Read Malaysiakini (RPK,Sin Chew Editor and now Teresa Kok?)


Sin Chew Reporter

and I just picked up from Wong Chun Wai’s blog through MalaysiakiniTeresa Kok is detained too? Really? (those who are searching for Teresa Kok blog, it is over here)

I hope Malaysiakini will open up their news portal to all. Give us free access, Mr. Editor.

Please watch your comments.  (initially I wanted to close comment but then, wth)  I guess there isn’t anything we can say or do here that can change the matter. So, let’s stay calm, pray and have faith.

Updates : I was told that there is a vigil at the Penang Police HQ. Anil Netto has updated his blog about the people gathering there.

25 thoughts on “Read Malaysiakini (RPK,Sin Chew Editor and now Teresa Kok?)

  1. i am so so pissed…omg but we must remain calm…but i really fell like wanna protest ..geramnyer…teresa kok and sin chew reporter are women for godness sake!!..bolehland!!

  2. Because I am overseas, I can’t attend the vigil, but my heart is with the 3 victims of a draconian law aimed at silencing the freedom of speech.

    The arrest of these 3, especially Teresa Kok, an MP and a state exco member will not go down well with the rakyat!

  3. Too stunned for comments………..the list kept adding when I was reading Malaysiakini just now. *goosebump*.

  4. Ok fine. Its up to the current gomen to use the ISA and manage the country. But I think they should at least tell the rakyat the reason why they are arresting these people. The rakyat have the right to know.

    I know a lot of rakyat are in the blur on these arrests.

  5. Btw, Lilian, thank you for the the trust in us to re-open the comment. We know how all of us feel and think now. No need words to express-liau-lah! @#$%^&*

  6. Eh, for once, I voice my fullest respect to your number one idol, LGE. He is also at the vigil with all the Excos. Surprisingly, some Gerakan and MCA fellas are also there (maybe suddenly sudah found their balls kot…)
    This is just a case of shooting the messenger who delivered bad news.

  7. Foong – You pigik kah? I was in Tanjung Bungah and wanted to detour before I got home but my lk dunwan to go. Yerrr….I so geram. Not to see LGE lah, but to support the cause. IF want to catch, catch the newspaper company lah, how can tangkap a reporter, right? If really got case, close the newspaper mah. As for Teresa Kok, I really speechless because of the KT.

  8. Eh, I coward leh. Dare not go. Who knows what if suddenly they start throwing tear gas and using water cannons and arrest people there for illegal assembly? I still got a young kid at home leh….
    They issued show cause letter to Sin Chew and to The Sun and SK to give reason why their printing license should not be revoked. That measure should have been good enaf la. Pity that reporter only.
    Damn pissed off but feel so helpless lar.

    Foongs last blog post..Tree frogs in Taiwanese leisure farm

  9. Let’s tap into our own divine cores and raise our collective vibrations way beyond FEAR – for FEAR is where the vampiric mind parasites dwell. Let our LOVE for our country and our planet swell and keep swelling till the feeling washes over all who are momentarily in the clutches of darkness and reassures them that they will soon regain their freedom – when we, the rakyat of Malaysia, regain ours. Blessings upon all who cherish justice, nobility and truth – and who are the channels of Universal Love, not hate.

    P.S. Some of you may also wish to visualize Najib and Rosmah leaving on a jet plane for Tierra del Fuego with 50 suitcases – just like Ferdinand & Imelda Marcos,some years ago.

    Antaress last blog post..WAKE UP & SMELL THE FASCISM

    “There should be no bloodshed and loss of life. And ask the Malays in the opposition to come out in defence of their non-Malay brothers and sisters and warn the Umno Malays, in no uncertain terms, that they take to the streets at the risk of facing fellow Malays from the opposition who will defend their non-Malay brethren to the last drop of their blood. I, for one, am ready to stand by my Chinese and Indian comrades. So let Umno be warned.”
    🙂 Raja Petra Kamarudin

  11. Actually I really fed up and feel hopeless on current situation.Why this things happen in Malaysia.I thought now is the new era but worse than olden days.

    Now thinking how is our children future,I think duwan to have children better.KNN.CCB.MCH lor….


    Stay strong to 3 of u all.

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