UPDATED : Tian Chua, the marvellous poker player, hehehe, just posted that they have the numbers.

Aha, it is interesting how ridiculous the news are these days. Syed Hamid probably screwed the whole UMNO and BN with his contradictory remarks and U-turns . He just made another boo-boo. I read on Malaysiakini that he has said something totally different from what he said last week. Last week, he said his ministry does not want to be involved in the police’s decision of detaining the three persons under ISA.

Do you as a minister feel that the ISA arrests were justified?

I’m a minister and politician. If I start to interfere, people will say I have a political motive. I cannot interfere with the police.


I was like, hell, if your ministry does not do that, then, who actually has any say over the police? I am not talking about Syed Hamid the person or the UMNO member but a representative of the Government of Malaysia. Somebody from the Government HAS to have certain authority over the police, isn’t it?

I say he is a bad chess player because he has no sense of the moves, strategies and his pawns. He probably thought, “Aha, let’s put two Chinese women into ISA and hopes to create a massive Chindraf so that we can do a clampdown.” But he failed because he doesn’t understand our Chinese minds (who hate confrontation and inconveniences) and most of all, he underestimated the intelligence of our Malaysians from all races.

As for Tian Chua, I cannot help grinning at what he said before he left for Taiwan. With a goofy grin, he said something like going to Taiwan to learn agriculture too so that the Pakatan Rakyat MPs can debate with the canggih-manggih BN MPs who did their liwatan sambil belajar. He chased them right up to their hotel in Taiwan and back. That probably got the other sides to shit in their pants. When people are chased by their own shadows, they will menggelabah and melatah. I cannot find suitable descriptions in English other than ‘running around like a headless chicken.’ As you know, in poker, the game depends on how well you maintain your posture and facial expression. Tian Chua obviously is a good poker player because of his goofy grin.

September 16 – will it materialise? Maybe not so soon but I am sure it will. The BM Malaysiakini has announced that Law Minister has resigned.

Ahhh…in closing, the only threat to national security is when we have someone who is not only hairless but brainless crapping. Finally, his colleagues can see it and I hope more will take Datuk Zaid Ibrahim’s stance. Leave with dignity. While you can.