By the time I finished, Samy is going to be in love with me

And you know there is only one Samy…..

This afternoon, I went to Little India because I wanted to buy garam masala. Doh…I thought garam masala is garam as in salt. So, the Indian man pointed to me ‘Itu garam masala’. I saw buckets of spices powder.

Mana ada?

Indian man, “Itu.”

Mana ada?

Indian man, “Biru punya.”

Mana ada?

Until I finally saw the word ‘Garam masala’ scribbled on one of the blue buckets. Ammah….how stupid can I be? (somebody please tell me what does garam masala mean?)

garam masala and curry powder

So, if you do not already know, garam masala is actually a mixture of some spices. *slaps forehead* The smaller brownish packet is the garam masala while the bigger one is the curry powder for chicken or kambing. That’s 200 grams of curry powder, grinded by Indians. Original punya, just like how Samy loves it. So, I hope to make authentic Indian curry chicken. A curry chicken that is enough to feed 60 people. My son is going for his confirmation camp which lasts for three days and parents are chipping by cooking the meals (for that homely touch). Me being the show-off decided to cook Indian because the other moms are cooking Chinese dishes for the first meal. Moreover, there are about 50% Indian youths so I hope I passed their taste buds test. *prays to Jesus really hard*

star anise

I just love shopping at Little India because they have so many types of spices that I have never seen before. So, I bought a little bit of the spices that I am familiar with. Cloves, cardamons, mustard seeds, star anise, cinnamon, fennel etc etc.

soaps from India

I went to one of the supermarket there and they have so many things from India. I couldn’t resist smelling all their soaps, creams and shampoos. I ended up buying all these tumeric, sandalwood and ayurvedic soaps because they smell nice. I think by the time I finished using all the four soaps, Samy is going to be so in love with me. I cook like yan yindian, smell like yan yindian and I talk like yan yindian too. *shake heads like an Indian as well* Probably, he will come to propose to me and promise to give me MIC chairman post. I shall name it Malaysian Indian Chinese.

little india, penang

Go to Little India lah. It is like a whole new world there. I always enjoy my trip there. And I met E-kor-kor. *waves*

Oh ya, I actually do not know what I am going to do with the garam masala. I buy it ‘cos it sounds so exotic. Every mat salleh chefs always say, “Use a pinch of garam masala.” So I buy lah. RM2 only what.

17 thoughts on “By the time I finished, Samy is going to be in love with me

  1. u bought so much of garam masala!! small bottle(like the small nescafe bottle one) can last upto 1 1/2 years..Usually my mom will use it when she prepares kurma curry and also dhal :)..i’ll ask my mom tommorow and update you k !

  2. nooo….i was wrong on my previous comment …what i meant above was KAS-KAS.. tat one is used for kurma etc…
    garama masala is used on curries…especially for chicken,mutton,crab,prawn curries… 1-2 spoon of GM is used roughly for a medium pot of curry :)…i just asked my mom 🙂

  3. I Luv Little India! First stop is always at the sweets shop ( first shop as you enter from Beach Street). Buy a few pieces of the laddus, the other square one with milk and raisins, the almond ones too ,etc..etc.. and then it’s off to the shops, eating along the way… cannot wait lah!

    My favorite are the shops selling bollywood type earrings, wah soo long and dangling type. I have quite a lot of these and love to wear them.

    Then I’ll eat at the shops ….. wah.. everything smells so good! My favorite is Woodlands (vegetarian). Try the lovely lassi! I will end by chewing on the betlenut bungkus thingy. Aiyoyo …..

    I am looking forward to Deepavali …… more sweets and delicacy to buy! Ahh … I must remember the big big laddu balls !

    Who wanna go with me??

  4. Nepal people use garam masala as curry powder to cook their curry. I actually like garam masala better than curry powder. Here are the simple ingredietns to cook Nepal’s curry:
    chicken pieces, onion, garam masala, salt, cilantro, chili powder (optional if you want curry to be spicy) and water (not too much)

    saute onion first then chicken, garam masala, salt and add in some water. When teh curry is done, add in chopped cilantro. This curry will not have a lot of gravy like our usual curry.

    Serve with Indian Dill cucumber salad..yummy

  5. well, hv to give some benefit of the doubt to lillian la… first time is always a learning… my experience in buying tumeric powder ended up the same too… lasted me longer than it shud… and tho it was cheap, i thot it would hurt so i bought the whole pack… well, at least we learn from it…

    juanitos last blog post..Snoring on a bus ride

  6. wuah!! i just know the existence of garam masala..
    i love to cook curry but never know can put garam masala one..
    doe it make the curry lagi sedap???? different taste issit???

    By the way…with so many jenis sabun-sabun you bought, not only Abang samy will be attracted to you, ankel-ankel at jalan masjid india will careful oh!!! ekekekee

    kaDusMamas last blog post..I SLAP you till you cry..

  7. I was reading your post intently, trying to absorb all the tips and tricks to cooking a kickass curry. Until I got to the part where you say:

    [Oh ya, I actually do not know what I am going to do with the garam masala. I buy it ‘cos it sounds so exotic. Every mat salleh chefs always say, “Use a pinch of garam masala.” So I buy lah. RM2 only what.]

    😀 😀 😀

    When I first read that you bought that stuff, I was thinking, fuyohhhh, this woman terrer la, use garam masala, my Indian relatives/friends oso never use b4.

    Damn funny la you. Lol.

    whimsicaljottingss last blog post..Modena. Finally!

  8. wah dah terror ya… was looking up and down for garam masala, end up just pandai pandai hentam lah, clove, staranise, jintan, white pepper… only missed out cardamom. The potato masala turned out to be great too… dun forget coriander though… tabik tabik!

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