I came from a kampung. My name is Ah Lian. Everyone calls me that. So, there is no denying that I have the Ah Lian blood in me.

So, cussing is part of my speech when I speak in Hokkien. Those words just roll out naturally. For example, SK a blogger once phoned me from India (I think) before the March 08 GE and I terus told him, “Lu mien hoa siao”. See? I thought he bluffed me that he was in India.

Therefore, let’s learn some Hokkien words.

Kong sai uwa. (talk shit)

Example: Asking people to be fair to all races when there aren’t any unfairness from those people but the person who said it.

Telling people that he is being concerned and stuffed a person with the harshest law and tell the rest of the world, he is doing it with good intention to PROTECT HER.

Kor sai (rub shit)

Example : Telling people ‘It is not my fault, it is not my order.’

Chiak kau sai (eat dog shit)

Example : All those people who kong sai uwa usually chiak kau sai so they spew sai from every orifices.

Pang kau sai (poo dog shit)

Example : All those people who chiak kau sai surely pang kau sai. It also means leaving a trial of smelly sai.

Cho mik sai (do what shit)

Example : Flying large group of people to some foreign country and fly them back again.

There are lots of sai cusses in Hokkien including kanasai. I think it means fark shit. Penang Hokkien speaking people don’t use kanasai much. Do learn a bit of these cusses. It is good for the soul. It is like ‘pang tua buk sai, si fook sai’ (translation : pang tua buk sai – shit a big load. However si fook sai, is Cantonese and the sai is not shit but complete, meaning ‘all completely relieved’)

Hamik sai? Means what shit? Please feel free to pang sai but don’t use any sai names in your comments, ok? I don’t want to get kor sai for nothing.