Stupid times we live in. They even need to cheat to help 12 years old to pass their exams. Sheesh…..morons. That’s what Malaysiakini reported.

UPSR questions leaked… this time via SMS
A primary school teacher claims she received an SMS containing a set of questions for the English paper in the UPSR primary school examinations before the exam took place last week.

To reconfirm the news, I asked my 12 years old if it is true. He doesn’t have the exam papers as the Bahagian B of the English papers have to be returned. However, he told me yes, that’s what they get in Bahagian B of the English subject.

I have done a simple video with my son. He is not very studious and only barely made it in his exams but what the heck, he is one natural chap behind camera. I need to write down my questions whilst he can just babbles and acts behind camera.

Goodness gracious, those are only 12 years old! If we parents allow such things to happen, think what kind of cheaters we are bringing up? Stop this! Before our nation rots further with more cheaters.

Full news on Malaysiakini.