Photos of Anti-ISA candlelight vigil & Malaysiakini news of Law Minister threatens to quit over ISA issue

First, Malaysiakini has some promising news like “De facto law minister Zaid Ibrahim threatens to resign if the government continues to use the Internal Security Act against political dissidents.” (malaysiakini) and then Human Resources Minister Dr S Subramaniam questions the use of ISA plus Info Minister Sharbery Cheek asked the Police to provide explanation on the detention of Tan Hoon Cheng.


Now, here are some photos of the candlelight vigil held at Dewan Sri Pinang, Penang. The vigil started at 9 pm and last for about 45 minutes. I am really, really tired, having gone out since 10 am this morning. My last post was posted from my mobile phone as I had been busy. So, just some photos, lazy to write.


Tan Hoon Cheng, the Sin Chew reporter was there. She said she was able to remain strong because of the support of the people. She is a petite, pretty lass and speaks well. It is hard to believe that she was detained under ISA.

Penang Deputy CM

Penang Deputy CM, Prof. Ramasamy spoke as well and I didn’t know it was him. šŸ˜›


Aliran. Anil Netto.


So, how many people were there? Don’t ask me because I am bad with estimation. Many of the DAP MPs and ADun were there including Liew Chin Tong, Chow Kon Yeow, Chong Eng, Khor Teng Hai and etc.


This is the first time I attended a candlelight vigil. So many familiar faces from my church were there. There were no FRU to be seen and in fact, I don’t even see any policemen.


You should go to the Pakatan anti-ISA rally tomorrow if you have a chance. It is fun. šŸ˜›

Details can be found on Malaysiakini.


Oh ya, here’s the familiar face. This is taken after the organiser, Suaram told us the vigil is over and asked us to disperse peacefully. My little boy didn’t join me earlier when I was squeezing through the crowds to take photos. Now, he can say ‘Mansuh ISA’. Never mind that he doesn’t know what it is.

The album for the candle light vigil is available on my Facebook account.

18 thoughts on “Photos of Anti-ISA candlelight vigil & Malaysiakini news of Law Minister threatens to quit over ISA issue

  1. hey..i saw you there!!..yeah it was fun!!.
    i expected them to sing the other song as well …it should have been fun šŸ™‚
    they were a lot of police earlier…they were standing near the fruitstall !!
    Mansuh ISA..Bebas Petra dan Teresa

  2. Wah Lilian, you so fast fast got pictures up oredi ! I was there too but did not see you.

    I will check out the photos to see if got me or not.

  3. hey..i wanted..cuz i saw u edi quite early…
    felt like..”so familiar..neighbour ahh..i memory got stalled…den oni..its chanlilian..!!”..too bad..or else surely take pic with you edi šŸ™‚
    Celebrity blogger mah!!!

  4. I was there before 9. The whole thing finish so fast, only 45 mins. Not even warm up yet. Did not open Popo oso.

    I stayed around to enjoy the spirit and then left my candles with the rest.

    When I left to go home, I drove by the place again and sounded the horn.

    Wah… very lau juak! Next time I wan to go again. I hope they sing more songs.

    Heard one guy say loudly behind me ” Why they sing song I don’t have one?” …. this was when the people in front sang
    a song that was not on the sheet. Hahaha … I still laughing as I think of it now.

  5. Thank you from Perth. Very kind of you to allow us here, to share your the worthy occasion. Our thoughts are with all the detainees.
    Take a good rest you must be pretty tired.

  6. Wah.. you and anil really fast getting posts up in your blogs. Saw you there too.. in fact i lit my candle from yours..haha.. but phai seh to introduce la. I moved to the back after my friends came.

    The police were all at the back la.. quite a few of them also. About 9.25pm some of them made their way into the crowd and it was quite intimidating. Shortly after that they regathered at the back of the crowd.

  7. Paul – Ya, I think I roughly remember who! I was hoping for rows of FRU for extra drama but didn’t see those red shields lor.

    wandererAUS – Tks

    Momo – Those I overheard were angry with the stupid and lame reaons they gave us for the detention of the reporter and Teresa Kok.

  8. Just back home from CLV at Bogger House at Damansara KL. Almost 100 ppl participated despite of the rain and short notice.

    Jom lakukan HARTAL untuk selamatkan negara tercinta ini.


    Let’s do HARTAL for our beloved country.


    arifabdulls last blog post..BerHARTAL menentang ISA

  9. The Internet is DEAD. Klang recorded very slow speed about 56kbps
    This has been going on since last week. This is done on purpose and is censoring the net. Downloading and uploading especiall to p2p sites are totally ‘conked out” Must be those new cyber troopers at work.
    Therefore we are temporarily closing our blogsite till this thing is over
    What a shitty promise to have free internet vian MSMC crap.

    Cheers and regards

    Birds Talking Toos last blog post..Internet Censorship!!!!!

  10. Paul – I didn’t know u can be pai seh!!!…haha..

    Lilian – Actually the red shields cops were gathered at the side road of Dewan Sri Pinang but there were only 2 land rovers filled with them not many though……

  11. Lilian & ppl, our Law Minister has tendered his resignation at 2pm today. Ee bui tahan liau. There goes the last decent guy in the government. What hope have we now?

  12. The truth Malaysia democraty (BM) is only for UMNO not for the Rakyat Malaysia. release the ISA (OKT) lah

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