Whoa!!! You should never kiss and tell

In case you wonder, no, I didn’t censor the previous post. Wrong date to post. *winks* It will be back next week. *hints*

So, that gives me the chance to go, OMG!!!!! an ex-boyfriend’s son has me on Facebook and link me on his blog. *faints* I tell you, if you live in this tiny island in Penang, where there is a lack of handsome guys around, you are bound to bump into one or two ex-bf and now, worse still, their kids.

I can hear my two older sons asked, “Ma, you mean you got other boyfriends before you know Papa? I thought you grab the first available man and poor Papa was the first one to come along after your desperately seeking boyfriend.” Sigh…the kind of things my sons talked with me these days. I am so glad we have no barriers about things like these. Just last night, one of them told me, “Wuah, ma, so many girls chasing after me until I tired. I think I better become a priest and solve this problem.” I told him, “WOI, DON’T PERASAN SO MUCH CAN? I want to vomit liao.”

Anyway, a name on my 400+ Facebook friends caught my eyes. I know the name because the father and I dated for a while. We got married almost on the same day. We had our children almost around the same time. It wasn’t any major relationship. He soon found out that I am too smart for him. He needs the needy, clueless, blur girls. I need someone with humour, less ambitious and etc etc.

Still, it lasted a while. You see, I was in the process of ditching my long time ex-boyfriend and this guy, stayed next to his house. Back then, I was the obedient girl who went to the never-materialise-mother-in-law place to help her after my work. I need to walk a distance to her house after I got off the bus. So, this guy seemed to appear around the same time and he offered me a lift to the almost-to-be-ditched-ex-bf’s house.

Timing was perfect. I was about to break off, I got a new temporary replacement and an excuse to break off. I got free lunches and dinners and night outs. So, there was this occasion. My car broke down. (it wasn’t mine but I was taking care of it) It went putt-putt-putt. I was taking it to the mechanic and the real-about to be-ex-bf was far behind me in another car.

So, there I was, driving one car, the boyfriend many cars away. This father-of-my-Facebook-friend happened to pass by. He didn’t see the neighbour aka boyfriend behind. He stopped my car, got down and came to my car. You imagine how traffic police do that. *Swoons, right?* Such heroic thing, right? And I tell you, that was the most uncomfortable few minutes in my life.

‘Cos the real boyfriend didn’t know that I know his neighbour. Hey, didn’t they teach that we must love our neighbours, ah? In a way, it was perfect timing because after that, I broke up and got on with my life. Still, at that moment, I wish I could die and disappear instead of being caught in between a boyfriend and his neighbour.

So, never kiss and tell. You may end up on your ex-bf’s kids social network and blog link. *wipe sweats with huge towel*

Bwahahaha…now every teens who has a Facebook account and blog are going to wonder if it is their father I dated before.

Moral of the story – Youths, sometime it is easy for you to forget that once upon a time, your parents were young once. They had gone through the same follies, feelings, emotions you probably are going through. Heartbreaks, crushes, being in love and etc. And it is all fine until your parents themselves forgot that they were young once. That’s when generation gap become a wedge between your relationship with your parents. Parents, chill lah, don’t be too tough on the kids. We did a lot of stupid things and yet, we are fine today, isn’t it?

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