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Candle light vigil tonite?

Its full moon and lantern festival tonite. I am going for candle light vigil at Esplanade at 9pm. Wear black ok? You can find details in TheStar. Organised by Suaram.

7 Responses to “Candle light vigil tonite?”

  1. I bought lots of candles oredi! Also big packet of Popo. Got drinks and lighters too. Not forgetting raincoats! Wah… like go picnic oni!

    Hope to meet you!

  2. yeah..i’m gonna make it alone as my sis is not brave enough for this..
    cya there!!

  3. Yes. Tonight confirmed. I met DAP folks at Bt. Lancang market just now and they confirmed that. 9p.m.
    Hahaha..bring lantern together. If police want to chuck all into the truck, tell them we are celebrating the lantern festival 🙂

  4. So envy of you guys. If in Kuching, I am sure to be one of them there. Hope to see live telecast from Ah Lian.

  5. Sorry, just curious and totally unrelated to post, but is Popo the brand if the keropok ikan snack?

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  6. did u say wear black?

    if i am in M’sia, I wil wear my ninja outfit I bot for a holloween party years ago. Imagine when u c a lantern floating with no apparent human figure holding it…… H A N T U .

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  7. when u guys spot sumbody with full body art written, “DELETE ISA”, tats ME!!!! C U THERE……..