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wOOt Samy is talking…(On Malaysiakini)

Samy. Ah….I thought he is never going to say anything. But finally he did.

According to Malaysiakini, Samy said :

to arrest immediately anyone who raises issues related to religion and race that could trigger racial problems in the country, party president S Samy Vellu said.

He said such people should be put behind bars for trying to create disorder and chaos and possibly cause disunity.

I am going to put back the video made by on the Bee eN parody.

‘Cos in it, Samy was mentioned. Credit for the video goes to Kavi.

And to Dear Mr. Samy, I am terribly disappointed that you have not said anything earlier, when the Hindraf 5 was detained. Full article can be found on Malaysiakini.

9 Responses to “wOOt Samy is talking…(On Malaysiakini)”

  1. Samy still got no balls to say the names of Ahmad Ismail and Khir Toyo …

  2. cannon behind horses

    blink4blogs last blog its about speed

  3. U and your hindraf la. get on with life. dont just sit there and lay eggs

  4. He’s not d only individual tht i am dissappointed at.

  5. Poor chap. Nobody gives him a damn now. So he got to make some noise to get noticed.

    He should just fade away.

  6. I thought he abandoned the titanic and hiding in oversea liao. This fella same circus with Hamid, their words all don’t make sense wan.

    Bryans last blog post..The Best Malaysia Political Parody Video!

  7. hee hee…. loved that wOOt… you always crack me up, Lilian, thanks 🙂 Oh… and thanks for alerting me to N Kavilan’s absolutely brilliant Bodohwi spoof – that kid is a genius!

  8. Was that supposed to be Najib shouting his head off?

  9. lmao! Loved the spoof. Is this a new trend? I’ve seen a similar spoof using the same footage at the SUrvivor Sucks forum a couple of weeks ago. LOL it’s still funny though. (