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Instead of masuk makan kari rice, I cook my own curry

The internet is excruciating slow today. Anyway, I have been busy so I didn’t have time to even sit down.

It is a little bit disturbing to hear that Raja Petra has been detained under the ISA. At the same time, some of the newspapers have received showcause letters. Is this the beginning of another Ops Lallang where massive numbers of people were detained? I pray not.

So, I will be a good girl and write about the curries I cooked today. In fact, I have delivered the curry to College General and dropped my son there.

curry chicken

Four chicken. Costs only about RM50. My Indian curry is damn wangi, wei. A few of the Indian moms there smelled it when I brought the two huge pots there. They said, “Wow, very nice smell.” Kembang nyerr….

potato masala

I got a professional chef in-training to help me cut these potatoes, carrots and capsicums. I told him, “You better enjoy cutting these because you are going to do this the rest of your life. If you hate doing it, you better drop out from your course now.” Three kilograms of potatoes, one kilograms of carrots and three large capsicum. I made potato masala.


So, instead of talking politics and risking masuk eat curry rice, I kwai-kwai stay at home and cook curry, ok?

But let’s pray and hope that Raja Petra will not get it too harsh. May the Almighty watch over every one of us and give us hope that justice still exists in our country.

11 Responses to “Instead of masuk makan kari rice, I cook my own curry”

  1. The curry looks great. Hope it’s as hot and spicy at it looks.


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  2. Wa liao… Hungry liao wei…

    So, you took our advice and stuffed all the chicken in 2 pots? 😛

    Wah, the potato, carrot thing looks very appetizing. Mix in with rice, some curry or dahl with some papadom… **slurp**

    Angie Tans last blog post..What Makes You Happy?

  3. Angie – Ya. Cos the 4 chicken alone already filled the pot to the brim. Boh pien. I like the potato too. Very easy to make only.

    Avatar – I didn’t make it too hot but spicy yes. Dunwan the youths to toilet run mah. Some of them cannot eat hot-hot pedas pedas foods, like my own son.

  4. neh mai..u cannot finish it? u can bungkus 4 me …..

    I tend to cook a big pot of curry too but freeze half of it since there 2 only 2 of us. 4 chicken? with yr young family mmbers in puberty, by this time tomorro, sure finish liau….

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  5. Terror lah, even Indian mummy also give compliments.

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  6. Yeah, let’s pray for justice and peace!~

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  7. Wey .. siap dengan green chilli lagi ..fuyooohh … periuk pun baru ka?

  8. You need to be careful lor… Penang lang reporter kena ISA jugak liao… :'(

  9. Pray for justice to prevail. Nice curry, by the way 😉

  10. Looks yummy…

    I want to highlight another delicacy, MOONCAKE.

    The Mid-autumn festival is round the corner… the delicious Mooncakes has had it role in toppling the Mongolian regime of the Yuen Dynasty.

    Let ALL MALAYSIAN put our spirit & prayers together for 16 Sept…the fall of the disappointing BN regime.

  11. wah! look nice la..can belanja i eat?

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