Thanks for all the birthday wishes on my Facebook, face to face, sms and the earlier comments.

I am still too busy to celebrate lah. Hopefully will get around to do it tonight.

Anyway, no big deal lah. As you get older, you tend to bother less about birthdays.

I woke up since 5.05 am this morning. *yawns* I will go back to sleep after my Christmas choir practice. *swt* It is only September but we are practising for Christmas already.

After mass this morning, I told Father FA, “Father, it’s my birthday! Can you say a blessing for me?”

Father FA joked, “Your birthday! Why don’t you proclaim it just now? After you have said, A reading from the letter of St. Paul to the Romans, say, “It’s my birthday!” Aha, I wish! I was still scolding self for pronouncing covet wrongly! Ish, ish, ish. Covet is supposed to sound like cover with a t. Not covet with a vet like an animal doctor. Yerrr….How I know wor, I never covet thy neighbour’s loukong mahhh.

Again, thanks for the wishes. Gotta run!

So, being 44 means :

1) Early 40?

2) Mid 40?

or bluff people I am 38?

Which one?