Wuah….my blog down, I got so many people missing it. So damn shiok ler. Here are some of the comments I get :

  • aiyoma.. kenot sleep kenot eat leh. dun have my daily fix of chanlilian.net
  • aiyoh… LIlian ahhhh… one day without reading i can die wan lah… faster fix lah!!!!! 🙂 🙂
  • Gosh, I thought they pulled a RPK number on your blog…..lol!
  • i’m so worried can’t go into ur blog since morning..what’s happening
  • Still not up yet ah Lilian? Aihh.. my day is not complete without ur blog 🙁

  • Hope nothing big happend..
    baru 1 day didn’t read ur post also cannot tahan already..
  • Did the Government blocked access to your site ah? Niamah!
  • Let me go perasan sendiri on my blog popularity, can? *goes to sleep, dreaming my blog is so popular*

    *drools in sleep*

    *sleep talking*

    Thank you to all the folks who email, SMS or left comment on my Facebook account to enquire why I didn’t deliver their daily opium to them.

    I was pretty busy these few days so I didn’t miss my own blog much. Moreover, the only thing that I probably rant would be the stupid moron who not only did not apologise, the dumb TV stations made him a hero. His press conference showed more reporters and photographers than the press conference held by his big boss. WTF, watching the news, you would think he had done a great thing. He talked about uniting the people through ‘his sufferings’ and he praised the two leaders because he said they have balls to remove him temporarily. If that’s not enough, he asked his constituency people to be patient and don’t do anything rash until he gets home. WTF? Do what rash? I am from Bukit Bendera area, I also don’t terasa apa-apa pun. Trust me, it is not the end. It is just the beginning. Inspite of that, I marvel at his skills in twisting things for his own glory. He is truly a politician.

    Oh dear, I terlajak again. I was giving thank you speech in my sleep talking. The reason my blog was down is due to the CPU overload (whatever that is). This is caused by my forums. So, ladies on MyMomsBest, I have to bring down the forum soon and hope to find some alternative. The spammers hit on my forum, causing all my blogs to crash. I am paying a lot of USD to sustain the forum but I guess I cannot afford anymore because the crash is happening too often.

    So, what were you guessing when you cannot access my blogs?