I lost my balls

rubber balls

My balls have gone into hiding.


(ya, if you noticed any missing posts, they have gone missing.)

So, let’s listen to my dream last night.

True story. Kisah benar.

Last night, as I was about to doze off, I put my palms together and rest my cheek on them.

I am sure you have experienced those sudden kicking actions or falling down sensation when you are about to fall asleep.

But what I got was something else. I felt like my left palm and my right palm has a bolt of electricity running through and the right hand sort of bounce off my left palm. Imagine your left palm holding a firecracker or something and it went ‘kaboom’? That force makes your other palm ‘fly off’?

I am not sure what silly dream that is but I hope it is a sign of some divine power entering me.

So, yeah, that’s what I am blogging today.

13 thoughts on “I lost my balls

  1. Wah, divine power enter you liao! Now you can go zap somebody.

    I believe the PM needs a jolt to wake up! So faster go and knock some sense into him.

  2. Momo… Ignorance cannot be healed from a person unless he is stripped off of everything. Not forgetting in-laws… oops, I mean, THE in-law.

    Lilian… don’t zap me for quoting your blog post in mine! LOL! Yep, I get what you mean. šŸ™‚

    David C.s last blog post..Beatitudes Of All Times

  3. David – Not at all! In fact, I wanted to mention those parts you wrote but sked. You know lah, nanti “they” twisted my words and his words, mampus. Skali, I kena holy communion with FF at Taiping everyday. LOL.

    Like last nite at Gurney Drive? One of the Catholic church wanted to sing Amazing Grace for Teresa Kok and gave a few of us some hymn books. But Fr Edwin alerted them that it is not safe as SBs were everywhere.

  4. No wonder-lah I sense something missing. Yalor, better lie low-low, far-far East Coast pun kena. But don’t sked-lah, wah lang eh sai kong Hokkien uwa, ee lang bey beng pek. Ai liak mah ban-ban translate lor………hehehe…….

  5. now temporarily talk cock sing song lo, what to do…close the pair of eyes, count the ball ball, count here count there 10 million of them….count the froggy oso can. haha condom time

  6. Solly lah 5xmom if my comments is among one of those that put you in hot soup.

    Promise will be more “gentlemen” like from now……

    But I think if we swear a little ok right? Only itsy bitsy..

    Wah, now it feels like spy movie liu!!!…..

    Agent 5xmom, the usual stir not shaken right?

  7. Smart bolt. Businessmen’s balls shrunk? We haven’t seen the last of it yet. Europe is going down next…in case our news are a tat late in reporting it.

  8. woah… censorship… LOL

    Delete those comments lah… XD

    but tak kan Amazing grace also cannot sing bah… =/

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