And you know there is only one Samy…..

This afternoon, I went to Little India because I wanted to buy garam masala. Doh…I thought garam masala is garam as in salt. So, the Indian man pointed to me ‘Itu garam masala’. I saw buckets of spices powder.

Mana ada?

Indian man, “Itu.”

Mana ada?

Indian man, “Biru punya.”

Mana ada?

Until I finally saw the word ‘Garam masala’ scribbled on one of the blue buckets. Ammah….how stupid can I be? (somebody please tell me what does garam masala mean?)

garam masala and curry powder

So, if you do not already know, garam masala is actually a mixture of some spices. *slaps forehead* The smaller brownish packet is the garam masala while the bigger one is the curry powder for chicken or kambing. That’s 200 grams of curry powder, grinded by Indians. Original punya, just like how Samy loves it. So, I hope to make authentic Indian curry chicken. A curry chicken that is enough to feed 60 people. My son is going for his confirmation camp which lasts for three days and parents are chipping by cooking the meals (for that homely touch). Me being the show-off decided to cook Indian because the other moms are cooking Chinese dishes for the first meal. Moreover, there are about 50% Indian youths so I hope I passed their taste buds test. *prays to Jesus really hard*

star anise

I just love shopping at Little India because they have so many types of spices that I have never seen before. So, I bought a little bit of the spices that I am familiar with. Cloves, cardamons, mustard seeds, star anise, cinnamon, fennel etc etc.

soaps from India

I went to one of the supermarket there and they have so many things from India. I couldn’t resist smelling all their soaps, creams and shampoos. I ended up buying all these tumeric, sandalwood and ayurvedic soaps because they smell nice. I think by the time I finished using all the four soaps, Samy is going to be so in love with me. I cook like yan yindian, smell like yan yindian and I talk like yan yindian too. *shake heads like an Indian as well* Probably, he will come to propose to me and promise to give me MIC chairman post. I shall name it Malaysian Indian Chinese.

little india, penang

Go to Little India lah. It is like a whole new world there. I always enjoy my trip there. And I met E-kor-kor. *waves*

Oh ya, I actually do not know what I am going to do with the garam masala. I buy it ‘cos it sounds so exotic. Every mat salleh chefs always say, “Use a pinch of garam masala.” So I buy lah. RM2 only what.