That’s me. In case you think it’s a man or something.

Teresa Kok candlelight vigil

According to Liew Chin Tong, MP for Bukit Bendera and also DAP political strategist, they have a crowd of 300 people who gathered at the candlelight vigil calling for the release of Teresa Kok, RPK, Hindraf 5 and all ISA detainees. We started gathering about 8.30 pm. Some of the ADuns who are there are Ng Wei Aik, Koay Teng Hai, Liew Chin Tong and others.

Teresa Kok candlelight vigil

The crowd spills to the road and the traffic police was very helpful in ensuring smooth traffic. *sniggers* Some even joined in the candlelight vigil, holding camcorders. *slaps self at private joke*


The one holding the loud hailer is Liew Chin Tong and next to him is Ng Wei Aik (neh, the lansi one? kehkehkeh). The large candle is said to burn for five days and Liew said he hopes Teresa Kok will be released before the candle finished burning. He also ask us to hope that Teresa Kok will be the last detainee under the draconian law, ISA.

The crowd shouted Merdeka and sang Suara Rakyat. Then, it was followed by Negara-ku.


After that, I guess we have overstayed the ‘welcome’ and the police went to the organiser and told them to disperse. I saw the policeman pointing three (probably indicating disperse in three minutes).

(Hey, I was in the middle of the action, ok? Just to bring you this post. So say thank you, please.)

However, when the policeman was asking the crowd disperse, we were in the middle of Negara-ku so they allowed us to continue singing.


So, the policeman kindly allowed the singing to continue. You can see how animated everyone’s face is during the singing. The spirit of the group is great. Everyone wants the see an end to ISA. We don’t want our fellow Malaysians like RPK, Teresa Kok, Hindraf 5 and all the others to be detained without trials. Like Liew Chin Tong said, during the 1960s, proper investigations were done before a person is put into ISA. Liew said no doubt ISA is still wrong then, but at least due investigations were carried out. Right now, Teresa Kok has to be in ISA , in a 6’x8′ (Liew misquoted 6×3 and I feel like telling him hehehe) cell with nothing inside.

Overall, it has been good to continuously attend three nights of candlelight vigil. I met Fr Simon and many other people for the three nights. Hardcore, I tell you.