Penang: Gerakan cut ties with Umno – Malaysiakini

Read what happened and what caused Gerakan to cut ties with UMNO on Malaysiakini.

I am not going to comment on the behaviour of the others.

But this is going overboard.

That’s why I always say, Politics are just like parenting.

If we don’t reprimand our kids, they will go overboard.

If we set precedent, the rest will follow.

We have to be firm with our kids so that they don’t go terrorise the neighbourhood.

And when our kids misbehaved, how are we going to face the public?

And please do not add fuel to the already tense situation regarding “Don’t be like American Jews, Chinese told” on Malaysiakini.

Let us also remember these words from PKR deputy president Dr Syed Husin Ali. (malaysiakini)

Responding to a question, he noted that BN will not concede defeat and hand over the reins easily.

“Don’t think Ahmad Ismail is an isolated incident in Umno. He has the backing of all 13 divisions in the state, including the prime minister’s division.

“They will precipitate and provoke unrest, and hope that leads to the declaring of martial law. This will lead to mass arrests. But this is not 1969. People are more cautious now,” he said.

Yes, Chinese in general are not perturbed with Ahmad Ismail. Life goes on for us.

19 thoughts on “Penang: Gerakan cut ties with Umno – Malaysiakini

  1. Correct Correct Correct!!!

    This is what they call kurang ajar!!! How can grown men go and do things like tearing one’s photo???!!! Why is this UMNO group creating racial tension???!!! What is Abdullah going to do??? Verbally tell them not to repeat it again??!!!

    My neighbours are Malays and Indians. There are no problems here whatsoever. Why is UMNO creating an issue out of this?!! That Toyol warned that there could be a repeat of May 13. Its them that are creating chaos.

    Maybe these are their last desperado drama to stop 916.

    Ahmad and Toyol should be thrown into Kamunting. But knowing the PM, haih…… sienz……

  2. It’s OK with me.. I almost wanted to click them, thinking they were links you put in. Then I saw they were the usual javascript ads so I didn’t. Doesn’t bother me though.

  3. Dan – The real links are blue. The green denotes $$$. Hehehe.

    Tan Silly – Yalor, I also read his blog post. Don’t they realise, it is not the same with 1969. We Chinese tak kisah lah, why should we. They go koyak the wrong person’s photo anyway. We Chinese only clap hands. HAHAHAHA… evil laughters.

    Bryan – I don’t know how Pak Lah is going to deal with this sort of behaviour. Imagine we turn the story around? The person will be eating curry rice with sands already.

  4. This is a lovely opportunity for Abdullah to show he’s in charge by arresting Ahmad Ismail for sedition. If he doesn’t do it then he’s either too bleddi weak or he’s part of the sandiwara to create chaos.

  5. I think this bugger Ahmad is very high now, getting and enjoying all the wrong attention. He think he is the hero woh…….wonder how his abah & abang will re-act tomorrow??

  6. Domino – Really lah, it is a bad image because this is the holy month. Seriously…….. if they think Chinese can get mad and protective over KTK, they are way off their target.

    John – Maybe it is besok-lusa-sampai-lupa. Biasa lerrr.

  7. Even though the confidence in our judiciary is suspect, we still need the law to take its course. Ahmad is acting like he is above the laws of this land, we will have to wait and see what the UMNO leaders will do. If the leaders do not have the political will to put things right, all hell will break loose! It is obvious, this despicable character Ahmad is just hoping for that to happen.
    Gerakan has taken the step in the right direction…to severe ties with Penang UMNO. What puzzle me is, why just Penang, why not all the way…bail out of UMNO-BN?
    How much lower do you need to stoop before, you come to your senses? Join PK, afterall, both the parties share almost the same idealogy…a Bangsa Malaysia into reality.

  8. Keep your cool Penanites, we just want a new government.

    time for change, together we will change.


  9. I hope the ordinary malay out there..knows tat ahmad is wrong and pls dont support him..i’m and Indian and i’ve heard/seen some malays complaining penang bridge was build to chase the malays out of island..the houses in the island are expensive cuz of chinese…we are poor cuz of chinese…i’m sorry to say this…but i’ve heard this way too many times..pls we need to change the mindset and work towards earning money and pls stop blaming the other race..stop racism..i Love Penang!!

  10. “Anti-corruption being the other of the day, if the claims are true, these people are to be bought over, then we know what to expect – a goverment blatantly formed upon corruption, and is that to be the pride of the people?”
    -Falisa Abu Bakar, Facebook-

    r1zlans last blog post..I VOTE FOR PEACE AND UNITY

  11. Pak Lah is a useless prick. How can he not react and take immediate action? And why are they not charging Ahmad Ismail under the ISA?

  12. What if a member of Gerakan tore a photo of an UMNO leader????? What do you think will happen??? And they said they were tolerance all this while. Maybe CheDet should comment.

    Till now there is no indication what Abdullah will do to Ahmad. Why???!!!

  13. It takes two to create momentum or backlashes. I think we should just let him bark all he likes and don’t be played into his hands. That way, Malaysians can thumb our noses to his arrogance and immaturity. We shouldn’t respond to ‘mad dog yelps’ (translated from chinese idiom); let you said, gotta to cari makan.

  14. Why borther about a mad dog. Let him make himself look like a stupid fool. He is trying to create tension in Penang as UMNO have lost all their contract with the down fall of Gerakan, cannot cari makan anymore. They cannot rob the Penang people of any more land in Penang.

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