If you are from my ‘era’, you may have eaten these Popo Muruku Ikan

This snack has been around when I was in primary school. Back then, I think one packet costs 10 sen and the packet was much bigger. A packet now costs only 20 sen.

popo murukku ikan

So, have you eaten this?

Are you from my ‘era’?

Out of curiousity, I bought a 30-pack bundle. And now, I am hooked. It is not the modern typical snack which has lots of air and MSG. Popo Muruku Ikan is denser and has more crunch to it.

popo muruku ikan

They even have a website at Thien Cheong Sdn. Bhd. with its own online shopping. Hmmm…not bad for a tiny manufacturing company, eh?

I am sure Popo is available in most supermarkets and hypermarkets. Go get some and have some snacks while we watch the sandiwara 916 unfolding right in front of our eyes. Get some kuaci Cap Helang and some popcorn too. We are in for a long, interesting, mud-slinging ride. Woohoo!

(and no, this is not an advertorial. I gotta pay 20 sen to eat the thing, ok?)

37 thoughts on “If you are from my ‘era’, you may have eaten these Popo Muruku Ikan

  1. Yay! And I am still eating Popo…but I miss the ice kacang ball and other junks that I enjoyed back during school days.

  2. Larling – Too bad OZ doesn’t allow or else I mail to you, want?

    CJ – I didn’t know they appeal to the younger generation like yours too?

    Izad – I know they were around but lately, the packaging looks much cleaner. Glad it still survives inspite of all the Twisties and Chickadees.

    KGC – I also miss the melting ‘sng uan’ with sarsi and syrup.

  3. Wow, these snacks bring back memories of us little children(then) running around(play catching) and buying these in smaller packards from this kacang putih Indian man on his bicycle.

    Tasty but very addictive……

  4. Didn’t have it since I got out from my kampung maybe 23 years ago, until hubby bought some a few years back. Still tastes the same, and we love it…even the kids. But what we buy is in bigger packs, RM1.60each. The funny thing is, the pack is filled with air like a balloon and the content is not much. Maybe they try to avoid the snack being crushed;).

    mama22beass last blog post..I’m just feeling grateful

  5. You era??? Sorry, I am way younger than you. Bwahaha!!! *runs and hide in Taiwan*

  6. toolan – yep, the kacang putih packed in narrow cone made of rolled up papers from magazines/books. You gotta open up the cone to get the last tiny kacang stucked at the end of the cone. And the kids rojak where rojak paste is spread generously onto a thick slice of “bang kuang” and prinkled with ground nuts powder and you eat with a lidi stick, remember?

  7. I’m born in 81. Luv luv them! I have to have popo each time i return home. Miss it!!!! 🙁

  8. I don’t remember seeing the popo keropok in sabah, but here, hubby love to buy ber’paket-paket of it..and of course i love the taste it too..satu paket mana cukup..!! must have at least 3-4 oh..

    kaDusMamas last blog post..Nyum..Nyum…Food..

  9. Yes yes,…i remember it. Once we saw it at the supermarket, and without hesitation my husband and I put it into our trolley.

  10. Domino – yes, those were the days lah……sometimes not enough money borrow from friend first. Then those paper that the kacang putih man use to wrap sometimes have interesting pictures to watched too!!
    Well, those are the things our kids and future generations will miss…..now it’s MacDonald, Starbuck, Coffee Bean etc etc…..and a notebook or wifi phone.

  11. Wuah so many fans of Popo. I thought I am the only one ketinggalan zaman and still eating Popo.

    Thanks for all the comments. Excuse me, I go eat Domino Pizza first.

  12. OMG! yes! I missed those, my favourite snack from the canteen (yes, I’m from that ‘era’ ;p) I don’t recall seeing on the store shelves for a long time. So, excitedly click on the online site. I clicked on ‘Fish muruku’, key in qty 1 and then next appear order form for RFQ (Request for Quotation) !! LOL for wholesale purchase only ;p

    jadeds last blog post..Thai curry @ Aroon Rai, Chiang Mai

  13. Hi Lilian, I was born in 81 but ate Popo crackers nonetheless! But nowadays the taste different la 🙁 Not so kick already. The snacks those days that I loved included biskut ketam (or keropok bantal ), the icecream man who cycled past our house everyday (the ice cream potong wan, sandwiched between two wafers), ice cream from ice cream man on MOTORBIKE just doesnt taste the same! I dont care, but it just isnt as good. 😛

    whimsicaljottingss last blog post..I love….Everybody Loves Raymond!

  14. I buy the big, big packet one and sorok and eat it all by myself!
    This stuff sure beats the other snacks which taste of msg and full of air only. This one got oomph!

    In my zaman, kopi O only 10 cents and I miss the kueh kapit and candy floss that sometimes got a coin inside if you lucky.Got also one old lady pushing a cart selling steamed sweet potatoes,sprinkled with sugar, which she cuts up and serve on banana leaves.Another one sells sugar cane. You use your teeth to tear off the skin, chew on the pulp and spit out the fibrous remains.

    Wah, my zaman soooo long ago!!

  15. does anyone remember the sate ikan which costed 10cents each? each stick holds 3 bijik sate.. and the red / pinkish sauce.. once there was rumour that some ppl made it using cat meat ..

  16. My favorite too. Not only me, almost everyone in my family. Now, we usually buy the big packet one, and share share. LOL
    You make me wanna go to the nearest supermarket to get a packet now.

    Choonies last blog post..Quote of the day

  17. I love this Popo Muruku Ikan, very tasty 😀 I actually found the packaging unique and tried it, I was surprised by the taste. Very different from the normal keropok.

  18. I am born in 88.. But I still love popo muruku ikan.. I usually bought the 30-pack bundle. Need something to chew during exam period.. Hehe..

  19. so famous until got imitation one with different kind of baby picture.. make sure get the original Popo brand!!!

  20. Oooo! My favourite…along with sate ikan and the lemon tablets that come in gold-colored rolls. Reading all the comments makes me hungry…*runs to kitchen*

  21. Yes, I have. Can’t recall who introduced ’em to me, most probably my younger sister, hehehe. I still eat haw flakes once in a while. Do you?

  22. On my way t0 J0h0r now. B0ught a pack of p0p0. C0st only RM2.00. Enj0yed every bite of it… But w0nder, why the package seems t0 be larger fr0m it c0ntains… Hurmm…

    *why oh God this pers0n next t0 me talk s0 l0ud and very much t0 his ph0ne. Aiy0o!

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