The UPSR is ongoing now. Nowadays, god must be real busy because the poor god has to go to exam halls. From UPSR to PMR to SPM and then, STPM. God (spell with a small letter, the generic kind lah) must be totally drained out with all the equations, sejarah, DY/DX, Chemistry, Biology and whatever they learn in Form Six.

Personally, I find it rather weird for parents of 12 years old kids to bring their children for special blessings. Well, if the blessing is a general one, like done in a big group like that, then ok lah. But when parents go out of their way to seek divine intervention for their twelve years old kids, I personally feel they need to step back and reflect what kind of messages are they giving to their kids.

(cheap cheap only, RM3.50, you get pencils, sharpener and even soalan ramalan UPSR)

*put on flame retardant suit, get fire extinguisher ready*

The reason is we mustn’t plant these sort of easy way out options for the kids. Sure, if you are in college or university and you need an extra dose of faith, it is fine to go for special prayers etc because by then, the individuals are old enough to know that God doesn’t always perform like a well-trained puppy. By then, you probably knows that not all our prayers are answered and we need to rely on our hardwork. That extra prayers are more to calm ourselves.

So, when parents give these 12 years old kids the idea that one can pray for divine intervention, parents are inadvertently testing the godly magic. It is a sin to test God. What if your kid did badly and deleted whatever faith he/she has forever?

Of late, I notice that ‘some faiths’ are into such things as well. I haven’t seen this practice in the previous years. Now, parents feel it is fine to put RM10 to get special prayers for their twelve years old. It is not. Just bring the kid to the church and get him/her to say a little prayer. Putting in that RM10 and putting your perfectly healthy, smart child’s name along with deceased souls, souls in purgatory, critically ill people and etc to be prayed for are just a little bit out of tangent of what Jesus taught. Jesus has said that the Kingdom of God belongs to these children with their natural in-born faith. Do not use money to buy that kind of favours. If you have spare RM10, just donate it. Please.

Yes, I know I sound uprighteous like a total bitch but I am only voicing my opinions.

Anyway….I just had a funny conversation with my yet to be 12 years old. His Bahasa Malaysia is beyond help. I do not understand why but he just can’t absorb BM, no matter what. I decided there is little point in pushing him. After all, he will still have a secondary school to go to. Not like it is an elimination exam.

Sometimes, I blame myself for the lack of time given to him when he was in his early school years. He missed a lot of school because of the illness of my #4 son and thereafter, the death. There was one point when I couldn’t bring myself to bring him to kindie due to recovery of my own grief. That boy probably attended only a few months of kindie.

So, his BM sucks. Max. This is how he did those questions he cannot answer. He told me, “I take a pencil, close my eyes and ask – God…help me to find the correct answer – and then, I drop the pencil. Wherever it lands, I pick the answer.” It is an objective question so he only have A, B, C, D to choose from. We had stomach cramps laughing at the image of the mat salleh Jesus trying to read Bahasa Malaysia. So, we hope Jesus doesn’t fail his BM too. My son has no problems with all the other subjects so it is not a big deal.

I hope kiasu parents will stop dragging god into their kiasu race.