Read what happened and what caused Gerakan to cut ties with UMNO on Malaysiakini.

I am not going to comment on the behaviour of the others.

But this is going overboard.

That’s why I always say, Politics are just like parenting.

If we don’t reprimand our kids, they will go overboard.

If we set precedent, the rest will follow.

We have to be firm with our kids so that they don’t go terrorise the neighbourhood.

And when our kids misbehaved, how are we going to face the public?

And please do not add fuel to the already tense situation regarding “Don’t be like American Jews, Chinese told” on Malaysiakini.

Let us also remember these words from PKR deputy president Dr Syed Husin Ali. (malaysiakini)

Responding to a question, he noted that BN will not concede defeat and hand over the reins easily.

“Don’t think Ahmad Ismail is an isolated incident in Umno. He has the backing of all 13 divisions in the state, including the prime minister’s division.

“They will precipitate and provoke unrest, and hope that leads to the declaring of martial law. This will lead to mass arrests. But this is not 1969. People are more cautious now,” he said.

Yes, Chinese in general are not perturbed with Ahmad Ismail. Life goes on for us.