Haiyor, I am 44 already!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes on my Facebook, face to face, sms and the earlier comments.

I am still too busy to celebrate lah. Hopefully will get around to do it tonight.

Anyway, no big deal lah. As you get older, you tend to bother less about birthdays.

I woke up since 5.05 am this morning. *yawns* I will go back to sleep after my Christmas choir practice. *swt* It is only September but we are practising for Christmas already.

After mass this morning, I told Father FA, “Father, it’s my birthday! Can you say a blessing for me?”

Father FA joked, “Your birthday! Why don’t you proclaim it just now? After you have said, A reading from the letter of St. Paul to the Romans, say, “It’s my birthday!” Aha, I wish! I was still scolding self for pronouncing covet wrongly! Ish, ish, ish. Covet is supposed to sound like cover with a t. Not covet with a vet like an animal doctor. Yerrr….How I know wor, I never covet thy neighbour’s loukong mahhh.

Again, thanks for the wishes. Gotta run!

So, being 44 means :

1) Early 40?

2) Mid 40?

or bluff people I am 38?

Which one?

33 thoughts on “Haiyor, I am 44 already!

  1. Happy birthday Lillian. Benghui did a birthday card for me today too. Guess he is hinting I must take him out for some food too πŸ™‚ I agree with what u wrote ->Anyway, no big deal lah. As you get older, you tend to bother less about birthdays. ->we bcome less important. it is the next generation which bcomes important as we slowly diminish in importance

  2. Happy Birthday lor 5xmom!

    Sei Cheong Moh Tuk Chow…….(4 piece no more exchange)

    To us all above 40 one ah, it’s only numbers mah!! As long as young at heart that is most important…..

    Have a good weekend celebrating your birthday.

  3. Now you have touched two scores and four
    Great opportunities come rushing to your door
    Be happy, take and have all your say
    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday Lillian……..

    44 means you need a bigger mouth .

    so that you may be able to blow out all the candles all at once.

    but remember.

    make a good wish for all Malaysians……………… hehehehe


  5. It will be rude to not leave Happy Birthday message in your blog lah…

    Wish you have more good blogging years… πŸ˜€

    As for the age… go watch Mamma Mia… see how a 59-year-old aunty jump and dance… LOL

  6. Lilian, why not email us ur birthday cake?
    A little bit will do!…hahahaha
    Happy, Happy Birthday to you….
    Another 11 days will be mine…hahahaha

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