Malaysiakini reported UPSR leaked questions

Stupid times we live in. They even need to cheat to help 12 years old to pass their exams. Sheesh…..morons. That’s what Malaysiakini reported.

UPSR questions leaked… this time via SMS
A primary school teacher claims she received an SMS containing a set of questions for the English paper in the UPSR primary school examinations before the exam took place last week.

To reconfirm the news, I asked my 12 years old if it is true. He doesn’t have the exam papers as the Bahagian B of the English papers have to be returned. However, he told me yes, that’s what they get in Bahagian B of the English subject.

I have done a simple video with my son. He is not very studious and only barely made it in his exams but what the heck, he is one natural chap behind camera. I need to write down my questions whilst he can just babbles and acts behind camera.

Goodness gracious, those are only 12 years old! If we parents allow such things to happen, think what kind of cheaters we are bringing up? Stop this! Before our nation rots further with more cheaters.

Full news on Malaysiakini.

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  1. I don’t blame the students nor the teachers. Actually, the whole education system is too focused on academic achievements and results. Parents are willing to pay so much for tuition and they expect results. From tips, it’s only a slippery road to cheating. Remember the CLP scandal sometime back?

    It’s economics 101. Where there’s a demand, they’ll be a supply for it.

    Personally, our whole education system needs a revamp and focus more on co-operation and a conducive learning environment. So, what if a student has a strings of As. We are only measuring a small part of their overall intelligence.

    Sorry, if I sound a bit upset…it’s just that I don’t think our education system is teaching the right things to kids. On one hand, we say that hey…try your best and it’ll be good enough. Yet, on the other, we see lavish praises and even hero-worshiping of our 18…19…20…50 A1s students? When is this obsession with As going to stop.

    Ok, sorry: rant done.


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  2. I am a former primary school teacher and I’m very very disapointed and sad to know the year 6 kids cheat in exams.Of course NOT all. If parents are supportive of these ‘trend’ of cheating at examinations…Lord save us all ! Are you ‘parents’ proud of such an abnoxious move? Will the results ‘really make you proud ? Won’t your conscience ‘kill’ you? What are we teaching our kids…what will they grow up to be? Cheaters..right; parents, REPENT !
    If a child fails…he can take the exam again; thrive harder next time BUT if you create a cheater…he will be a cheater for the rest of his life.
    Choose to live a ‘dharmic’ life !

  3. kiki – My son very clever to act wan and I actually deleted off the rest ‘cos he gila-gila sikit. My voice recorded on the camera not so nice liao. Real voice lagi hiao. Hahaha.

    9pek9bo – They should have gone to Nigeria and train there. Hahaha.

    jarod – Memang lah, but parents also at fault mah.

    Ahila – This leaked UPSR seems to become a norm nowadays. And I hate the excuse given by the education department who said it is a coincidence. Coincidence, my foot.

    Avatar – I don’t know lah, at least I don’t feel cheated cos my son never go for tuition or study till half dead. So, whatever the results, it is fine with me. But for those setengah mati study and then, loose out to cheaters, then, really kesian the kids lor.

    choonie – It seems that everything can be bought with a price nowadays. Last time our time, where got such thing, right? Now, it is happening every year.

  4. momo – Cos the background with the messy bed looks ugly mah. Hahaha.

    choonie – Sarawak also the same? Over here also, that’s why it takes ages to upload. Nite…

  5. What is new? I remember the day during UPSR (I was the 1st batch of guinea pigs students who sat for it) exams that the questions were leaked that very morning which resulted in us sitting for the BM paper II late…

    Our MESS (M’sian Edu System Sh*te) is absolutely useless. We only know how to cram the vital info into our brains, only to vomit it out. In Uni, I saw the same thing too. Some of my friends couldn’t cope during the 1st year of college because we were forced to think for our research projects.

    That’s what 11 years of cramming can do to someone. Make you a robot.

    When I interview freshies from our M’san universities, some of them can’t seem to answer a question about software engineering design despite having scored an “A” in it. Hmmmm… Did they study or got someone to sit for their exams and do their projects?

    LOL… The rot starts from the root, that’s why the entire tree is rotten.

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  6. yr son is so confident of getting A’s. he is such a natural behind the camera. is so cute.i believe now yr kids mus b quite a handful for u to handle šŸ™‚

  7. I like the ‘PISS OFF’. hahaha… He is really cute.
    Hey.. seems like Angie is from my year too. I cannot remember anything about the leak except yes… I was in the exam hall and had to wait for sometimes before the paper started.

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  8. kadusmama – Tarak lah, I mana boleh ‘cos I study up to SPM only lah. This son ah, he memang teruk wan, he can remember every line of what he heard on TV/movie etc but come to study, he chialat.

    choonie – Wuah, your time also got leaked questions liao?

    bengbeng – No lah, don’t believe him. Hahaha. But he told me he got 39 out of 40 questions right in English lah. Really simple lah. At 12 yrs old, they cannot even write composition yet, only stringing words together. WTF? I don’t know what they teach in school lah. Last time, we all standard 3 already wrote composition, mah? That’s why I encourage my 12 yrs old to write a blog so that he can write coherently.

    angie – Wutudoooooo

  9. Really, they are innocent kids. It is unfair for every candidate to re-sit for papers just because a small minority of people had caused the trouble. Even if this happen to young adults, I’m sure they will not like it, too, although they have confidence that their performance is more consistent.

    Hadn’t you blog about the UPSR Chinese questions?

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  10. everything can be bought with money, including the exam question. last year I have a friend used my fax machine to receive leaked UPSR question, if not mistaken it was Science paper. Whose fault is this?

  11. lol… fell in love your son… with the… “i will feel pissed off man! I will feel pissed off!!”… hahahaa… he seems like a very smart boy la.. and also seem much more mature than my 17 years old brother…. lol… cannot study nvm… street smart is more than enough adi…

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  12. A girl named Fatin Hidayah binti Nasrudin is learning in Sekolah Kebangsaan Canossian Convent,Kluang,Johor Darul Takzim.She is Standard 6.She is learning in class 6M.UPPM 2,Pra-UPPM 3 and UPPM 3 test papers leaked out!She already do that paper because her tuition teacher leak out the paper.Because of that she got good results in all the subjects for the 3 exams.My friends and I already tell our teachers,Cik Wan Zakia and Madam Tan Lee Lin but they did not take any action.We feel that it is very unfair!!!Infront the teachers,she got good reputation but few of her friends hate her because of the leaked out papers.Even she is a prefect in the school.I hope any of the Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah worker will read my comment and take any action about it as UPPM 3 is the End-Year Examination for Year 6.


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