Reason why Teresa Kok is detained (Malaysiakini), what her mom said and another candlelight vigil for the abolishment of ISA

According to Malaysiakini, Teresa Kok is probably going to be detained for a month. And this is the reason given by the police :

He said these brought about a state of racial unrest and religious tension in the country.

“After carefully assessing the situation, the police had no choice but to act swiftly to prevent the situation from getting out of control,” he added.

I know my older brothers are going to ‘tsk, tsk, tsk….shhh…can tone down? You are not afraid?’ when I touched on the ISA. I would. In fact, I didn’t write much about RPK or Tan Hoon Cheng.

But for Teresa Kok, it is a different matter altogether. Why? Because her case is a total injustice. I followed what happened from the beginning. It is very unfair and hence, I will be mute if I don’t say a thing. It was Khir Toyo who started it. I saw with my own eyes the banner used by UMNO members at the Ahmad Ismail’s case during the UMNO MT meeting. It was a banner with very provoking words. Then, Utusan Malaysia confused the people.


Tonight, we have a very moving mass and candlelight vigil. When I see Teresa Kok, RPK and the Hindraf 5 photos, I am choked with emotions. If you read what Teresa’s mom said about her daughter, I know you would too.

being detained in a cage like a dog. They locked her up once she walked into that room which is only 6? x 8?. She is not allowed to read newspaper or any other reading material. She lost all her freedom!

ā€œI feel so sad. Yes they gave her three meals a day, but the food is bad! She had diarrhea this morning and her blood pressure plunged!

(added : Teresa Kok’s mother related what her daughter is going through. Video in Mandarin. Transcript found here.)

Father Fabian reminded us that we must sustain this (mine) enthusiasm in fighting this injustice. And whatever that we cannot handle, lift it to God.

He asked us to pray that these recent arrests are not in vain and we should pray that it becomes the death knell of the ISA.

At that moment, the church bell chimes (it chimes hourly) and Father Fabian observed a moment of silence to let the bell chimes. There was complete silence in our cathedral for more than a minute and that kind of silence can be extremely powerful and unnerving.

Total silence.

Father Fabian then asked each of us, by that he means all humans and not only Catholics to stand up and do what we can to end this aberration of justice.


When I see the faces of Uthayakumar, I remembered the post I made about his mother pleading from Pak Lah for his release. Then, I remembered what Lim Guan Eng joked about his ISA stay. What about Lim Kit Siang’s recollection of Lim Guan Eng’s absence?

Sometimes, it is very easy for us to brush aside the three alphabets, I S A and think it is something that happens to others. We may forget that it was because of us (you and I) that they get themselves into these hardships. It is for the betterment of our country and our kids’ future and also for peace and justice that they got themselves into the cement floor as bed, stones and sands in foods and God knows what hardship.


(note that I have added my own descriptions and not all are Father Fabian’s homily as I tend to develop things in my mind when I listen)

Lest you think that we are in church to do church-ie stuffs, we are not. Father Fabian challenged us if we are practising Christianity or Churchianity? Are we doing all the external pom and grandeur to glorify ourselves, how holy-moly we are and how ‘caring and kind’. Father Fabian said that these are not the meaning of being Christians. He said we strive to follow the teachings of Jesus.

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me,
because he has anointed me
to preach good news to the poor.
He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners
and recovery of sight for the blind,
to release the oppressed,
to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” (Luke 4:18-19)


I am glad that I am a blogger and has the ability to jot and note down things that I have read and found on the internet. With all these information, Teresa Kok and all the other ISA detainees are not just mere names but a cause. It is a cross that we must shoulder together.

You may also think, what can one voice does? Father Fabian has a beautiful story to share to illustrate how even one single, weightless snowflake can break a tree branch. When we add up each of our voices, it will become loud enough to change things.

We just need to have faith. Have faith like how Anwar urges supporters. You can find the latest news on Malaysiakini.

In conclusion, yes, I memang ganas in my views. (a few of my church members now know I am ‘that blogger’ šŸ˜› ) But if I am not vocal and loud enough, will the people hear it?

Another candlelight vigil tomorrow – DAP Bukit Bendera is organising one at Gurney Drive near the roundabout at 9pm. Be there at 8.30 pm and candles will be provided. (please reconfirm with DAP as I got this from trusted SMS sources). Anyway….what’s wrong with going to Gurney Drive for a drive and view of mud, right? Be there! I have bought a ISA t-shirt! Woohoo.

Added : You can read Anilnetto’s blog. He has posted that 800 people were in the mass.

19 thoughts on “Reason why Teresa Kok is detained (Malaysiakini), what her mom said and another candlelight vigil for the abolishment of ISA

  1. Keep her for another 28 days to do what??? For farks sake, most of us didnt know until Toyol and Utusan stirred up this shit.

    But the whole Malaysia know that Ahmad made racist remarks and was proud of himself. Malaysia also know that Abdullah biased and takda telur!!! Its the talk of the kopitiams.


  2. Tan Silly – Hey, I just read that Anwar is meeting PM for transition of power! WOOHOO!

    Momo – One of the NGO sells it. RM20. Tomolo (today actually) I wear go to DAP and take pikchures, ok?

    hoyohoyo – I posted the Youtube video, tks to you.

  3. I have been writing nothing but politics for the past few days to try to do my part in keeping the pressure on the government, until my friends also ask me to tone it down… Not scare you kena ISA arr? they asked… If journalist can ISA, Teresa Kok can ISA, surely you also can ISA?

    But I tell them that I cannot just sit back and see those who fought for us suffer in vain. If anything must come from their pain and suffering, it must be the abolishment of the ISA.

    PR faster go take Putrajaya!

    Victors last blog post..Anwar: We’re ready to form new gov’t – Malaysiakini

  4. Is not this the fast that I choose.
    To loose the bonds of wickedness.
    To undo the thongs of the yoke.
    To let the oppressed go free.
    And to break every yoke ?

    Syabas to all Peacemakers.

  5. i really feel sorry for teresa and her family..i cant imagine my family going tru all this!!!..its insane!! May god guide them till justice prevail!!

  6. Fear not. The Rakyat’s forces of unwavaering fear will bring the gomen down.

    I am more than willing to stand in if they need a scape goat.

  7. A well researched events in proper chronological order of what happened can be found here:
    The petition letter by the residents was not even about azan, but for the kuliahs. And the way they wrote it is so humble, asking for understanding from the masjid…I almost cried. And amisdt police investigation on Dr Mariah report, things like this still happened.
    I’d been trying to refrain myself from writing anything about politic, now cannot tahan already.

    mama22beass last blog post..I’m just feeling grateful

  8. I was very disappointed and at the same time VERY frustrated(TOOLAN) about what happened. My blood started to boil more after reading Albar idiotic comments. He is clearly incompetent and also working for some hidden hands. He is too stupid to do all this on his own.
    It was good news when Ms.Tan was let out after a day of detention but it is still wrong and what is wrong must be corrected!
    So, eventhough I do not know how well DSAI and PR will be, but it looks like the only “solution” to weed out the UMNO culprits and put this race self destruction issue to rest once and for all.
    Therefore, I too pray for “Mother” Theresa and RPK, for their safety and well being and that PR will speed up their process of taking over as I cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel under BN-UMNO!


  9. What should we do? Pray and “write” somethings in own blog.
    Last Sunday was the last night Ms Tan going to “appear”herself in public. Seem politic in Malaysia not stabile yet. Still don’t know will she been arrest again?

    allisias last blog post..Tan Hoon Cheng

  10. It was very nice meeting you in person last nite at mass šŸ™‚
    And yes, very moving mass. there were many moments when I felt my throat choke and emotions wellling up….had to keep blinking back the tears. Was definately good for all of us to come together.

  11. It is very sad what is happening in Malaysia. It is a joke and a mockery of our intelligence.

    Why is all these thing happening? Is this a sign of end of the world? a bit dramatic but I think we could do with a lot of love in this world.

    It kinda sucks now.

    Pebbless last blog post..My Best Friend’s Wedding


    keep for a while, let them taste their own medicine, starting from the old MarMak down to all the MaChAi dogs.

    Live by the sword, die by the sword.

    An eye for an eye justifies these imbecile.

  13. Government just only know deal with all this bullshit….Is just their own imagination what ISA everything is bullshit…Why dun they focus more on financial side’s….If Malaysia GDP growth stronger do uyou guys think all this bullshit will come…Just only know how to use public finance to do all those bullshit thing.,,Just like hire some bukit aman to do those silly job for nothing just to create more public anger..Government has neglect alot og thing…please wake up

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