Long time ago, I had a Taiwanese boss in the company. One day, in a fit of anger, he scolded all the senior production managers as they had failed to produce PCB like how they should. PCB is printed circuit boards. I was summoned from town to drive up to Bayan Lepas within 20 minutes because the Taiwanese boss (not my immediate boss) wanted someone to take the minutes of meeting as no one else is capable of jotting down everything she heard. The meeting was in Hokkien, English and Mandarin as most of the production managers were skilled but without very high education.

He warned the managers that he could adopt the Japanese way of “pemecatan konstruktif” if they don’t buck up. What is pemecatan konstruktif? In English it means constructive termination constructive dismissal. (tks to cheekyme) What do they do in this situation? Put a senior manager who earns a five digit income to wash pigeon shits on the rooftop of the factory. Soon enough, the person will lose his dignity and resigned on his own.

I just recalled this term while reading what they did to Imam Ramlang. I read on Malaysiakini :

Sementara itu, Ahmad Nizam berharap tindakan Jakim itu tidak bersifat ‘pemecatan konstruktif’.

“Ini bukan pemecatan tetapi memberi tekanan kepada pekerja. Dalam kes ini kadang-kadang mereka bagi meja dan kerusi tapi kerja tidak ada.

“Saya harap Jakim tidak melakukanm perkara itu (terhadap Ramlang),” katanya.

Menurut Ahmad Nizam lagi, sudah tentulah anak guamnya kini dalam keadaan sedih.

Katanya, walaupun gred jawatan Ramlang adalah sama tetapi dia tidak lagi menjadi imam.

Of course, I have no comments on what they do in Jakim as it is none of my business. I am only telling you what I know about pemecatan konstruktif.

Meanwhile, I am still puzzled with the mixed messages our local TV stations sent. I watched the news last night because I was without my blogs.

I read the papers this morning to confirm that what I heard is right. Yes, Pak Lah is reminding us :

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the Cabinet, which discussed the race issue yesterday, was of the view that race relations in the country was showing “not so good signs” which could cause tension.

And then, there is the police and the army reminders as well.

Pak Lah, please read my lips. I am a Chinese. I am from Bukit Bendera constituency. I have no problems at all. I have no anger whatsoever with Ahmad Ismail. I have good relationship with my Malay neighbours and the people I meet on the streets. THERE. IS. NO. NOT. SO. GOOD. SIGNS. ALL IS COOL, PAK LAH.

If that is not convincing enough, since I am a blogger and blogger tends to lie a lot, my other neighbours and people I meet in the wet markets too do not care about Ahmad Ismail. You can suspend Ahmad Ismail (malaysiakini) for 3 years, 3 days or 3 hours or 3 minutes or 3 seconds, it makes no difference. And why do we not care? Because those real reasons are not mentionable. (I won’t dare to say that Ahmad Ismail did not apologise, was very proud of being given the hero status and was hinting that he will fight back. He blamed Teng Hock Nan and Koh Tsu Koon for blowing things out of proportion.) If you have access to Malaysiakini, there are more updates on the reaction of other leaders.

Welcome to Malaysia. Where two sets of rules, rule.