On a two party system, the boss is the people. Otherwise, we see absolute power, committing absolute corruption.

  10. Pls. ask LGE to check the project done to widen and the Sg. Pinang river awarded by BN in a few years back to a Chinese contractor who has a bumiputra company Class A license. I believe they did not do a proper job and has taken the money to distribute to various parties involved in awarding and implementation of the project. This is the result we are seeing today, flooding everywhere in Penang.

  11. Pls. Ask LGE to check the project done to widen and cleaning up the Sg. Pinang river awarded by BN a few years ago to a Chinese contractor who has a buniputra company Class ‘A’ license. I believe they did not do a proper job as they cut corners to distibute monies to various parties in awarding and implementation of the project. This is the result we are seeing today, flooding everywhere in Penang.

  12. Lilian, wUH Gao CHO boh…focus on CM lah… why go PM pula… i sibeh BOH SONG PM la…. hahah!

    Well, as he had promised, he wil do his best for penang folk! So fortunate! wish he can come to selangor to be our CM!

  13. That’s why I don’t read the papers already, full of crap only. Lucky I have your blog to rely on and Malaysiakini… hehe

    Happy belated birthday Lilian. Live long and prosper! 😀

    Nessas last blog post..The Domestic Goddess

  14. zewt
    September 8th, 2008 at 10:07 am

    i read in some blogs… saying that he wasted time and should have done something else…. damn stupid some ppl… just wanna condemn him…

    zewts last blog post..No apology… no worry…


    Hi… actually that some blogs are picking on Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim the MB of Selangor for defending himself not turn padang because…

    Turun Padang is not enough… more can be done than to turun padang… why waste time to turun padang when you can straightforward plan for aid and city/urban planning?

    those are not my opinion though… but that’s what YAB MB Selangor said… whether it is right or wrong… up to you… 😉

  15. Happy birthday, Lilian. silent reader here. can rant on your blog or not? Haih, go ahead and rant first. Kekeke. The Teluk Kumbar – Bayan Lepas super highway is another Project BN that has been tergendala-ed. Since the funds are not travelling through BN politikus pockets, they don’t want other people to benefit from this very important highway that will change the landscape of Balik Pulau and give the people more economic opportunities with increased vistitors & investors to the area. Now the tiny road in Bayan Lepas town have to jam for 5 hours to get to/from Balik Pulau due to the closure of the Relau pass (landslide). Imagine people rushing back to Buka Puasa with family after work. Jam lor. Luckily the Relau road opened today. I thank the CM and his team for quick clearing of the road.

  16. minmay – Ya…please rant all you want. I know what you mean. My sis-in-law stays in Teluk Kumbar and I had been caught in the bottleneck jam in Bayan Lepas. It is real stupid planning lah. They made such a nice Balik Pulau new market and bus stop. They made the (now abandoned) road between Teluk Kumbar and Balik Pulau just to save a few mins of travelling by cutting the bolders and hills but they never solve the bottleneck problem first. Really, really stupid planning.

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