Grow some balls lah!

WTF, according to the 8.00 pm news, they claimed it is his personal views.

And the poor man whose photo got torn repeated it is a personal view and he does not show any anger!


chinese baby full moon gifts
(nah, two balls for rental)

At least these Gerakan Youths have ‘bone gas’ (kwat hei) to do the manly thing. According to Malaysiakini, four of them are resigning.

17 thoughts on “Grow some balls lah!

  1. as long as you r in the public arena, the ppl hav the right to expect certain codes of conduct or manners of behaviour.

    personal views are restrict to yr ‘rumah’… whether one thinks chinese r all pigs, malays r kambing or indians r lembu or someone prefers 3-some, 4-some or backdoor is yr personal long as U keep them behind yr front gate. I don blady care.

    But once u spill it all out in the public, be a man and be prepared to face the consequences.

    JTs last blog post..Where the $£@% is SUMMER 2?

  2. Come come we donate lil $$ to buy guli for him. Bloody disgrace to the community, better wear skirt la. Else better shut d fark up b4 yapping & later say MY PERSONAL VIEW ONLI!

  3. Mindy – What I beh tahan is the one whose photo got torn lor. And the other component party’s head. Both also lembik like what. Really chart hai chai.

    JT – The lame excuses they gave really make me dumbfarked. Show some temper lah. I am not asking them to fight but at least protest by leaving the party lah. Instead, they are the ones who gave excuses for the chap. Really soh chais.

  4. That guy long time ago alredi lost his marbleslah. Makes me feel geram betui to be an Anak Penang, sia sui nia…

  5. Ahaha,this show us that Gerakan NO BALLS to fight.Actually now we only see how Gerakan or MCA fight for this kind of issue…

    Alamak..NO BALL

  6. I think the man is a eunuch. No LC and No LP. Is that description more than a eunuch?

    Even your women frens here are very angry with him and scr*w him upside down saying that he should grow LPs.

    Mindy – This guy must take the Pollen sold at the Singapore Movie, “Money No Enough 2” to grow the LPs. Else, go for ops in Thailand.

    Wat abt men? They and also the Youths would suffer from ED seeing him. Chopsticks may be needed to pull back the retracted LCs. Wait, Wait, Wait!

    My Fair Lady says:

    Just you wait, just you wait
    When you regret it will be too late.

    Now that Mud-Smell made us smell many rats:

    Tearing the photo of the PhieD (habislah) guy who did no justice to his prestigious world renowned education.

    I felt the Bo-LP (No-LP) guy used his earlier small and weak outbursts to justify wat the the Taiwanese called: Kean Siau Thng Siew Kee (Feigned Anger to Cover Up Shame)

    My friends came to a conclusion that education does no good to certain persons in real life. Real and Unreal, Good and Bad, True and Bogus, Recognized and Unrecognized Qualifications do not matter in real life.

    All depend on performance! Life performance is the real qualification! Bogus qualification holders are usually clever because they could perform true acts!

    Life is a paradox: At one time you are YAB and suddenly you become BAY!

    Sometimes, I pitied him and hoped some kind souls or parties could rescue him from such “Dilemma” instead of letting him hide under someones’s skirts.

    But, my anger (not feigned anger said above… leh) jumped up thinking of the 18 long wasted years which he call “tangible”. And he got the face to debate with your idol pushing the land approval blame to the former FinMin.

    Truely, this year is like wat HM QEII said on 24/11/1992:
    “Annus Horribilis” (= Horrible Year).

    Hey!!! It’s not Ikan Bilis…hahahaha

  7. Where this fella got balls? They are from UMNO lah, not DAP, not PKR, not PAS…………..

    That is why loh, those who follow them one ah also all lembik lembik one loh, think they need the blue pill or better tongkat ali lah! Until own picture got torn also no rasa one?

    See Beh See!

  8. Yalor. At least Lim Kit Siang makes some senses by doing the gentleman thing of asking Pak Lah to take action. But the person himself…haih….

  9. Abdullah Bodoh. Ahmad pukimak. Najib najis. Khairy pondan. MY PERSONAL VIEW ONLY LAH. Bwahahaha!!! Niamah!!!

  10. Toolan – Noooooooooooo… blue pills cannot grow LP. It can grom only LC. Only the pollen pills in the movie “Money No Enough 2” are the correct ones. Please don’t prescribe the wrong pills for him leh, otherwise he would have to do a saifoo.

  11. memang padan muka his picture kena koyak! koyak lah koyak lah, koyak some more! don’t forget to stamp on it oso!

  12. What?? Balls can grow one meh??

    Either you got it or you don’t !!

    Those who ain’t got it, hadn’t got it from day one!

    That’s it! Period!!

  13. When talking anything in the blog, some sense of humour must prevail.
    Otherwise, you will get all thing mixed in a bah-lay-ko… hahahha

    We must allow someone’s LP to grow. Otherwise, he will feel marginalised!

  14. Aiyoyo… I saw some pictures of these people tear photos of some previously important people…. I thought, what-la. Look like jilted lover only. Kekeke…

    As for balls, I thought when they join that particular party, they handed over their balls over??

    Donate or give them balls also no use-la. It will kecut and be absorbed into the body… 😛

    Angie Tans last blog post..What Makes You Happy?

  15. Penang Tionghua – Ya lor hor! Afterward “hor nang kan…..” but this time ok lah, it’s among Ahmad, Najib and Abdullah coz saifoo had too much fun oledi!

    Maybe they should join weight lifting, with a hernia than got LP what, never mind one big one small lah, got one ball better than no ball..ha ha ha


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