Thank you, PAS legislator Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud (Malaysiakini news)

Malaysiakini reported that Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud of PAS has made a police report. I am so glad to hear this. If you guys didn’t notice, some UMNO members have held banner claiming that Teresa Kok is biadap and accused her of things (which I rather not repeat here). The banner was huge and was the first one that ‘decorate’ the entrance when the MT (majlis tertinggi) UMNO members entered the building for the meeting (to discuss Ahmad Ismail). Each time a VIP arrived, they will wave the banner.

Teresa Kok denied this and according to her blog, she is going to sue Utusan Malaysia. I think we have to be aware of all these provocations and be thankful that PAS is willing to seek the truth.

These are all very sensitive issues that none of us, including Teresa Kok can do much. We live in a country with two sets of rule. We are always on the losing end if such sensitive matters are brought up. But at least we have Dr. Siti Mariah who came forward to see clarification.

Dalam laporan tersebut, beliau mendesak pihak polis supaya menyiasat dakwaaan Dr Mohd Khir mengenai kononnya ada usaha-usaha melarang laungan azan di masjid-masjid di Puchong dan Kota Damansara.

(Malaysiakini BM version)

Terima kasih, Dr. Siti. I am glad that I had voted for PAS in the 11th GE. In 12th GE, there was no PAS candidate or I would still vote for PAS.

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4 thoughts on “Thank you, PAS legislator Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud (Malaysiakini news)

  1. i’m touched. i would do the same thing too if there’s no PAS or PKR candidate in my area. i WILL vote for DAP. i have this long feeling since i was small that there will not be any chaos if the chinese take the helm of the country. these are all propaganda from you know who. it has been a long time we’ve been fed with all this racial things. scare us that our malay right will be gone if the chinese rule the country. i dont’ know, i hope what i’ve been believing for since my childhood time will is true.

    if it happens its just misunderstanding. malaysians now are getting smarter and smarter evryday. even my 8 year old son asked me, dad, why is shabery cheek talking about the oil price in venezuela when anwar is talking about the local fuel price?

    think for youself.

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